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Blueberry x OG Kush Feminized

A genuine taste sensation.
  • Indica Dominant
  • Quick Flowering
  • High THC
  • Euphoric rush
  • Pine aftertaste
  • 1,000 g/plant

Many modern day strains boast high potency, and this is certainly the case with Blueberry x OG Kush, which has a THC level of 21% to 24%. In moderate doses, it induces a calming head high and tranquilizing body buzz that's great for uplifting the spi... Read More

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With over 20 years of experience in the cannabis industry, we have the grow-how from the experts!

We deliver high-quality, fast-germinating seeds with impeccable and stabilized genetics swiftly and discreetly worldwide at a competitive price.

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Kyle Kushman
Kushman Says:
A short, compact plant with impressive side branching and thick, bushy foliage.
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Blueberry x OG Kush Feminized

STRAIN PROFILE Blueberry x OG Kush Feminized

Mostly Indica
Yield Indoor 600 - 700 g/m2
Yield Outdoor 1000 gr/plant
THC 23%
CBD 0.6%
HEIGHT 50 - 100 cm
Anxiety Arthritis Depression Insomnia Migranes Stress
Euphoric Happy Relaxed Sleepy Uplifted
Berry Citrus Earthy Herbal Pine
Temperate/Continental Sunny/Mediterranean
Blueberry x OG Kush Feminized Review

Blueberry x OG Kush Feminized Profile by Kyle Kushman

Many modern day strains boast high potency, and this is certainly the case with Blueberry x OG Kush, which has a THC level of 21% to 24%. In moderate doses, it induces a calming head high and tranquilizing body buzz that’s great for uplifting the spirits and releasing accumulated stress.

Cultivating this Indica-dominant hybrid is pretty easy, since it has above-average resistance to many common diseases like mold or mildew. Homegrown Cannabis Co. is delighted to offer these feminized seeds for your next grow project.

Growing Blueberry x OG Kush from Feminized Seeds

Blueberry is a short and compact plant with impressive side branching and thick, bushy foliage. OG Kush, on the other hand, tends to be taller with thinner leaves that stretch at the tips. There’s a common denominator, though: both produce delicious, aromatic buds.

Put the two plants together, and you get Blueberry x OG Kush. It’s a relatively short and compact specimen with strong lateral branches and thin leaves. If grown outdoors, its strong smell is usually carried away by the wind, but indoor growers may need to install a carbon filter.

Choosing these feminized seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co. ensures an up to 99% female crop. You can use soil or soilless mediums such as hydroponics, depending on your personal preference. It requires standard feeding and maintenance, and is pretty easy to look after.

The ideal indoor temperature is 70 to 82°F, and lowering by 4 to 10 degrees in the flowering period during the dark cycle will bring out a purple pigmentation in the buds and leaves. Under optimal conditions, each square foot can yield an enormous 1.96 to 2.29 ounces.

Dry climates bring out the best in Blueberry x OG Kush, because they reduce the likelihood of mold and mildew. But the plant can still thrive in the northern hemisphere, in spite of its colder, more humid environment. Harvest rolls in around the second or third week of October, and each plant can produce 35 ounces of buds.

Fragrance and Flavor

A concoction of citrus and earth with sharp berry notes characterizes this strain’s bouquet. Once ground up and lit, a strong herbal overtone comes to the forefront, with a hint of musk. On the exhale, it leaves a refreshing pine aftertaste.


Blueberry x OG Kush is a remarkable recreational strain. After two to four tokes, a euphoric rush creeps into the temples, uplifting the spirit as it temporarily erases negative thoughts. You’ll be left basking in an innate state of happiness.

After some time, a light pressure travels from the back of the neck and down through the whole body, releasing tension in any muscle it encounters. Its hazy effect will cradle you in relaxation, wrapping the body in a heavy-limbed Indica buzz that’ll make you want to kick back and chill out.

Depending on the dosage, it may take on a more sedative-like quality. Either way, many people tend to feel drowsy at the comedown, and sleep is often the final destination.

Blueberry x OG Kush can be quite intense at times, especially when overconsumed. Its physical effects can lock you to the couch, and it might cause anxiety and paranoia. Make sure you stick within your personal tolerance levels for an enjoyable experience.


Medicinal users may find relief and comfort in Blueberry x OG Kush. Its uplifting head high is most commonly used for treating stress, depression and anxiety. Correct dosing is crucial, though – otherwise it may make things worse rather than better. It’s also said to be an effective painkiller, especially for the treatment of neuropathic aches and pains.

Insomniacs may benefit from the drowsiness this herb brings, while patients with chronic illnesses may find that annoying sleep interruptions are reduced. With its sedating properties, Blueberry x OG Kush may greatly enhance the quality and quantity of sleep.

Blueberry x OG Kush Feminized Seeds

As individual strains, Blueberry and OG Kush have retained their popularity throughout the years. The latter is the progenitor of many West Coast varieties, whereas the former has a long history that can be traced back to three exotic landrace strains.

When they finally met, it was like a match made in heaven, and their offspring does both its legendary parents justice. The flavors are remarkable, blending the notable taste of lemon, earth and blueberries, and delivering an uplifting and comforting high.

These feminized Blueberry x OG Kush seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co. create an easy-to- grow plant that’s tolerant of beginners’ mistakes. This excellent strain deserves a place in every cannabis garden.

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