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Black Hulk Feminized

A beautiful, beginner-friendly plant
  • Balanced Hybrid
  • High THC
  • Eye-Catching Plant
  • Stimulating head buzz
  • Taste of berries
  • 300 to 450 g/m2

Black Afghani has many claims to fame. Among which is its nearly onyx buds, accentuated by deep jade leaves and almost black sugar leaves. This rare and highly coveted hue in the cannabis industry piques the interest of many. Further enhancing bag ap... Read More

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Kyle Kushman
Kushman Says:
A blend of gentle cerebral euphoria and a relaxing bodily effect.
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Black Hulk Feminized

STRAIN PROFILE Black Hulk Feminized

Yield Indoor 300 - 450 g/m2
Yield Outdoor 350 gr/plant
THC 18%
CBD 0.3%
HEIGHT 100 - 180 cm
Anxiety Arthritis Depression Migranes Stress
Euphoric Happy Relaxed
Berry Earthy Pungent
Temperate/Continental Sunny/Mediterranean
Black Hulk Feminized Review

Black Hulk Feminized Profile by Kyle Kushman

Black Afghani has many claims to fame. Among which is its nearly onyx buds, accentuated by deep jade leaves and almost black sugar leaves. This rare and highly coveted hue in the cannabis industry piques the interest of many. Further enhancing bag appeal is its terpene profile - a tantalizing blend of freshly picked dark berries sprinkled with sage and pepper.

Another illustrious strain is Bruce Banner. Like how the alter-ego quickly turns into The Incredible Hulk, the comic book-inspired strain also delivers a stimulating head buzz that goes from zero to hero within minutes. The temporary energy it provides is a source of reprieve for chronically stressed users who are constantly fatigued.

Black Hulk is the resulting cross between the two strains. Its onset is gradual, allowing one to adjust to the gentle calm and euphoria, but turns intense as it settles in the limbs. During the comedown, it becomes a soothing hum of relaxation.

It is also a beautiful, beginner-friendly plant that performs well for at-home cannabis cultivation. The seeds can be obtained from Homegrown Cannabis Co. For peace of mind, the seeds are from a carefully selected mother plant that has attained a high degree of stability from the hands of expert growers. Additionally, it is also in feminized form.

Growing Black Hulk from Feminized Seeds

Black Hulk is a visual stunner. It develops into a lush plant with sticky, nearly black-colored buds accentuated by deep green leaves and rusty pistils. However, what catches the attention are its sparkling trichomes which look like stars against an onyx backdrop.

Obtaining seeds is easy. It is available at Homegrown Cannabis Co. - one of the top seed banks worldwide. On the choice of media, it is up to individual preference. The highly versatile plant adjusts well to both soil and hydroponics. It does not require any deviation from the standard practices of cultivation when it comes to feeding and maintenance.

As it approaches the flowering phase, switch to an 18/6 light schedule under 600-watt HID lights (HPS or LED). Employing advanced growing techniques like the Sea of Green, which focuses on coaxing a single cola, or the Screen of Green, a setup that creates multiple colas, will improve light distribution. After 8 to 10 weeks of flowering, it produces between 300 to 450 grams of buds per square meter.

Outdoors, it favors a temperate climate with plenty of sunshine, but one wherein it is neither too cold nor too warm. Its flowers develop fully by the second or third week of October in the northern hemisphere. During harvest, the expected yield is around 350 grams of buds per plant.

Fragrance and Flavor

Black Hulk has a fruity-flavored profile that, when toked, soothes the throat with a cloud of sweet smoke. Coating the tongue is the taste of berries and its subtle tang. Balancing it out on the exhale is an earthy aftertaste.

One thing to note while growing Black Hulk is it tends to get very pungent when it hits the flowering period. Installing a carbon filter will reduce the odor.


Black Hulk delivers a stimulating cerebral onset, but it does not start immediately. Instead, it takes time to introduce its gentle rush of euphoria. Moods change gradually as newer pathways for happy thoughts and cheerful sentiments.

Its Indica effects creep in after about 30 minutes to an hour. In the process of soothing the body, a profound sense of physical calm takes over as it puts muscles at rest. Thus, it complements the initial head high by further brightening the mood. Eventually, heaviness weighs one down and drowsiness follow, especially when the dose is on the high side.

Red eyes can be expected after smoking Black Hulk. Along with it is cottonmouth, resulting from the inhibition of saliva production. The two are typical of cannabis use and easily manageable through hydration. Staying cautious of the dosage will reduce the possibility of greening out, feeling anxious or paranoid.


Black Hulk presents valuable benefits beyond the recreational. Its cannabinoids contain various properties that appease the symptoms of a myriad of mental and physical afflictions. In binding with the body’s endocannabinoid receptors, it provides patients with much need reprieve and management.

Its highly effective and long-lasting effects are perfect for going about the day free of pain. It replaces tension in the muscles, which constrict movement, with a deep relaxation that brings back the body’s limberness. Highly efficient at easing out aches and pains, it is best used when certain conditions such as arthritis flares up or any of a myriad of ailments.

Stressed consumers may also find comfort in Black Hulk. It has an uplifting head high that reduces dread toward work or school-related worries. Its calming euphoria also benefits long-sufferers of anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues like PTSD. Its mood-enhancing qualities improve motivation for a better outlook on life.

Black Hulk Feminized Seeds

Black Afghani and Bruce Banner produced a strain with versatile capabilities. Its brand of high is a blend of gentle cerebral euphoria and a relaxing bodily effect that intensifies into a heavy-limbed comedown. Depending on the dosage, it can either be a wake-and-bake bud for the morning or end-of-day treat.

Medicinally, Black Hulk provides a restorative high with expansive therapeutic benefits. It calms the nerves as spirits soar high. Meanwhile, its soothing physical buzz wraps the body in deep relaxation.

Homegrown Cannabis Co. provides feminized seeds of Black Hulk for home growers to cultivate. It is available as an easy-to-grow variety that beginners could try. It has good tolerance to common mistakes and still grows vigorously. Under the right conditions, 350 grams of buds per square meter or plant can be expected. This is quite a stash, lasting a long time for the inevitable down days.