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  1. OG Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds
    • THC Level: 23%
    • CBD Level: 0.7%
    • Plant Type: Mostly Indica

    OG Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds

    The #1 strain of Hollywood celebs and stars.
    per seed
  2. OG Kush Autoflower Cannabis Seeds
    • THC Level: 20%
    • CBD Level: 0.7%
    • Plant Type: Mostly Indica

    OG Kush Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

    No naked flames in the room. This is flammable!
    per seed
  3. CBD OG Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds
    • THC Level: 1%
    • CBD Level: 15%
    • Plant Type: Mostly Indica

    CBD OG Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds

    Dank, medicinal and magic.
    per seed
  4. Mazzy Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds
    • THC Level: 22%
    • CBD Level: 0.6%
    • Plant Type: Mostly Indica

    Mazzy Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds

    Super-resinous and super-popular.
    per seed
  5. Blue Quartz Feminized Cannabis Seeds
    • THC Level: 22%
    • CBD Level: 0.6%
    • Plant Type: Mostly Indica

    Blue Quartz Feminized Cannabis Seeds

    A heartbreakingly beautiful plant.
    per seed
  6. Diamond Pine Feminized Cannabis Seeds
    • THC Level: 20%
    • CBD Level: 0.5%
    • Plant Type: Mostly Sativa

    Diamond Pine Feminized Cannabis Seeds

    Crystal-covered, piney, and pungent.
    per seed
  7. OG Kush Fast Version Cannabis Seeds
    12-PACK FOR $99
    • THC Level: 22%
    • CBD Level: 0.5%
    • Plant Type: Mostly Indica

    OG Kush Fast Version Cannabis Seeds

    Supersonic Kush.
    per seed

What are the OG Kush seeds?

OG Kush seeds are charmers shrouded in mystery. Its complexity points to many potential parent strains, but the recipe for this first-rate cannabis plant remains a secret. The enigma adds to the already massive charm of this indica-dominant hybrid. It’s a sweetheart of the community and a favorite of old-school stoners. What makes it so good, then?


The unique terpene profile brings complexity to the flavors and effects of this marijuana cultivar. OG Kush marijuana seeds are a gift that keeps giving as you explore layer upon layer of its top-tier qualities. 


The aromatic bouquet is skunky and stinky. Notes of spice and fuel combine with lemon and pine to create a thick cloud of smoke enjoyed by amateurs and connoisseurs. Indica dominance comes through in the effect profile. A cerebral rush of pure euphoria fuses with deep tranquility that leaves you glued to your seat. 


Cultivation is an intermediate challenge but worth every ounce of effort you put into it. Abundant harvests of supremely sticky colas award your dedication after around eight weeks of flowering


Cut the flowers grown from the best OG Kush seeds, light up a blunt, and forget about worries, pain, and tension. Learn all about it and join the massive club of enthusiasts excited about this stunning strain of ganja. 


OG Kush marijuana seed genetics

The cannabis community doesn’t know everything about the origins of the legendary OG Kush seeds. Its popularity ensured that we do know some. The best guess places this indica-dominant hybrid as a Lemon Thai x Chemdawg x Pakistan/Hindu Kush cross. What does that mean for the quality of this strain?


  • Lemon Thai is an energizing, citrusy sativa. It delivers massive yields, energizing effects, and a refreshing note in the flavor.


  • Chemdawg is a hybrid with unclear origins, sharp diesel aroma, and balanced mind-and-body effects. It also contributes to potency.


  • Pakistani and Hindu Kush are both indica landraces. They supply resin production and sedating, sleepy, therapeutic effects. 


OG Kush marijuana seeds carry a blend of these qualities. They boast hybrid-style complexity, depth of quality, and a stellar genome. As such, these feel-good bombs act as a reliable foundation for many new strains


The OG Kush family

OG Kush seeds are beaming parents of many modern strains from the West Coast. Notable names on its family tree include: 



You’ll also find many crosses with sativa-dominant herbs for an energizing jolt to the mix. The point is straightforward. Seeing OG Kush seeds as a genetic base of a strain means high resin production, potency, and quality. Don’t miss out!


What OG Kush strain variants are available?

OG Kush seeds that stood as a genetic backbone of West Coast breeding were the regular variant. You need male and female plants at an equal rate to make new seeds, after all. The situation is a bit different today.


Your everyday stoner mostly grows these cannabis plants for smoking purposes. For that reason, Homegrown stocks these two seed variants



These OG Kush seeds for sale boast quality that guarantees gardening success. Are you still not convinced that this strain is the right option? Let’s keep going.


Why buy OG Kush seeds?

OG Kush seeds are a must-have in your weed garden. Their qualities are consistent, reliable, and out of this world. What makes so many stoners fall in love with this strain?  


OG Kush seeds: Fragrances and flavors

OG Kush marijuana seeds grow into some stinky cannabis. The perfume is powerful but not overpowering, tickling the taste buds without inducing coughing fits. Every veteran stoner would recognize this aromatic bouquet in their sleep. 


The base is earth, pine, and skunk. These notes stand beneath a potent fuel fragrance streaked with lemon to add a rejuvenating quality to the otherwise dense smoke. The smell is deep and permeating. It fills your room and lingers around you like an aura for long hours, reminding you of your aromatic adventure.


The fragrance translates into the flavor of OG Kush seed-grown plants. Skunk and diesel hit your taste buds in one smooth stroke, overwhelming the other smells around you. Rich wood and earth notes coat your tongue. The aftertaste sticks around for hours after the smoking session. Trained palates notice refreshing lemon and lingering zest on their tongues. Close your eyes to focus on the aroma, and you might sense subtle spice adding depth to the flavor profile. 


OG Kush: Effects

Potency is the name of the game with OG Kush seed-grown colas. Its THC levels rarely drop below 19%. When grown in the right conditions, they easily reach a whopping 26%. That’s what we call powerful stuff!


The power of these cannabis flowers makes it necessary to smoke in moderation. Even veterans might find themselves out of depth after a puff too many. Why would you ruin an avalanche of enjoyable mind and body effects by overdoing it? You’ll end up getting dizzy and falling asleep as soon as the high hits. Take it low and take it slow, and a ride of pure pleasure is guaranteed from the get-go. 


This full-bodied marijuana strain reaches every corner of your being. It makes you feel your best from head to toe, from the inside out. A head rush is immediate with cannabis from OG Kush seeds. Euphoria and relaxation stretch a grin across your face, getting you to savor every moment with childlike wonder. 


Creativity flows out of you. Tackle a new project, watch a favorite film, or engage in a conversation with a friend. Everything seems brighter, happier, and more immersive than ever. The mood enhancement combines with some serious chill vibes in the body. 


You sink deeper and deeper into the cushions with each toke. Your muscles loosen, limbs get heavy, and pain disappears from your area of perception. Munchies are incoming, so have snacks on the ready. OG Kush marijuana seeds might be hybrids, but their body effects are indica through and through. After a nourishing meal, it’s time to hit the sack. This strain lulls you into a deep, peaceful slumber that no disturbance can reach.


OG Kush: Health benefits

The complex terpene profile and indica dominance make marijuana seeds of OG Kush a favorite in the medical marijuana community. This smoke is profoundly healing. It soothes the symptoms of various mind and body conditions, letting you feel 100% yourself.


Potency also plays a role in the health benefit scope. This strain delivers relief quickly and without a hitch, no matter your THC tolerance. A puff of OG Kush seed-grown colas is so calming that it borders sedative. As such, it relieves anxiety, worries, tension, and insomnia.


Its mood-boosting properties help you feel better about life in general. People struggling with depression get the motivation to tackle obstacles and come out stronger on the other side. This cultivar also packs quite a punch in the physical health department. 


It’s analgesic and anti-inflammatory, effective against chronic pain and acute conditions. A toke helps you move around and participate in activities free of any discomfort. The inevitable munchies erase the last hints of nausea. You’ll be feeding your body, regaining your strength, and promoting well-being with each puff.


Light it up in the afternoon for potent weed therapy that helps you wake up the next morning and seize the day. The hurdles on your way towards a happy, comfortable life never looked so insignificant.


How to grow OG Kush marijuana seeds?

Are you preparing to cultivate marijuana from OG Kush seeds in your weed garden? You won’t regret a second of it. This strain is a bit fussy and better suited for intermediates than novices. Whoever gets their hands on these seeds forgets each bead of sweat as the flowers start fattening. 


These gorgeous plants rarely stretch super tall. Instead, they maintain the traditional indica appearance of short bushiness and dense foliage. The mint green leaves grow frosty by harvest time. The colas develop gorgeous fiery streaking that informs you of the ripening process. 


These herbs thrive indoors and outdoors. They prefer mild, continental climates, but some cold isn’t the end of the world. Colder nights in late flowering bring a violet shading to the foliage and buds. 


We’re yet to see an OG purple Kush seed. Still, this pigmentation gets it close enough to make our jaws drop. This strain is well worth the trouble. Here’s how to minimize the effort and maximize the outcome.


Growing OG Kush feminized seeds

OG Kush marijuana seeds of the fem variant are photoperiod. They have a moderate flowering time which they use to develop abundant harvests of aromatic colas. This seed version produces only female cannabis. It eliminates the risk of pollination and seeds in your freshly cured buds. 


This variety is consistently high-yielding. You’ll collect up to 16 oz. per crop or square meter of your grow room. Dense lateral branching requires pruning and trimming. The need grows as the harvest draws near after eight to nine weeks of ripening. Outdoors, you can sow OG Kush seeds in April and harvest in mid-October. There’s a fun fall and winter ahead. 


Growing OG Kush autoflower seeds

The auto version of OG Kush seeds is non-photoperiod, fast-growing yet flourishing, and smaller than its photoperiod counterpart. The cultivation challenge grows with these marijuana seeds, as you have less time to fix any errors you might’ve made. They’re ideal for more advanced growers who prefer a continuous, fresh stash of the best weed flower out there.


This OG Kush marijuana seed variant goes through its entire life cycle in eight to nine weeks. The shorter seed-to-harvest period makes these crops smaller and airier. The foliage still gets dense by harvest time, necessitating regular trimming. Yields of around 14 oz. per square meter or up to 5 oz. per crop outdoors await. What you lose with the size reduction is easy to make up for through multiple harvests.


Growing OG Kush marijuana seeds indoors

OG Kush seeds, seedlings, vegging, and flowering plants are a bit sensitive. They’re prone to mold, powdery mildew, pests, and disease. Since indica-dominance doesn’t translate into resistances here, growers usually prefer to keep these ladies indoors. That way, they stay out of trouble.


Climate control is a must. Temperatures between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit and relative humidity below 50% ensure plant health and prosperity. These beauties grow short and stout. They’re ideal for restricted grow spaces and experimentation with low-stress training techniques. 


Sea of Green is handy with this strain (especially the photoperiod version). Topping and pruning are a must to ensure ample airflow and bud fattening. As long as you provide the optimal conditions, the very scent of ripening colas becomes an award for your effort. 


Growing OG Kush marijuana seeds outdoors

You can plant outdoors too with OG Kush seeds in the USA. You only need a reliably warm climate with dry air to keep your crops happy and strong. Pick a sunny spot and be careful about harsh wind and heavy rainfall. Never plant before the last frost to avoid any harm to seedlings. Maintain a close eye on your plants throughout their lifecycle to prevent plant diseases before they have the chance to harm your cannabis. 


Also, remember that bushiness doubles in the great outdoors. Keep your trimming scissors sharp and your toppings regular. You’ll help your marijuana use its environment and develop into its stickiest self. 


Where to buy OG Kush seeds in the USA?

Are you ready to buy OG Kush seeds and get your next weed gardening project in the pipeline? We have your back every step of the way. Physical dispensaries are one good option. If you have access to one nearby, hop on over and look for this strain. 


OG Kush seeds for sale in California are anything but rare. Reputable shops across the country also stock this gorgeous cultivar. Another, and more popular option, is to buy OG Kush seeds online. That way, you always know where the seeds are sourced from, you get greater selection when it comes to variants, and quality becomes a guarantee. 


Who has the best OG Kush seeds from all the online dispensaries out there, then? Well, you’re in luck. You’re already here, with OG Kush seeds for sale right in front of you.


Who has the best OG Kush seeds?

At Homegrown Cannabis Co., we can proudly say that we stock the best OG Kush seeds on the market. Our products are genetically stable and reliably high-quality, ensuring a quality experience from start to finish. 


You get a germination guarantee as long as you follow our germination guide. As a bonus, there’s a 99% warranty that all OG Kush fem seeds grow into only female cannabis. We’re proud of our breeders and experts. They work hard to ensure that our community enjoys only top-tier products


In line with our quest to deliver prosperity to marijuana gardens from East Coast to West Coast, we also provide: 


  • Diverse seed pack sizes. Dip your toes in the water by popping several or get cheap OG Kush seeds by buying in bulk.
  • Various secure payment methods, including bank transfer, credit and debit cards, and Bitcoin.
  • Safe, tracked, discreet shipping right to your doorstep. 
  • Around-the-clock customer support service to timely resolve any issues.
  • A grower platform called Homegrown Diaries. Subscribe, share your progress, and get real-time tips and encouragement from the community.


Does it get any better? Get your OG Kush seeds with us, and you’ve already taken the first step towards success.


OG Kush seeds: Frequently asked questions

Do you have questions about OG Kush seeds? You’ll find the answer right here. If you need any extra information, feel free to contact us. We’ll make sure to add your inquiry to the list. 


What does the name OG Kush mean?

Like its origins, the name of OG Kush seeds is a mystery. Some believe it means ‘Original Gangster’ as a rap culture reference. Others assume that the abbreviation stands for ‘Ocean Grown’ to note its Cali origins. This strain is ocean-grown, and it is the original gangster of cannabis. Does it really matter? 


Does OG Kush have seeds?

Yes, you can get marijuana seeds from OG Kush. Some strains are available only in clone form, but that’s reserved for rare cultivars. This VIP is easy to come by in reg, fem, and auto seed forms to cater to all grower preferences. 


Are OG Kush seeds indica or sativa?

OG Kush seeds are hybrids leaning on the indica side of the spectrum. You see the indica dominance in their short and bushy appearance, smell it in the skunky, spicy, and earthy flavor profile, and experience it with the full-body relaxation that comes with each puff of this stuff. 


Can a beginner grow OG Kush seeds?

A dedicated novice could make OG Kush seeds prosper, but they’re better suited for intermediates. We don’t like discouraging growers from trying any strain. If you’re a rookie, dedicate your time to trimming, temperature and humidity control, and disease checking to make your garden thrive.


How much does an OG Kush plant yield?

An OG Kush marijuana seed-grown crop yields enough to send you straight to cloud nine and see you through the winter. The figure depends on the variant:


  • Photoperiod plants bring in around 15 oz. of buds.
  • The auto version produces 14 oz./m2 indoors and just over 5 oz. outdoors


How long does OG Kush take to grow from seed?

OG Kush seeds don’t keep you waiting for too long. Exact numbers vary, but here’s what you can expect:


  • Auto seeds go through the entire seed-to-harvest period in eight to nine weeks
  • Fem seeds indoors need up to nine weeks to flower. If you shorten vegging, you’ll collect the colas in three months.
  • Fem seeds outdoors ripen in October. Weed farmers usually plant in April, leaving six to seven months for development