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Critical x Somango Feminized

Fast, fruity and super-productive.
  • Indica Dominant
  • Heavy Yields
  • Fruity Flavours
  • Physical buzz
  • Fruity fragrance
  • 700 g/plant

A rookie with a lineage that needs no introduction, Critical x Somango is a well-rounded hybrid that's great for nighttime recreation and relief. It boasts the therapeutic strength of Critical, along with the relaxing touch of Somango. With an averag... Read More

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Kyle Kushman
Kushman Says:
You'll be laughing like a hyena on nitrous oxide.
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Critical x Somango Feminized

STRAIN PROFILE Critical x Somango Feminized

Mostly Indica
Yield Indoor 450 - 500 g/m2
Yield Outdoor 700 gr/plant
THC 18%
CBD 0.3%
HEIGHT 80 - 120 cm
Anxiety Arthritis Depression Insomnia Migranes Stress
Euphoric Happy Relaxed Sedative Sleepy Uplifted
Apple Mango Peach Pine Pineapple Sweet Tropical
Temperate/Continental Sunny/Mediterranean
Critical x Somango Feminized Review

Critical x Somango Feminized Profile by Kyle Kushman

A rookie with a lineage that needs no introduction, Critical x Somango is a well-rounded hybrid that’s great for nighttime recreation and relief. It boasts the therapeutic strength of Critical, along with the relaxing touch of Somango. With an average THC capacity of 18%, it allows the mind to soar high while the palate savors the delicious taste of tropical fruits.

This moderately potent strain helps uplift the mood, making it a popular choice among patients battling depression, anxiety or stress. At the same time, its calming feature may put the body at ease by soothing pain caused by migraines, PMS and arthritis, among many others.

The plant produces a humongous yield and grows fast without requiring back-breaking efforts. Thanks to these feminized seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co., this promising hybrid can easily be grown for personal consumption. It flourishes indoors and out, and works well in any medium or setup.

Growing Critical x Somango Feminized Seeds

Critical x Somango is a small-to-medium sized hybrid with a bushy structure that’s almost identical to Critical but with more branches. It must be given enough lateral space for its expanding limbs, and training is also needed to provide the lower areas with ample light exposure and air. As for its preferred root setting, the plant flourishes in any medium but delivers best results on a hydroponics system.

In terms of appearance, Critical x Somango is an Indica beauty through and through. Its stem and branches are thick, sturdy, and more than capable of carrying its massive flowers. Its apical bud cluster is enormous while the secondary flowers are significantly smaller – but in no way inferior to other similar strains. To double the size of these lateral nug clumps, apply pruning and training techniques like topping or fimming. Regardless of the methods practiced, you can expect hefty colas with a low leaf-to-calyx ratio, and dense buds covered with an abundance of resin glands.

Indoors, the plant only grows to about 3 feet fall. It needs a comfortable room temperature of about 70 to 80°F and an RH level between 40 and 50%. As the last couple of weeks of its 8 to 9 week flowering cycle approaches, lower the humidity to 30 to 40%. Due to its vigorous horizontal growth, you should only pack 4 to 9 plants into every square yard with 600w of lighting, instead of the usual 4 to 16. The Sea of Green setup can produce yields of 1.47 to 1.63 ounces of gluey buds per square foot.

Critical x Somango can also be grown outdoors in locations with a warm climate and lots of natural light. It reaches up to 8 feet tall, developing long lateral branches that are almost as big as the main stem. If the plants are trained so that they devote more energy to growing bigger colas, each one can produce up to 24 ounces of compact nuggets. In the northern hemisphere, the harvest should be ready by late September.

Fragrance and Flavor

Although this strain has the growth tendencies of Critical, its aroma and taste profile is identical to Somango. Torching the buds creates a waft of smoke that can fill an entire room with its fruity fragrance. When inhaled, it takes tropical sweetness to a whole new level with its mix of peach, mango and pineapple flavors. These flowers take the palate on an all-expenses-paid trip to the Caribbean!


Ideal for nighttime use, Critical x Somango immediately blankets the body with warmth and relaxation. It sends a wave of calm that makes every part of the anatomy soft and slightly heavy. The physical buzz helps get rid of any tension, but unlike many Indica-heavy variants, it doesn’t cause couch-lock in moderate doses. That said, toiling activities are out of the picture as it brings a moderate lethargy that can only cater to non-laborious pursuits.

While the physical sensation spreads, the mind also gets its fair share of satisfaction. The euphoric high manifests fast, stapling a semi-permanent smile to the face. As the seconds tick by, the cerebral flight further ascends, uplifting the mood to heights that no worries or external stressors can reach.

The mellowing experience lasts for around 2 to 3 hours. As the high wanes, drowsiness will set in, causing the eyes to feel heavy. Before long, you’ll likely sink into a deep sleep, allowing both the mind and body to recharge ready for the battles of the next day.


The holistic medicinal effects start in the mind. Through its anxiolytic action, the plant helps stop stress, anxiety, depression, avoidant attachment, PTSD and bipolar disorder from manifesting. It also delivers a lasting euphoria that helps block negative emotions, putting the focus on happy thoughts instead, and preventing obsessional overthinking.

At the same time, its THC component, which is said to be an effective analgesic and anti-inflammatory compound, may help reduce pain and discomfort. After a few hours of mental and physical relief, the sedating properties of the herb will induce a deep, long sleep that even insomnia is unlikely to disrupt.

Critical x Somango is a therapeutic herb that’s enjoyable to consume, so much so that overindulging might be hard to avoid. But proper dosing must be practiced in order to get the full benefits of this herb, as well as to limit the potential adverse effects to mild cottonmouth and dry eyes. Not heeding this advice could cause lightheadedness, increased anxiety and paranoia.

Feminized Critical x Somango Seeds

The moderately-potent Critical x Somango uplifts the mood while potentially reducing symptoms of depression, anxiety and stress. It also has a calming feature that’s been used to treat physical discomforts caused by the likes of migraines, PMS, arthritis and other causes of chronic pain.

It’s also a very rewarding plant to grow, producing humongous yields and maturing vigorously regardless of the medium used. Homegrown Cannabis Co. is delighted to offer this excellent variety in feminized seed form, so that no garden space or valuable resources will be squandered on males that are of no use when cultivating for consumption.

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