Electric Sheep Mix pack
From $177.00 to $380.00
Electric Sheep Mix pack
Electric Sheep Mix pack
Number of Seeds:
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  • Amnesia Haze Autoflower Cannabis Seeds
  • Blueberry Autoflower Cannabis Seeds
  • Northern Lights Autoflower Cannabis Seeds
Cultivar description
The exploding interest in cannabis horticulture paved the way for autoflowering seeds created by blending a photoperiod with a Ruderalis. As expected, popular strains are first to have for fast maturing versions due to the demand for their precious buds, which are way more expensive in retail. Aiming to remain a step ahead, Homegrown Cannabis Co

Electric Sheep Mix pack

Mix Pack
From $177.00 to $380.00
Sleepy treats for insomniacs.
  • Amnesia Haze Autoflower Cannabis Seeds
  • Blueberry Autoflower Cannabis Seeds
  • Northern Lights Autoflower Cannabis Seeds
As low as $177.00
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Electric Sheep Mix pack by Kyle Kushman

With over 20 years of experience in the cannabis industry, we have the grow-how from the experts! We deliver high-quality, fast-germinating seeds with impeccable and stabilized genetics swiftly and discreetly worldwide at a competitive price.

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Cultivar description

The exploding interest in cannabis horticulture paved the way for autoflowering seeds created by blending a photoperiod with a Ruderalis. As expected, popular strains are first to have for fast maturing versions due to the demand for their precious buds, which are way more expensive in retail. Aiming to remain a step ahead, Homegrown Cannabis Co brought together 3 legendary names in auto form. The mixpack ensures that even unskilled hands can achieve a heavy harvest of nugs for all-day use.

Ideal for morning use, Amnesia Haze Auto is like enjoying lemon juice for breakfast. The refreshing bud is also a source of daytime euphoria and mental energy boost that relieves fatigue. The plant looks like a small Sativa, but also boasts of rudy genetics which makes it easy to cultivate indoors and out.

Meanwhile, autoflowering Blueberry and Northern Lights are perfect for nighttime consumption or when there is plenty of spare time for unwinding and deep sleep. They share comparable ancestry as their photoperiod parents are offsprings of Afghani and Thai Sativa landrace strains. The similarity in genetic profile gives them an almost identical set of effects. Both uplift the mood while relaxing the body and ridding it of chronic pain. That said, NL is straightforward to grow, whereas the BB demands a bit more effort.

The Homegrown Cannabis Co Auto Mixpack offers these A-list strains but without the long wait for harvest. Apart from the speedy life cycle, these new variants also require way less toil to prosper compared to their older sisters. Best of all, their collective indoor production is as massive as photoperiods'.

Growing Electric Sheep Mixpack

All things considered, Electric Sheep Mixpack is beginner-friendly. Auto Amnesia Haze and Auto Northern Lights, as mentioned, are uncomplicated to grow. Meanwhile, Auto Blueberry, despite being more challenging to care for compared to other autoflowers, only needs precision and consistency to flourish.

Cultivating the bunch in a controlled setting makes the most out of the endeavor. Doing so ensures health-impacting factors are minimized. It is crucial as the brief lifespan of autoflowers means they may not have enough time to recover from injuries. Moreover, critical conditions can easily be regulated indoors. A suitable home for autos must have at least 18 hours of illumination using 600W lamps, as well as RH level between 40 to 50% and temperatures around 21 to 26°C, for vigorous growth.

As for management practices, note that autoflowers do not need training. Although the floras can handle low-stress training (LST), it is not necessary and does not significantly boost the output. Instead, organize 4 to 16 autos in one square meter in a Sea of Green arrangement to make full use of space and increase yield.

On the other hand, maximum outdoor yield potential yield can be achieved by growing in warm, sunshiny areas. Places such as Australia, North Africa, California, the Mediterranean, and Southern Europe are most favorable. In such idyllic settings, growing two or more batches is recommended to obtain a more significant total output. In the northern hemisphere, the first grow starts around April or May and the second by July or August. The last harvest should be by October, except for NL, which can be delayed up to early November.

Amnesia Haze Autoflower

The autoflowering Amnesia Haze is quite lengthy for an auto. It reaches a little above 5 ft if provided optimal conditions. Nonetheless, it can still fit in medium-sized grow cabinets, by the balcony, or stealthily amongst other floras in the backyard. Aesthetic-wise, the plant's Sativa genetics is most evident. Its branches and leaves are thin, whereas its colas are dense and cylindrical. A closer look reveals tight buds that are often tapered but can be geometrically unique.

These compact flowering sites are ready for collection in 11 weeks from germination, 8 weeks of those are spent fruiting. The plant thrives in soil, coco coir, as well as hydroponics. Hence, existing setups need not be changed. 200 to 400 grams of gluey nugs for every square meter of indoor grow space can be collected. Outdoor cultivation, on the other hand, shares 50 to 100 grams for every auto Amnesia Haze.

Blueberry Autoflower

Autoflower Blueberry is a stunning plant that matures with a bluish-purple tint during the flowering cycle. The more or less 3 ft tall cannabis beautifies any garden with its classic indica look. It develops few lateral bud clusters and one massive apical cola tightly packed with dens, conical nugs. In terms of life cycle, it goes from seed to harvest in 10 weeks, using 8 weeks of those flowering.

For the Auto Blueberry to flourish, it demands meticulous care and optimal conditions. It is sensitive to overfeeding and must be fed lightly. Moreover, the flora is intolerant to dry medium. Hence, it needs constant watering. On the plus side, it produces exceptionally resinous flowers, making it suitable for resin extraction.

Indoors, a whopping 400 to 450 grams of flowers can be acquired per square meter. Meanwhile, under the whims of nature, every Blueberry auto produces 50 to 100 grams.

Northern Lights Autoflower

Autoflowering Northern Lights matures into a medium-sized plant. When fully developed, it reaches less than 3 ft indoors and below 5 ft in open-air settings. Thick branches hold up its main cola and a few lower-lying ones with pride. Each one covered with abundant, glimmering resin, temporarily hiding its green nugs with tinges of purple. These flowers also have a high calyx-to-leaf ratio. Hence, manicuring is less arduous.

The lifespan of this auto lasts for 11 weeks from seed, spending 9 weeks growing and fattening its buds. Many find the almost complete absence of its smell during fruiting an advantage. However, if a stronger scent and taste is wanted, using soil as a growing medium will do the job. Expect up to 400 grams of fresh buds per square meter in a controlled environment and 50 to 200 grams from each plant outdoors.

Fragrance and Flavor

Growing all three strains in the same garden, especially an indoor one, is going to bring a feast of aroma. The variants have a very distinct essence profile that makes stepping in the grow area like a trip to a fruit farm.

Amnesia Haze Autoflower

Autoflowering Amnesia Haze has a refreshing lemony fragrance that comes with tinges of soil-like earthiness and cedarwood. Torching its properly dried flower creates a smoke that is smooth on inhale. As the vapor fills the mouth, a pungent citrus flavor enlivens the palate. At the same time, the hint of spiciness moderates the sour zest, all the while giving a warm sensation.

Blueberry Autoflower

The sweetness of Blueberry is a much-coveted trait in the 420 world. Fortunately, this attribute was passed along to its autoflowering version. Its aroma resembles that of ripe blueberries, making not drooling almost impossible. Upon inhale, the vapor glazes the tongue with the pleasant sweet and sour taste of mixed summer berries. There is also a touch of sandalwood that adds a fascinating layer to the strain's fructose-filled sapor.

Northern Lights Autoflower

A Northern Lights experience starts with the sweet fragrance of pine, followed by a trace of spice. When combusted, the bud shares a vapor with a taste that is almost the exact interpretation of its scent. There is sweetness with a dash of spicy sapidity. The fascinating flavor of oak wood also comes through.


The Electric Sheep Mixpack offers a whole day experience, which can be enjoyed if the calendar is clear of any commitments. All three strains should not be used with activities that require complex thinking or typical nine-to-five jobs. Instead, employ them when there is enough time to indulge the effects of cannabis use or when there is a need for some creativity push. Also note that the variants cause hunger, so prep nibbles before taking a hit, especially if the nighttime buds are to be consumed.

Amnesia Haze Autoflower

In the morning, the uplifting high of Amnesia Haze Auto puts a smile on the face. It instantly improves the mood, suppressing the potential adverse effects of gloomy thoughts and emotions. Plus, the bud boosts mental and physical energy without the possibility of overactivity thanks to its adequate amount of relaxing properties.

Spacey psychedelia follows. It alters the state of consciousness, all the while increasing visual and auditory sensitivity. At the same time, a stream of ideas rushes in. Together with the mild hallucination such as color enhancement and heightened response to sounds, the imagination goes wild.

Blueberry Autoflower

Excellent for capping off a tiring day or enjoying a chill weekend, the forte of Blueberry Auto is inducing relaxation. As always, euphoria is to be expected. No matter how the day went, it is sure to end with intense happiness with this strain. Even better, it spreads calm throughout the body, sharing a feeling of comfortable laziness that will make lying around the ultimate temptation. Drowsiness ensues after a few hours.

Northern Lights Autoflower

The effects of Northern Lights Auto is almost similar to Blueberry Auto but stronger. It soothes away exhaustion to give way to physical comfort and pure mental bliss. As the relaxation intensifies, couch-lock manifests, making moving extremely difficult. It also brings about giggle fits, which makes group sessions merrier. Then, as the high wanes, sleepiness kick in.

Mixed Electric Sheep Pack

The Electric Sheep Mixpack has desired effects for an entire day of head to toe bliss. The enlivening Amnesia Haze Autoflower is a source of daytime euphoria, as well as fatigue-fighting energy boost. Meanwhile, autoflowering Blueberry and Northern Lights are perfect for nighttime use. Both uplift the mental state while calming the body and eliminating chronic pain. Even better, all three buds also alleviate the symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression.

Homegrown Cannabis Co brought together the autoflowering version of these variants to give unskilled hands the chance to cultivate legendary strains with less toil. Best of all, the decent-yielding plants go from seed to harvest in 10 to 11 weeks, ensuring a rewarding grow experience without the long wait.

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4 (1 customer reviews)

Everything is growing great. I can't wait to reap the rewards

Donna S.

Electric Sheep Mix pack
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Jason M. Verified Buyer
Blueberry was the shining star.
Blueberry was the shining star. Delicious. Much stronger than expected
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Donna S. Verified Buyer
Everything is growing great. I can't wait to reap the rewards
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Benjamin W. Verified Buyer
Loved it
So far they all have been great the first blueberry started flowering super quick like day 14 quick and ended up being tiny other than that great pack
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