Femme Fatale Mix pack
From $177.00 to $380.00
Femme Fatale Mix pack
Femme Fatale Mix pack
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  • Blue Widow Feminized Cannabis Seeds
  • Chronic Widow Feminized Cannabis Seeds
  • White Widow Feminized Cannabis Seeds
Cultivar description


The Femme Fatale mix pack offered by Homegrown Cannabis Co. contains feminized seeds of famous Indica-leaning cultivars Blue Widow,

Femme Fatale Mix pack

Mix Pack
From $177.00 to $380.00
Resistance is futile.
  • Blue Widow Feminized Cannabis Seeds
  • Chronic Widow Feminized Cannabis Seeds
  • White Widow Feminized Cannabis Seeds
As low as $177.00
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Femme Fatale Mix pack by Kyle Kushman

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Cultivar description


The Femme Fatale mix pack offered by Homegrown Cannabis Co. contains feminized seeds of famous Indica-leaning cultivars Blue Widow, Chronic Widow, and Cream Manderine. Aptly named after enchantresses, these females ensnare unwitting connoisseurs into their realm of relaxation.

Blue Widow, a staple in Amsterdam coffee shops, traces its roots from White Widow and Blueberry. Like the prior, it has incredibly resinous buds that look like it has been dusted with white powder. Such an abundance of milky and frosty trichomes packs about 15% THC strength, which seduces consumers with an irresistibly euphoric cerebral high that comes with recreational and medicinal benefits. It includes the ability to uplift the mood, clear the mind, as well as sooth the body without causing a couch-lock.

Another legendary cultivar in the Femme Fatale mix pack is the Chronic Widow - a progeny of Chronic and White Widow. Of the three variants, this female is the most calming and sedating. It also has the highest THC content of up to 23%. Going overboard with this bud may knockout users or cause a disorienting cerebral stimulation.

The last cultivar that completes the trilogy is Cream Manderine. It is a cross between two very distinct variants that managed to bring out the best of both through careful breeding. Its mild cerebral buzz, calming sensation, and fast growth was endowed by the Indica-oriented Cream Caramel Auto. Meanwhile, its ability to brighten the mood almost immediately is from its Sativa parent, Ice Cool.

Combining sought-after Indica varieties in one mix pack ensures users will no longer need to experience a dilemma of choosing between the three. With Homegrown Cannabis Co.'s Femme Fatale mix pack, connoisseurs can savor all these cultivars' sublime psychoactive and medicinal effects to the heart's content at a discounted price. Plus, because they are all females — two feminized and one autoflowering — there's no longer a need to bother about males that could pollinate, which could ruin an entire harvest.

Growing Femme Fatale Mixpack

Cultivating the contents of the Femme Fatale mix pack is rather easy. After all, these cultivars are naturally hardy and resilient to most problems that plague cannabis. The trio also thrives well in both indoor and outdoor settings as long as it is warm and dry. However, for best results, it is recommended to use indoor setups as weather changes like rainfall could encourage pathogen attakcs. Moreover, indoor cultivation proves to be a more convenient way as it allows for manipulation of environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, and amount of lighting, among others.

Indoors, it is best to maintain a temperature range of 20 to 26°C and relative humidity (RH) of 40% to 50% during the flowering period. Cold shocking the plants by lowering the temperature and RH level to 18 to 24°C and 30% to 40% two weeks prior to harvest will also bring out its splendid lavender hues.

The use of the right horticultural techniques could spell the difference between an abundant and dismal harvest. To boost the yield potential of the females while also maximizing the space, employ the Sea of Green (SOG) technique. For the two photoperiods, also prune away unneeded branches and leaves to promote better airflow and light penetration.

Blue Widow

Famous for its thick coating of frosty trichomes and stains of deep purple, Blue Widow is a sight to behold. Besides its beauty, it is relatively easy to cultivate given its inherent resistance against molds, pests, mechanical damage, and cold temperature. Note, however, that it stretches like a Sativa and is tallest of the three variants. Hence, if vertical space is limited, height-limiting techniques like topping must be performed.

Blue Widow does well when cultivated on both hydroponics and organic soil. In a hydroponics setup, it grows at a rapid rate and achieves maximum productivity. On the other hand, its terpene and trichome production is maximized with the use of organic soil. Feeding it with nutrients becomes easier too because the inert soil acts as a buffer against pH fluctuations.

It is recommended to provide an ample supply of nitrogen during the vegetative phase to boost the plant's growth and vigor. Then, as it transitions to the flowering stage, flush the soil and switch to nutrient formulas with higher phosphorus levels.

Pruning the unnecessary foliage under the screen in the first two weeks of flowering is also advisable to increase the airflow underneath. However, be careful not to overdo it to prevent stressing the plant. With proper care and sustenance, expect 450 to 500 grams of incredibly resinous buds per square meter (indoors) after 8 to 9 weeks of flowering and up to 1100 grams of buds per plant (outdoors) by mid-October.

Chronic Widow

Chronic Widow is relatively more difficult to grow compared to the other two cultivars as it requires rudimentary knowledge in cannabis horticulture. Nonetheless, its resiliency and high tolerance to stressors enable it to withstand slight mistakes that beginners could make.

Just like Blue Widow, it is predominantly Indica and thus, grows up to 3 to 6 ft in height, depending on where it is cultivated. It displays vigorous growth characterized by the slight stretching of its sturdy stems when grown outdoors in a sunny and warm climate. When pressed for vertical space, topping and pruning are useful in controlling its height. Such techniques also encourage better airflow between the nodes. Not only that - it also shifts the plant's focus and energy into making bud sites in the upper canopy, which ultimately leads to higher yields.

Chronic Widow tends to be sensitive to fluctuations in the acidity of the medium. Thus, when it comes to the choice of substrate, it is best to use organic soil. Not only because the pH levels are more likely to fluctuate in a hydroponics system, but because the soil acts as a buffer to nullify such abrupt variations in the pH level. Moreover, it helps enhance the terpene profile of the plant.

Come early October or after 7 to 9 Weeks of flowering, about 400 grams of luscious, THC-rich buds per square meter could be harvested indoors. Meanwhile, yields could amount to as much as 550 grams per plant when cultivated in outdoor gardens with plenty of sunlight.

Cream Manderine

Needless to say, Cream Manderine, being the only autoflowering variant in the pack, is the smallest. It is a breeze to cultivate and is suitable for cultivators of all skill levels - be it amateurs or certified green thumbs. The plant has inherent resistance against molds, pests, and diseases. Plus, it has a quick life cycle, going from seed to harvest in 9 short weeks.

When grown indoors, the auto could produce 400 to 500 grams of spectacular buds per square meter. Meanwhile, if cultivated outdoors, around 50 to 200 grams of dense nuggets could be expected per plant. Among the three, Cream Manderine share the least amount of yields as it is an autoflower. Nevertheless, the compact, snow-capped buds are definitely worth the quick wait and all the effort.

Fragrance and Flavor

All the Femme Fatale variants are sweet, but have distinct fragrance and flavor profile to offer. Blue Widow is like a sweet berry with a hint of earthy spice and a surprising citrus-leaning aftertaste. Chronic Widow, on the other hand, has a strong yet smooth earthiness, as well as a honey-like and spicy sapor. As for Cream Manderine, it is bursting with zesty citrus tang with saccharine caramel that lingers long on the lips.


Those seeking for well-balanced cultivars that are both stimulating and soothing will undoubtedly savor every hit from the Femme Fatale mix pack. These pick-me-up cultivars entice cannabis connoisseurs with its fast-acting and heavy-hitting euphoria that uplifts and appeases worn-out bodies. Not only that - this mix pack also inspires creativity and contagious giddiness that help spark interesting conversations during gatherings - thus, making introverted people open up and be more like social butterflies.

Another commonality between the three is that after a while, the giddy cerebral high culminates into a profound sense of tranquility. Starting from the temples down to the toes, the relaxation spreads like warm butter - melting away stress, fatigue, and muscle tension as it goes. As such, the Femme Fatale mix pack is best relished after work — around late afternoon or evening.

In moderate dosages, its stimulating effects fuel one with the energy to accomplish the final tasks of the day then winds down the body into a blissful and well-deserved relaxation after a long and tiring day of hard work. All three are soothing but are not overbearing to cause a knockout punch of sleepiness or leave one glued to the couch for hours.

Mixed Femme Fatale Pack

Given their alluring qualities and the dangers associated with overindulging Blue Widow, Chronic Widow, and Cream Manderine, it is not hard to see why Homegrown Cannabis Co. dubbed this mix pack as Femme Fatale. Just a few hits of these blissfully euphoric and relaxing cultivars are enough to ensnare the senses and tempt the consumer to keep coming back for more. However, no matter how seducing the prospect of taking more hits might be, it is crucial to resist the urge to overindulge as that mistake is fraught with unpleasant consequences.

In terms of cultivation, the charm of Blue Widow, Chronic Widow, and Cream Manderine is also quite compelling for growers of all skill levels. After all, who in their right minds would refuse to cultivate high-yielding, easy-to-grow, and high potency cultivars with splendid visual appeal courtesy of its buds snow-capped with frosty trichomes?

Femme Fatale Mix pack
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100% Popped
Already absolutely gorgeous plants. Oklahoma has a 6 plant limit per card holder. All 6 germinated within 72 hours. Planted with the Super Moon on March 9th and by March 25th they are already up to the 4th node. Ready for the first topping probably next week. Lots of love!!! CannaNana
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