Mendocino Purple Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds
From $81.00 to $211.00
Mendocino Purple Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds
Mendocino Purple Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds
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  • Indica Dominant
  • Fruity grape notes
  • 600 g/plant
  • Mood-enhancing euphoria
  • Earthy sweet overtone
  • 600 g/plant
Cultivar description
The 'Purple' wave of Indicas – originally bred for increased bag appeal and flavor – turned out to be much more than just a passing fad. Now, Mendocino Purple and Purple Kush have been wo-ven together to create a new purple cultivar that perfectly encapsulates the most sought-after as-pects of the trend.Mendocino Purple Ku

Mendocino Purple Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds

From $81.00 to $211.00
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Mendocino Purple Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds by Kyle Kushman

Mendocino Purple Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds
CULTIVAR PROFILE Mendocino Purple Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds
Lineage Mendocino Purple X Purple Kush
Type Mostly Indica
Yield Indoor 450 oz/m2
Yield Outdoor 600 oz/plant
THC 20%
CBD 2%
Height 118 inches
Flowering Time 8-10 Weeks
Flowering Style Photoperiod
Harvest Month October
Medical Anxiety Arthritis Depression Fatigue Insomnia Migranes Stress
Effects Calming Euphoric Happy Relaxed Sedative Sleepy
Flavor Citrus Earthy Grape Woody
Grows Greenhouse Indoor Outdoor
Climate Temperate/Continental Sunny/Mediterranean
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Cultivar description

The 'Purple' wave of Indicas – originally bred for increased bag appeal and flavor – turned out to be much more than just a passing fad. Now, Mendocino Purple and Purple Kush have been wo-ven together to create a new purple cultivar that perfectly encapsulates the most sought-after as-pects of the trend.

Mendocino Purple Kush is a plum-colored beauty with a mouthwateringly enticing fruity fra-grance. She's moderately easy to grow and high-yielding, regardless of whether she's planted indoors or out. If you want to grow marijuana plants strictly for consumption, you should go for these feminized seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co. That way, all resources and garden space will be taken by bud-bearing females.

The 60% Indica herb is great for use in the evening or after work. Its THC concentration ranges from 16% to 23%, and it can sometimes be quite overwhelming, so make sure you keep the doses very low at first.

Mendocino Purple Kush takes relaxation to another level, bringing wave after wave of functional euphoria and calmness. In higher dosages, she may cause a cerebral checkout and melt the body into the couch. Ultimately, the high gives way to a deep, fulfilling sleep that'll leave you feeling recharged and ready to go the next morning.

Also said to be an excellent medicinal marijuana, the sedating influence of Mendocino Purple Kush may help relieve insomnia, stress, anxiety and depression. The numbing high may also soothe chronic pains and aches.

Instead of purchasing a stash from a dispensary, why not grow your own? Aside from saving you money, it also puts you in control of the quality of the cannabis you're consuming – you can go organic or even veganic. Mendocino Purple Kush plants are absolutely beautiful to look at and highly aromatic too, so they're a pure pleasure to have in any grow space.

Growing Mendocino Purple Kush Feminized Seeds

Mendocino Purple Kush, as her name suggests, produces great-looking purple buds. Depending on the phenotype, the shade and abundance of the plum coloration can vary. Some plants may lean more towards the olive-green side, but they can be cold-shocked to bring out the purple hues. Regardless of the shade, you can anticipate masses of trichomes even on the inner surfaces. The thick coat of frosty white resin will stick on your fingers and grinder.

Mendocino Purple Kush's robust structure and large fan leaves showcase her strong Indica genet-ics. Her height is clearly influenced by Sativa, though, as she reaches up to 10 feet outdoors and 7 feet indoors. The Sea of Green technique is commonly employed to curtail her stretch if the vertical space of the grow room is limited. This method also increases bud production, shortens the vegetative phase and maximizes the use of small spaces.

Other techniques that could keep the height of Mendocino Purple Kush manageable include top-ping and low-stress training (LST). If correctly performed, both also result in significantly larger secondary bud sites and, therefore, bigger yields. Topping breaks apical dominance and must be performed while the plant is still vegetating. LST, on the other hand, encourages horizontal growth and promotes better light distribution. Some top the main stem first before bending it, allowing the plant to take on a spider-like shape, but this is unnecessary.

Because Mendocino Purple Kush is bushy, her foliage must be thinned out. Getting rid of ines-sential branches and fan leaves, especially those in the lower portion of the plant, leads to better light penetration and air circulation. It lessens the risk of moisture buildup, as well as the chances of facing mold, mildew, and pest problems. Also take into consideration the amount of nutrients already in the soil when adding liquid fertilizer as this plant does not like to be overfed.

With both parents hailing from California, Mendocino Purple Kush loves to bathe under the sun. She blooms generously in Southern Europe as well, clearly favoring the warm and dry summers of the Mediterranean. With the right environment and a spot that gets direct access to sunlight, a single plant can provide up to 21 grams of gluey buds. Harvest starts by early October in places located north of the Equator.

Cultivating indoors can produce up to 1.47 ounces per square foot after flowering for 8 to 9 weeks. An optimal climate-controlled environment should have an RH level around 45 to 55% during the vegging phase and 35 to 45% as the plant flowers. As for the daylight temperature, it must be between 70 to 78°F and 68 to 75°F respectively, lowering by a few degrees during lights off hours.

Fragrance and Flavor

Mendocino Purple Kush's bag appeal does not end with its visual display as each bud also boasts exceptional aroma and taste. A treasure trove of enticing terpenes, it has the earthy yet sweet overtones common to Kush varieties and the woody touch of Mendocino Purps. Surprisingly, unlike many purps which have strong fruity grape notes, this cultivar is more citrusy.


The high from Mendocino Purple Kush comes with cerebral-centered Sativa effects. It begins in the head, filling it with a warming, mood-enhancing euphoria. A relaxing physical sensation fol-lows swiftly afterwards. It starts around the back of the neck then spreads throughout the entire body. Overall, enjoying this bud feels like tapping into the happiest parts of the mind and the body. After a long, exhausting day at work, who wouldn't want that?

If the particular Mendocino Purple Kush bud at hand leans towards the modest side of the THC scale or is consumed in low dosages, it will induce a light high that does not hinder mobility. The combination of the cheerful emotional state and calm body stone can quickly put users at ease. Some tokers report that they feel more relaxed when engaging with other people under the influ-ence of this cultivar.

If dosage is increased, or if the bud is more THC-heavy, you won't have to wait long for the se-dating effect to kick in. Before long, you'll be off in search of a couch to crash out on, and the feeling of laziness will be impossible to brush off. Regardless of the kind of body buzz you expe-rience, sleep will almost inevitably arrive, which is why Mendocino Purple Kush is best used at night or after work.

Feminized Mendocino Purple Kush Seeds

Mendocino Purple Kush can send you to your happy place while keeping your body relaxed and grounded. It's been used to alleviate the symptoms of various health concerns, helping you to chill out and cap off an exhausting day in comfort.

Sounds like a good idea? Here's a better one — grow your own Mendocino Purple Kush using feminized seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co. This calls a halt to your costly little trips to the dispensary, and puts you in charge of the quality and quantity of the buds. With an all-female garden, your cultivation journey is a lot more straightforward, and you get a better reward for your time and effort.

Mendocino Purple Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds
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