Get A Room Mix pack
Get A Room Mix pack
Get A Room Mix pack
Number of Seeds:
12 + 12 FREE
4 + 4 FREE
  • Bruce Banner x Chocolope Feminized
  • Lyly Sour x Blue OG Feminized
  • Purple Kush x White Russian Feminized
Cultivar description
Expectations are soaring high every Valentine's Day, and this year is no different. Be in the right mood and the sexiest you all day long by “Get(ting) a room” – one of our V-Day special offers. The mixpack comprises three promising hybrids that are ideal for consumers with low to high THC tolerance. Here's what to anticipate.

Get A Room Mix pack

Mix Pack
Be the sexiest you all day long.
  • Bruce Banner x Chocolope Feminized
  • Lyly Sour x Blue OG Feminized
  • Purple Kush x White Russian Feminized
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Get A Room Mix pack by Kyle Kushman

With over 20 years of experience in the cannabis industry, we have the grow-how from the experts! We deliver high-quality, fast-germinating seeds with impeccable and stabilized genetics swiftly and discreetly worldwide at a competitive price.

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Cultivar description

Expectations are soaring high every Valentine's Day, and this year is no different. Be in the right mood and the sexiest you all day long by “Get(ting) a room” – one of our V-Day special offers. The mixpack comprises three promising hybrids that are ideal for consumers with low to high THC tolerance. Here's what to anticipate.

Bruce Banner x Chocolope is the only Sativa-dominant strain in the group. Widely used for waking and baking, it is an energizing bud with 16 to 20% THC strength that will keep you active for hours. Share it with your beau as you both enjoy the breakfast in bed you prepared or maximize its physical effect by taking a romantic hike. Whatever activity you pair it with, know that stress and inflammation will not be on your way.

Lyly Sour x Blue OG, on the other hand, is best used around the afternoon and has 13 to 20% THC load. It relaxes and takes away the pain but will not strap you on your seats, so you can have that sweet and slow dance with your beloved. Because this is a trippy bud, also consider watching a kaleidoscopic romance movie.

If you prefer a simple Valentine's date, just get comfy and cozy on the couch with Purple Kush x White Russian rolled in a joint. It is calming, but won't hinder your ability to move and savor the night with your partner. Plus, the flower boosts focus, so you will have a lot of attention to give, which is just perfect on this occasion.

The Get a Room mixpack, apart from being so consumption-worthy, also makes an excellent Valentine's Day gift to your high-minded beau. All three are feminized and have growth patterns that beginners can handle. Not to mention, they also produce medium to heavy yields and have a medium-length flowering period.

Growing Get A Room Feminized Seeds

The Get a Room mixpack is an excellent option for inexperienced growers as the strains are high-yielding yet easy to grow. Besides their uncomplicated tendencies, all three variants stay compact and are not finicky with the medium. Simply grow them in a space with adequate airflow and the right level of relative humidity (RH) to prevent moisture-related issues.

During the fruiting stage, maintain the temperature at around 20 to 26 C° and the RH rate at 50%. Toward the end of the flowering period, reduce the RH level to 40% or less to protect the buds from molds and mildew. Also trim the inessential undergrowth as unkempt foliage stagnates the air, making the grow area a potential breeding ground for pests and pathogens.

For maximum result, it is also best to grow the trio indoors where vital environmental factors such as temperature and humidity can be easily regulated. If planning to grow outdoors, cultivate in a warm and semi-humid area like California, Australia, and the Mediterranean.

The Get a Room trio thrives in any medium -- regardless if soil-based or soilless. Use organic soil enriched with coco coir and nutrients to boost the plants' terpene profile. If the yield size is a priority, go for a soilless medium such as a hydroponics system. It ensures vigorous growth by accelerating the pace of maturation and increasing production capacity.

Bruce Banner x Chocolope

True to its Sativa-dominant genetics, Bruce Banner x Chocolope has a sparse, vivid green foliage of slender-fingered leaves. Moisture accumulation is rarely an issue with this plant due to its thin leafage. Meanwhile, its slim branches grow from the main stem and carry long and huge colas. To prevent limb-breakage, install sticks, strings, or a trellis as support for its large bud clusters. The only Indica-leaning attribute of this plant is its humble height of only 3 to 4 ft.

As for the flowers, they are dense and medium to large in size. The surface is heavily coated with a rich glaze of resin that glimmers as harvest approaches. Because the variant is trichome-rich, it is excellent for concentrate extraction.

Indoors, do not pack a batch of Bruce Banner x Chocolope tightly together as the variant branches out. Only cram 4 to 9 plants for every square meter when using the Sea of Green technique. You can also opt for the Screen of Green method to add support to its thin limbs. Both approaches boost the yield potential of this cannabis.

The hybrid shares 400 to 600 grams of buds per square meter after 8 to 9 weeks of flowering in a controlled setting. Growing outdoors also produces up to 600 grams of gluey buds, which can be collected by mid-October in the northern hemisphere.

Lyly Sour x Blue OG

Blue OG is known for its excellent growth patterns, and its offspring is no different. It showcases the best characteristics of both parents, combining Indica compactness with the high calyx-to-leaf ratio of a Sativa. In that respect, managing the height of this cannabis is uncomplicated. Plus, it can be topped to keep it even shorter.

Of the three Get a Room strain, only Lyly Sour x Blue OG is susceptible to mold growth, especially when the humidity level is too high. Its foliage is not dense and compact, but the plant must still be trained. Also prune the lower branches and dying leaves are to improve the air circulation.

The cannabis flowers for 8 to 10 weeks, sharing up to 500 grams per square meter indoors. 600 grams per plant await if grown in optimal outdoor conditions. Harvest occurs by the early weeks of October in the northern hemisphere.

Purple Kush x White Russian

Due to its Hindu Kush lineage from its Purple Kush genes, growing Purple Kush x White Russian is reasonably straightforward. It is highly resistant to molds and can withstand harsh environmental conditions. Plus, it can withstand minor mistakes often committed by beginners. Structure-wise, it matures bushy and compact, allowing it to thrive even in vertically limited spaces.

Besides ease of cultivation, the hybrid is eye-catching and high-yielding. It produces 400 grams of deep purple buds snow-capped in frosty trichomes per square meter (indoors) and 500 grams per plant (outdoors). It flowers in 7 to 9 weeks and is ready for harvest by late September to early October.

Fragrance and Flavor

Apart from delivering effects and benefits suitable at different times of the day, the Get a Room strains also have varying fragrance and flavor profiles. This Valentine's Day, you and your partner can pick the variant that appeals to your olfaction the most. Boredom is simply not an option with this trio.

Bruce Banner x Chocolope

The flower has a mix of chocolaty and earthy aroma with a kerosene-like undertone. Combust it, and its musky smell becomes stronger. When inhaled, the palate mainly detects a sweet cocoa taste with a fruity and slightly spicy touch.

Lyly Sour x Blue OG

The compelling aromas from the buds of Lyly Sour x Blue OG create an exciting mix. Its mainly sweet and fruity flavors are similar to that of ripe blueberries. However, there's also a subtle smell and taste of gasoline, as well as some earthy notes, which gives it a distinct dankness.

Purple Kush x White Russian

The hybrid has piney and citrusy fragrance with a spicy, earthy, and kush-like undertone. Flavor-wise, this bud prides itself with the musky taste of sandalwood, as well as the sweetness and slight acidity of grapes. After exhale, it leaves a faint aftertaste of spices and herbs.


The Get a Room strains have distinct effects that render them usable at different times of the day. That means whether you want to go for a romantic, early morning hike, walk hand in hand while watching the sunset, or have a Valentine's Day date night at home, this mixpack has your back.

Bruce Banner x Chocolope

This hybrid is ideal for wake and bake as it enlivens both the mind and the body. A surge of euphoria manifests first, uplifting the spirit and suppressing negative emotions. The herb subtly enhances visual and auditory sensitivity as well, so almost everything seems more stimulating.

A boost in mental and physical energy follows quickly after. It allows activities to be performed with ease and vigor, making it a good smoke when the schedule is hectic or when there's a need to stay active. Eventually, excessive hunger will kick in, so have snacks within reach. Better yet, since it's Valentine's Day, enjoy the flower with your partner while sharing breakfast in bed or go an outdoor picnic.

Lyly Sour x Blue OG

The effects of Lyly Sour x Blue OG does not manifest right away, creeping a few minutes after savoring its unique flavors. Once a tingling sensation around the eyes and temples is felt, a heightened sensitivity to sights and sounds will ensue. The soaring high will become trippy, so don't use this when the setting is formal or serious. Feel free to smoke away, though, in light social scenes among high-minded friends or even on your Valentine's date.

Typically, the bud is used in the afternoon or early evening because of its profoundly relaxing physical effect. It will not strap consumers on the couch as long as it is enjoyed in moderation, so be mindful of the dosage if staying mobile is needed.

Purple Kush x White Russian

A sublime experience is a guarantee with the Purple Kush x White Russian. It delivers an enthralling cerebral high that supercharges the senses and uplifts the mood. Although such mental effects tend to sidetrack users, this one won't. Quite the contrary, the flower boosts focus, so showering your date with loads of attention is a given.

We have to warn you not to use Purple Kush x White Russian if you plan to have a busy night. The full-body and long-lasting relaxation from this bud could render one immobile, so perhaps staying in for a romantic movie night is best. Additionally, its profoundly sedating effects will ultimately manifest, so falling into a deep sleep is undoubtedly part of the experience.


The Get a Room strains, with their more or less 20% THC load and diverse terpene profile, deliver a robust, rapid-acting, and lasting health-giving benefits. They alleviate a wide variety of ailments - be it physical or psychological. The three strains are widely used for mitigating stress, anxiety, depression, severe mood swings, and even lack of appetite.

Individually, Bruce Banner x Chocolope gets rid of fatigue. Lyly Sour x Blue OG, on the other hand, calms and increases the focus of those struggling with ADHD and ADD, while Purple Kush x White Russian stops insomnia and other sleep-related problems.

Unfortunately, though, the trio is not devoid of the mild repercussions that usually accompany the use of cannabis such as cottonmouth, dry eyes, dizziness, headache, and in rare cases, paranoia and anxiety. The good news is that these adverse reactions could be mitigated by responsible dosing and frequent hydration.

Get A Room Feminized Seeds

The Get a Room mixpack makes an excellent gift for Valentine's Day. It is a good value for money as all the strains are straightforward to grow and will not disappoint in terms of yields, flavor, aroma, and effects.

Maximize the use of the trio by consuming them when most appropriate. Start the day with the energizing Bruce Banner x Chocolope, then stay upbeat yet relaxed in the afternoon with Lyly Sour x Blue OG. Finally, wind down with the sedating influence of Purple Kush x White Russian.

Get A Room Mix pack
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