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American Haze x California Haze Feminized

The best way to while away a weekend.
  • Sativa Dominant
  • Heavy Yields
  • Superbly Cerebral
  • High THC
  • Citrus scent
  • 400 g/m2

Feminized American Haze x California Haze Seeds

American Haze x California Haze is the total Sativa package. Its pleasing high comes glazed with a fusion of beautiful flavors. Tokers and growers with a bit of marijuana growing expertise can r... Read More

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Kyle Kushman
Kushman Says:
Soaringly psychedelic and one of the most satisfying sativas on the market.
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American Haze x California Haze Feminized

STRAIN PROFILE American Haze x California Haze Feminized

Mostly Sativa
Yield Indoor 400 g/m2
Yield Outdoor 500 - 600 gr/plant
THC 20%
CBD 0.5%
HEIGHT 180 cm
Anxiety Arthritis Depression Migranes Stress
Creative Energetic Euphoric Relaxed Uplifted
Citrus Diesel Lemon Spicy Sweet
Temperate/Continental Sunny/Mediterranean
American Haze x California Haze Feminized Review

American Haze x California Haze Feminized Profile by Kyle Kushman

Feminized American Haze x California Haze Seeds

American Haze x California Haze is the total Sativa package. Its pleasing high comes glazed with a fusion of beautiful flavors. Tokers and growers with a bit of marijuana growing expertise can raise their own stash. Its Homegrown Cannabis feminized seeds allow cultivators to reap a hefty, quality yield. One can have enough stockpile for a year-round of toking with family and friends.

American Haze x California Haze offers an outstanding Sativa push. With both parents hailing from the illustrious Haze family, its efficacy is unquestionable. Best consumed during the daytime, each toke of this pot provides a burst of energy and an instant uplift. Way better and stronger than a kick of caffeine, it revives the mind without the jitters.

Not only of full of Sativa benefits, the weed also has a presence of Indica. As the amount is but meager, it promotes calmness without causing lethargy. Users of this marijuana become lively and can stay on the go for many hours but not hyperactive.

The plant is never modest of its distinct aroma. As soon as its buds start accumulating resin, its earthy citrus scent also begins to draw attention. With a kerosene-like undertone, the fragrance is pungent yet very inviting.

Although the flora thrives best indoors, it also prospers around the whims of nature. And, with the right dose of pampering and TLC, it repays its growers with a bountiful yield. Raisers who will not breed have no use for male beans. With its Homegrown Cannabis feminized seeds, each one will grow into fertile mothers.

Growing American Haze x California Haze from Feminized Seeds

American Haze x California Haze is for perfect for enthusiasts with a bit of cannabis growing know-how. More leggy than branchy, it will need ample vertical space to develop. As it flowers, keeping a close eye on the plant is also essential. Its colas can get too heavy for its lanky frame, and some of its arms may require support in order not to tip over.

Best grown indoors, the pot demands a consistent temperature between 21 to 27°Celcius. Housing its seeds in soil or hydroponics is also most suitable. Then, before the plant starts to flower, put the screen in place for a SOG setup. After 11 weeks of popping and fattening its buds, it shares a yield of up to 400 grams of fresh nugs per square meter.

Growers in balmy locations are in luck as the marijuana loves to dance under the warmth of the sun. In places such as Spain, Italy, and the Mediterranean, a single flora can produce up to 600 grams of tasty nugs. It can also reach up to 180 cm high if left to its own devices.

In the northern hemisphere, American Haze x California Haze can still prosper. Find it a spot with plenty of sun and be on the lookout for gray skies. If there's a looming drizzle, simply move it indoors. Growers in this area should be ready for harvest by mid-October.

Fragrance and Flavor

American Haze x California Haze bears the same essence as the rest of the Haze family. The pot's citrus scent enlivens the senses. At the same time, its dank and fuel-like undertones warm the nostrils.

Each bowl also allows users to experience various flavors at once. Like drinking lemonade, the sweet and sour tang is most noticeable. It also comes with a tinge of kerosine with some hints of spiciness. After exhale, the lemon aftertaste remains for quite a while.


Often paired with a cup of morning coffee, a toke of the herb is undoubtedly an excellent way to begin the day. It is perfect for wake and bake due to its robust Sativa cerebral effects. For starters, it wards off the heaviness of stress with its euphoric and uplifting touch. This allows users to begin the day with a positive mental state.


Those with artistic inclination are fond of the hybrid as it releases a massive wave of creativity. The high inspires new ideas, and some may be truly useful. A surge of energy also manifests, so tokers are all fuelled up to meet the busy workday head on.

American Haze x California Haze's Indica content does not go unnoticed as well. It tones down the energy boost with a subtle calm, creating a well-balanced high. Then, as the Sativa's influence subsides, its soothing effect becomes stronger. The transition leads to a smooth come down and satisfying physical relaxation.

When consuming this strain, it is important to remember that a little amount goes a long, long way. A toke or two is enough to get one going for hours on end. Taking a tad bit more may cause dizziness, anxiety, or paranoia. Newbies who are still unfamiliar with correct toking and pacing are most prone to these side effects.

Every toker at one point will also experience dry eyes and cottonmouth. These two are the most common offshoots of marijuana use. Drinking ample amounts of fluid helps eliminate or avoid the discomforts. Having an OTC eye lubricant also reduces the risk of irritation caused by the crustiness. One must not rub the eye area to prevent irritation.


American Haze x California Haze is an all-natural alternative to prescription drugs. Although still an unknown name in the industry, it is working its way up the ladder. Its medical benefits include alleviating chronic pain and easing mental health concerns. Even better, the cannabis holds zero to minimal side effects.

The strain works well with patients with anxiety, Bipolar disorder, depression, and stress. Even people slowed down by fatigue find it useful as well. It releases a burst of positive vibes and a surge of energy that help them brave the day. Each exhale takes away the heaviness of stress, allowing tokers to savor bliss.

Not only does it aid with psychological issues, the ganja works well with physical agony too. The presence of anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties makes it an effective painkiller. It eliminates the pains and aches caused by PMS, migraines, and arthritis.

The joint also induces a mild case of munchies. This effect stimulates the appetite and stops nausea and vomiting. Both cancer patients and those with eating disorders seek relief from the herb. With continuous American Haze x California Haze consumption, users may also regain their weight.

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