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Chocolope Feminized

Say goodbye to stress, fill the day with flavour.
  • Sativa Dominant
  • High THC
  • Gorgeous Coffee Aroma
  • High THC
  • Chocolate and coffee aroma
  • 400 to 500 grams/m2

Chocolope is one of the most successful and fascinating hybrids ever introduced to the pot-smoking world. Named as 2007's Strain of the Year by High Times magazine, it has bagged several awards since its debut. The plant's chocolate-and-coffee flavor... Read More

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Kyle Kushman
Kushman Says:
She’s very tall and tends to spread out...So expect big yields and expect them fast.
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Chocolope Feminized

STRAIN PROFILE Chocolope Feminized

Mostly Sativa
Yield Indoor 400 - 500 g/m2
Yield Outdoor 600 - 700 gr/plant
THC 19%
CBD 0.4%
HEIGHT 100 - 150 cm
Anxiety Arthritis Depression Fatigue Migranes Stress
Creative Energetic Euphoric Relaxed Uplifted
Coffee Earthy Pungent Sweet
Temperate/Continental Sunny/Mediterranean
Chocolope Feminized Review

Chocolope Feminized Profile by Kyle Kushman

Chocolope is one of the most successful and fascinating hybrids ever introduced to the pot-smoking world. Named as 2007’s Strain of the Year by High Times magazine, it has bagged several awards since its debut. The plant's chocolate-and-coffee flavor and strong cerebral buzz make it a firm favorite among cannabis enthusiasts. Cultivators love it too, and now, thanks to these feminized seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co., it’s simpler than ever to have a successful crop. 

Almost a pure Sativa, Chocolope's renowned psychedelic kick descends from both its parents. The extremely rare Chocolate Thai also brings its famous taste to the mix, and Cannalope Haze bestows its vigorous resin production and shortened flowering phase.

With a THC level that can go as high as 22%, Chocolope smokers can expect a soaring flight of euphoria. Apart from its recreational benefits, it’s also said to have colossal pharmaceutical value. One thing is for sure: this is a truly enjoyable weed with effects that can last for hours

Growing Chocolope from Feminized Seeds

Chocolope isn't the easiest cannabis to cultivate. It grows to a towering height and requires considerable space to develop. For this reason, indoor growing may be a bit challenging. In the great outdoors, however, this veritable giant may fall victim to mold. To make sure it prospers, growers must keep a close eye on it as it develops, and employ a few tricks of the trade. Also, it needs lots of food and nutrients as it has a huge appetite.

By choosing feminized seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co., growers can help ensure that all the preparation and effort won't go to waste. Zero males mean not a single plant will need to be discarded. Each wonderful seed will grow into a fruitful female.

This strain thrives in an indoor setting. But, as mentioned, it needs plenty of space. If the area is somewhat limited, growers should bend and prune its stems early in the vegetative phase. This allows it to prosper in all its glory during the 10 to 12 weeks flowering stage. When it’s ready, it will reward its owner with 1.31 to 1.63 ounces per square foot.

When growing outdoors, this tasty beast prefers a Mediterranean-type climate. It may also flourish in northern areas, but growers need to keep a watchful eye out for mold. In addition, the weather must not become too cold, and frost definitely needs to be avoided. If the plants are kept happy and safe from harm, each one can yield 21 to 25 ounces of delicious buds that will arrive by mid to late October.

Fragrance and Flavor

Chocolope truly lives up to its name, since its sweet chocolate and coffee aroma makes it smell like a delicious dessert. As pungent as it is, it can help awaken the senses in a really pleasant way. A hint of earthiness is a surprising addition to its wonderful scent.

Those who love the Confectionery will surely be more enticed by the strain's incredible taste. Similar to its fragrance, it contains prominent notes of chocolate and coffee. Upon exhale, the smoke sprinkles honey-vanilla undertones on the lips.


The plant’s hard-to-resist scent and taste are but a welcome prelude to a fantastic mental journey. Chocolope's main attraction is its multi-faceted cerebral high. As its effects set in, users will benefit from a variety of very enjoyable reactions.

Almost instantaneously, tokers’ minds will begin to swim with euphoria and they will feel calm, carefree and uplifted. Then, a strong breeze of vigor will set them sailing through the day. Although the strain is powerful, it’s unlikely to give a cloudy or hazy high. Instead, users will stay clear-headed with a great sense of creativity.

This is a popular strain among creative people who want to get their artistic juices flowing. Better than a cup of coffee in the morning, its energy boost is enough to set anyone off on a positive note. Procrastinators will procrastinate no more under its influence. Slowing down and lazing is just not on the menu when Chocolope is cooking.

The buzz itself doesn't last very long. However, as it dwindles, it leaves users happy, motivated and optimistic. For this reason, they can continue to be productive many hours afterwards. A true wake and bake cannabis strain, users can smoke it early in the morning if they wish. Once the shock of its initial kick calms down, its many benefits can still be felt.


Individuals with mental health concerns have reportedly benefitted from smoking Chocolope. It’s said to help alleviate symptoms of stress, depression and anxiety. Its blissful effects can help unburden users of their troubles and tribulations.

Moreover, it’s also one of the most enlivening strains available. As such, it’s said to be ideal for people suffering from fatigue, and the push it gives can help keep them going the whole day. Being active and full of life is pretty much a given when under its influence.

In addition, it may also help to ease physical ailments. Back pain, muscle spasms and arthritis have apparently been combated by this mean puncher. It’s also said to be a great painkiller, meaning that certain chronic health conditions no longer need to hinder those who suffer from them.

The strain also has its fair share of potential unwanted reactions. Most hybrids have a decent amount of Indica to balance out the strength of the Sativa. This one, however, is almost a pure Sativa. Inexperienced smokers must take care as its punch will surely overwhelm them. Some will only get dizzy, while others may experience paranoia or anxiety attacks.

Like all kinds of cannabis, Chocolope may also cause dry eyes and cottonmouth. These two symptoms can be easily avoided or remedied by drinking lots of fluids, not only during a smoke out, but before and after too.

Feminized Chocolope Seeds

Chocolope is a gift from the cannabis gods to smokers and growers alike. Along with having immense benefits in terms of its effects, it’s also a giant that produces an enormous yield. With some knowledge and experience, growing it can be extremely rewarding.

By using feminized seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co., growers can ensure that every drop of effort and TLC goes to good use. These little buttons are likely to mature into heavy-nugged whoppers. Delicious and guaranteed to give a soaring high, Chocolope is a must-try for the bold and fearless.

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