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California Dream Feminized

Don't wait for a winter's day...
  • Indica Dominant
  • Heavy Yields
  • Extra-Sticky Resin
  • Eeasy to cultivate
  • Pungent yet smooth
  • 800 g/plant

California Dream, a.k.a. Cali Dream, is most indeed a cannabis connoisseur's fantasy weed. It can get one motivated and highly energized with just a single toke. Great for getting non-strenuous tasks done, it keeps one productive but also relaxed. No... Read More

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Kyle Kushman
Kushman Says:
Dreamy, heady and ethereal the perfect afternoon stone.
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California Dream Feminized

STRAIN PROFILE California Dream Feminized

Mostly Indica
Yield 450 gr/plant
THC 17%
CBD 0.2%
HEIGHT 90 - 120 cm
Anxiety Arthritis Depression Inflammation Insomnia Migranes Pain
Creative Energetic Focused Relaxed
Citrus Mint Pungent Skunk Sweet
Temperate/Continental Sunny/Mediterranean Cool/Cold
California Dream Feminized Review

California Dream Feminized Profile by Kyle Kushman

California Dream, a.k.a. Cali Dream, is most indeed a cannabis connoisseur's fantasy weed. It can get one motivated and highly energized with just a single toke. Great for getting non-strenuous tasks done, it keeps one productive but also relaxed. No wonder the marijuana's been receiving positive feedback left and right.

This Indica-dominant herb is the offspring of two powerhouse landraces. Afghani bestowed its calming touch, while the indigenous Mexican gave its euphoric kick. Quite the combination, it even has feminized Homegrown Cannabis seeds also to make growers' dreams come true.

The strain is sturdy with sticky cone-shaped buds. It is also easy to cultivate, which is why marijuana raisers love having it in their collection. With an irresistible fragrance, the weed teases aficionados to light one up on the spot.

Growing California Dream from Feminized Seeds

So aptly named, California Dream turns growers' flight of fancy into reality. An absolute hardy, its branches are strong enough to carry its huge colas. Raisers rarely have to worry about the herb as it is resilient to pests, diseases, and molds too.

A medium-sized shrub, Cali Dream only stretches up to 3 to 4-foot tall and won't require much space to grow. Bushy with rich green foliage, it's has a beautiful, lush Christmas Tree-like form. Its nugs are dense with a thick blanket of resin and short amber pistils. The plant may not be a head-turner, but its pungent smell will surely entice cannabis fans.

Using California Dream's feminized seeds from Homegrown Cannabis assures no effort will ever go to waste. Without any male seeds, each and every little bean is sure to grow into a fertile female. With an all-lass bunch, a heavier turnout is a guarantee.

In a controlled setting, the flora can thrive in ScrOG and SOG setup. Opting for the latter, though, will need some bottom foliage pruning. Growers can watch it flower and grow huge buds for nine weeks. Then, once the wait is over, one can reap around 450 grams of wonderful buds per square meter.

Around the warmth of Mother Nature, California Dream will fully prosper. Growers must find it space with plenty of sunshine and it will reward them with an enormous yield of 800 grams per plant. In the cold north, harvesting no later than mid-October will assure no harm will touch the produce.

Fragrance and Flavor

Cannabis fans who crave for something pungent yet smooth are in for a treat. Boasting of a strong skunky scent, its aroma can fill an entire room with just a single toke. As the smoke travels inside the mouth, a fascinating blend of flavors will greet the palate. Its sweet fruity and minty citrus notes invigorate the senses. On exhale, it leaves a herby candy aftertaste that lingers long on the lips.


Perfect for capping off a busy day, Cali Dream is the calm that leads one to dreamland. It's not an express train to the gates of slumber, though. Instead, it's a mind and body trip that will take one into a relaxing journey first.

On the first toke, the cerebral buzz hits almost immediately. Together with the high comes a boost in creativity and mental vigor. It's hard to tell if ideas are surging in or rushing out. Nonetheless, users are extra motivated to make the most of artistic outburst.  Don't think one will end up renovating the house overnight, though. The weed's next offering is the main determinant of what users can actually do.

A true Indica-heavy strain, consuming this kicker is a sure ticket to relaxation. The tingling sensation starts at the back of the head and slowly travels down to every part of the body. Releasing tensions and gifting calm along the way, it soothes from head to toe.

Not the type to couch-lock if taken with restraint, it welcomes non-laborious activities. Corporate employees use the strain for some after-work planning. Their mental engine is in full throttle, and outputs are sure to be better. Meanwhile, artists use it to oil their artistic machinery when creating their next masterpiece. Only moderately high in THC, less experienced tokers can try its goodness.


Cali Dream is well celebrated for its ability to ease physical and mental ailments. Unlike other herbs, its effects are long-lasting with minimal side effects. For this reason, dispensaries are never without it, or they risk losing a multitude of customers.

People with General Anxiety and Major Depressive Disorders cling to this cannabis. The weed restores peace in the mind of users and worries become less. Freedom from the mental stressors and troubles that cage them is what it offers.

On the same note, Insomniacs can now doze better at night after consuming this joint. A potent Indica-heavy strain, it's main offering is relaxation and eventual sedation. If taken more than the recommended dose, however, sleep may come knocking sooner.

Furthermore, the weed can alleviate physical agony too. It has powerful analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties that soothe pains and aches. People with chronic migraines, rheumatoid arthritis, and fibromyalgia especially love the strain. They get to continue their daily routines without the torment that slows them down. Indeed, California Dream cannabis works miraculously especially for those in need.

But, alas, even a marijuana hybrid like California dream has negative offshoots. Like all variants of cannabis, smoking it while dehydrated can cause the drying of eyes and mouth. To remedy these discomforts, simply stay hydrated before, during, and after the session.

In addition, this mean puncher can overwhelm the less experienced if consumed a tad bit more. Although newbie-friendly, those who have just recently started their cannabis endeavor should keep it low and slow. Taking more than what's recommended can cause dizziness, paranoia, or anxiety just before completely knocking them out.

Feminized California Dream Seeds

California Dream is a great ganja for users who wish to relax. Together with several cerebral benefits, the strain is one's best evening buddy. Why settle with just purchasing its buds when growing it is so simple? Interested growers can use its feminized seeds from Homegrown Cannabis. Its cultivation is easy and rewarding. In no time, one can enjoy a bountiful stash with family and friends.