Cloud 9 Mix pack
From $177.00 to $380.00
Cloud 9 Mix pack
Cloud 9 Mix pack
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  • Blue Dream Feminized Cannabis Seeds
  • California Dream Feminized Cannabis Seeds
  • Mazar Feminized Cannabis Seeds
Cultivar description


One of the top reasons for cannabis use is the desire to achieve the elusive state of bliss. Homegrown Cannabis Co understands this and has put together a mixpack to fulfill this demand. Going by the moniker Cloud 9, this aptly named group of euphoric cultivars is a consumable source o

Cloud 9 Mix pack

Mix Pack
From $177.00 to $380.00
Distant harps, floating angels and fluffy joy...
  • Blue Dream Feminized Cannabis Seeds
  • California Dream Feminized Cannabis Seeds
  • Mazar Feminized Cannabis Seeds
As low as $177.00
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Cloud 9 Mix pack by Kyle Kushman

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Cultivar description


One of the top reasons for cannabis use is the desire to achieve the elusive state of bliss. Homegrown Cannabis Co understands this and has put together a mixpack to fulfill this demand. Going by the moniker Cloud 9, this aptly named group of euphoric cultivars is a consumable source of happiness that can easily be cultivated in personal gardens. What is more, the three earthy variants bring in the pleasure and therapeutic efficacy of up to 24% to 25% THC volume.

Blue Dream, the only Sativa-leaning, daytime variant in the bunch, is a hybrid between Blueberry and Haze. It starts with a mellow uplifting high before energizing the body in its battle with lethargy. On the other hand, California Dream, the offspring of Afghani and a Mexican Sativa landrace, is a couch-locking, face-melting bud that ensures evening relaxation, as well as sleep. Similarly, Mazar, a Skunk #1and Afghan cross, is also a calming, pre-bedtime herb.

Aside from the various uses of the Cloud 9 cultivars for pleasure and unwinding, the full-range mixpack is also a therapeutic powerhouse. The three scultivars are forceful anxiolytics that can silence the dismal whispers of stress, anxiety, and depression. Moreover, the variants also provide pain and inflammation control, which helps against migraine, arthritis, as well as multiple sclerosis.

Each cultivarn also brings something more in the medical table. Perfect for mitigating lack of appetite, California Dream fights the likes of anorexia and irrepressible vomiting. Meanwhile, Mazar is more than capable of soothing muscle spasms, whereas Blue Dream is a potent fatigue-fighting herb.

Mason jars containing the buds of Cloud 9 are worthy of shelf space. Likewise, their feminized version from Homegrown Cannabis Co deserves a place in gardens. These plants are uncomplicated to cultivate. However, do note that Blue Dream is attractive to parasites, making it one of the best indoor cultivars Other than that, the trio is straightforward to nurture and produces massive yields too.

Growing Cloud 9 Mixpack

The Cloud 9 mixpack is pleasurable in more ways than one. Because the package only contains feminized seeds, a male-less garden and, therefore, a more substantial total harvest are guaranteed. More than that, the three cultivars also boast of widely favored Indica sturdiness and productivity. Such traits do not only make cultivation straightforward but also rewarding.

That said, this advantage is not without a bit of toil. Due to their thick foliage, the unnecessary leaves and branches of the floras must be pruned away. Doing so improves air circulation and light exposure for the lower leafage.

To achieve the best bud production from the Cloud 9 mixpack, the trio needs a warm and dry setting to flourish. Locations such as California, Australia, and Mediterranean Europe are ideal. The outdoor harvest starts by October in the northern hemisphere and March to May in the southern half.

Should the weather in the area be unfavorable, simply replicate the preferred conditions of the plants in a controlled environment. The most important grow requirements are temperatures around 20-26 C° and the RH level between 40-50% during the flowering period. Then, two weeks before the fruiting cycle ends, scale it down to 18-24 °C and 30-40%. Note that this action also encourages the appearance of purple tints on the blades and buds.

To boost the indoor yield of the cannabis floras, apply the Sea of Green (SOG) method. Fill every square meter with 4 to 9 plants and limit the vegging cycle to only 2 to 3 weeks to keep them small. Also use 400W to 600W HPS lighting for ample illumination.

Blue Dream

The thick resin that covers the flowers of Blue Dream is sweet-smelling and especially attractive to pests. To prevent the risk of parasitic attacks, cultivation in a controlled environment is recommended. Indoors, it grows almost 4 ft tall and produces around 600 grams of fresh buds per square meter after flowering for 9 to 10 weeks.

Alfresco growing in places with stable weather is also fine. However, consistent checking is crucial to make sure no infestation occurs. It matures up to 5.5 ft tall and shares 600 grams of pine cone-shaped flowers each in pleasant outdoor settings.

California Dream

Cali Dream is the behemoth in the mixpack. In favorable outdoor conditions, it can grow up to 8 ft tall and produce a whopping 800 grams of lime green buds each. Surprisingly, the plant typically only matures up to 3 ft indoors, especially if the vegetative stage is restricted to 3 to 4 weeks. Although much smaller, it yields up to 450 grams per square meter after fruiting for 9 weeks. For maximum output, employ a hydroponic system or a soil mix that does not have high amounts of nitrogen.


The colas of Mazar are massive and densely filled with pepper-shaped buds. Each one has copious amounts of trichomes that extend to both sugar and nearby fan leaves. Due to such production, the plant can be used for resin extraction. Another advantage with this variant is its high resilience against common pests and deceases. Plus, it is the biggest yielder in the group, producing 450 to 550 grams for every square meter of indoor space after 8 to 9 weeks of fruiting. Meanwhile, in an opportune outdoor environment, one flora provides 350 to 450 grams.

Fragrance and Flavor

All three Cloud 9 cultivars have a robust earthiness that is best compared to the pleasant fragrance of dry soil after it gets its first grant of rainfall. Apart from the scent of wet ground, Blueberry shares a sweet blend of blueberry and vanilla both in taste and smell. Meanwhile, the refreshing Cali Dream is herby with a subtle kick of mint and citrus. When inhaled, it gratifies the palate with a sweet fruitiness that has a hint of heat to it. Similarly, Mazar is sweet and lemony with spicy, floral, pine-like undertones.


The Cloud 9 mixpack is an all-day of euphoria in one package. Blue Dream is an excellent source of daytime joy, whereas Cali Dream and Mazar are for indulging a happy mood under the night sky or even a warm blanket. No matter how gratifying, though, do not lose self-restraint on the dosage. These extremely potent variants can cause dry eyes and mouth even in low to moderate doses. If taken in excessive amounts, dizziness, headaches, heightened anxiety, or episodes of paranoia may be experienced.

Blue Dream

Of the three cultivars, Blue Dream is the most suitable for beginners as long as dosages are kept to a minimum. The cerebral effect from this Sativa starts mellow but intensifies fast, reaching sky high within minutes. As the mental flight ascends, it also uplifts the spirit all the while increasing both mental and physical energy. With an upbeat mood and ample holistic vigor, day-to-day tasks can be accomplished with a smile on the face. Even better, it also boosts creative thinking, making it beneficial in artistic pursuits for personal satisfaction or professional gain.

California Dream

Once the orange hue of sundown appears in the horizon or the night sky rolls in, the mason jar containing California Dream buds can already be taken out from the shelf. No matter how exhausting or terrible the day went, the influence of this relaxing bud is sure to make the situation far better. The after-work cultivar brings in intense happiness that improves the state of mind and sidelines the worries almost immediately.

Concurrently, the herb provides a sense of head to toe calm that cocoons the body in a couch-locking, pain-free laziness. Apart from the limited mobility, a face-melting sensation can be felt as well. While slothfully reposed, a stream of ideas, some unique and possibly useful, will flood in. Then, after a few hours, sleep will manifest, and the eyes will not open until the next morning.


If getting high with friends is desired, do not forget to include Mazar in the guest list. The kush delivers extreme euphoria and physical relaxation that couch-locks. Although it sedates, the bud allows a few hours of giggle fits and chattiness that can be enjoyed with sessions mates. Among the many OGs in the market, this cannabis is one of those that incapacitates fast, so it is best to prep the food and entertainment before getting stoned.

Mixed Cloud 9

The elusive state of bliss can be achieved with the Cloud 9 Mixpack. It is a reliable source of happiness that can be effortlessly grown for personal or commercial consumption. Apart from euphoria, each cultivar also has something different to bring to the table. Blue Dream energizes the body to defeat fatigue. Meanwhile, the pre-bedtime Mazar shares a numbing physical calm that hushes muscle spasms. Cali Dream ensures quality sleep as well, but not before inducing a couch-locking, face-melting relaxation and boosting creative thinking.

If these effects and benefits still do not impress, the uncomplicated grow tendencies and needs of the feminized Cloud 9 varieties will. Setting aside the charm of Blue Dream to pests, which can be curtailed through indoor growing, the Homegrown Cannabis Co trio is straightforward to grow and produces massive yields. All the better, the three plants can be nurtured in the same garden due to their similar Indica-like structure without any male threats.

Cloud 9 Mix pack
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