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Northern Lights x Big Bud Autoflower

Incredible vigour and structural prowess.
  • High THC
  • Good Auto Yields
  • Quick Flowering
  • High THC
  • Scent of sweet pineapple
  • 450 to 600 g/m2

Northern Lights x Big Bud is an amalgam made in cannabis heaven. Both predecessors have a legendary reputation in 420 communities all the world over. To reach their stature, the newcomer certainly has a lot to prove and a long way to go. The good new... Read More

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Northern Lights x Big Bud Autoflower

STRAIN PROFILE Northern Lights x Big Bud Autoflower

Yield Indoor 450 - 600 g/m2
Yield Outdoor 50 - 100 gr/plant
THC 22%
CBD 0.6%
HEIGHT 130 cm
All Year
Anxiety Arthritis Depression Migranes Muscle Spasms Stress
Euphoric Happy Relaxed Uplifted
Apple Earthy Pine Pineapple Spicy Sweet
Temperate/Continental Sunny/Mediterranean
Northern Lights x Big Bud Autoflower Review

Northern Lights x Big Bud Autoflower Profile by Kyle Kushman

Northern Lights x Big Bud is an amalgam made in cannabis heaven. Both predecessors have a legendary reputation in 420 communities all the world over. To reach their stature, the newcomer certainly has a lot to prove and a long way to go. The good news is, with their genetics infused in this cross, its future is shining bright.

The potential heavyweight is a must-try for every marijuana enthusiast who crave for relaxation. Like both of its parents, it is a mostly Indica strain that comes with a sweet spunk. The hybrid also has Northern Lights' extreme potency. With a THC capacity of up to 22%, tokers can count on a beyond-the-clouds kind of high.

Growers aren't excluded from this pot's awesomeness. Its oversized buds are from none other than Big Bud. Although of extremely heavy colas, the variant rarely needs supporting stakes. Even raisers with little experience can harvest copious amounts of nugs from this plant. If patience is not one's strong suit, its autoflowering seeds from Homegrown Cannabis is an excellent option. These babies flower fast and require minimal maintenance to blossom.

Growing Northern Lights x Big Bud from Autoflowering Seeds

Northern Lights x Big Bud Auto is a real joy to cultivate. It can be grown well either indoors or outdoors as long as conditions are suitable. Thanks to its parents' genes, this monster is resistant to most diseases, pests, and molds. Easy to grow while requiring little maintenance, this plant can help beginners develop their green thumbs. Whether one is looking for a practice plant or a long-term grow strain, this herb will deliver.

Homegrown Cannabis introduced this variant's autoflowering version to make things even more straightforward and faster for growers. Its seeds grow into real dames with tubular form and branches of even lengths. Reaching a height of around 150 cm, it's taller than most auto breeds but also yields higher too. Its buds are enormous and coated in a thick blanket of white resin crystals. These humongous nuggets exude a strong aroma and turn into a shade of purple near the end of the flowering period.

In an indoor setting, the auto beauty can grow at an average height of 130 cm. Let it enjoy its short lifespan of only 11 to 13 weeks (from germination to harvest) in hydroponics. Also set up the screen for an SOG setup before the plant starts flowering for 7 to 8 weeks. In an optimal controlled environment, the plant can share a generous yield of up to 600 grams per square meter.

The toughie can also be grown outdoors under sunny, Mediterranean-like conditions. Growers can expect up to 100 grams of sticky buds per plant in such an ideal setting. In the northern hemisphere, growers can start planting the non-photoperiod variant as soon as the last frost disappears. Many sow another batch when the first one begins to flower. However, some also wait for the first bunch to finish before growing another set. Whatever is the case, cultivators can harvest this beauty at least twice a year, and the final reaping should be no later than October.

Fragrance and Flavor

The fragrance of Northern Lights x Big Bud is enlivening yet also calming. With a strong scent of sweet pineapple and mandarin, it'll arouse the users first. Then, the smell of damp soil and mildew will pacify them as if preparing them for the relaxing ride ahead.

With two good-tasting parents, tokers expect this hybrid to have a delightful flavor, and indeed it does. It has a prominent earthy taste similar to that of beets. Complementing and jazzing up its rather serious sapidity are mild hints of fruity sweetness and spice. Cannabis enjoyers are likely to appreciate the cocktail of flavors this baby leaves in their mouth.


Marijuana enthusiasts know exactly what to expect after just hearing the name of this strain. It is a mostly Indica monster with a hard-hitting mind and body buzz that won't keep its fans waiting. Within seconds after the initial toke, its 22% THC volume will send users up in the clouds head first. As tokers reach for the cerebral skies, they will start to feel uplifted, and their hearts will feel with sheer euphoria. No bad news or negative thought can ruin their mood once they attain a blissful mental state.

After just a few minutes, the herb's abundant Indica will make its way to every part of the body until it has entirely taken over. When the physical buzz kicks in, an intense feeling of relaxation will envelop the tokers. Lethargy will become undeniable, and the body will soon succumb to the irresistible call of the couch to laze. Users will soften into utter disuse, and there's no turning back.

Northern Lights x Big Bud is a guaranteed knock out pot. It'll make one happy, extremely lazy, and ravenously hungry. Then, after an hour or so, it'll send tokers to dreamland where they will inevitably stay for many hours. Best enjoyed during the evening, exhausted souls dash home to receive the gifts of this relaxing toke.


The Northern Lights and Big Bud offspring isn't only for recreational consumption. Medical cannabis users can also have some of its relaxing and comforting effects to appease the maladies that torment them. Its foremost medicinal feature is its ability to relieve body pains. All the agony caused by the likes of migraines, muscle spasms, back and neck pains melt away. This function is possible due to the pot's robust analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties.

Moreover, insomniacs have a friend in this herb as well. The powerful sedative content of this hybrid helps users fall into a deep sleep. A few tokes of this weed is enough to make someone go night-night without having to count sheep.

Additionally, people struggling with appetite loss and those having trouble keeping food down will enjoy the whole experience of eating again with this strain. It causes extreme hunger called "the munchies" and halts the queasiness that results in vomiting. With this weed around, no one can possibly resist the temptation of food.

Furthermore, Northern Lights x Big Bud is also useful in combating the symptoms of several mental conditions. It can momentarily silence the disheartening songs of chronic stress, anxiety, depression, and mood swings with just a few tokes. The plant's happy high keeps one's negative thoughts away for a long while.

Despite being a valued medical strain, this Indica can cause quite a few adverse effects. Red and dry eyes, as well as cottonmouth, are its most common offshoots. Caused by dehydration, it's best to have plenty of drinking water nearby when smoking this plant.

Because the marijuana is exceptionally potent, veteran users must approach it with caution and not go overboard with the dosage. Meanwhile, beginners and THC sensitive tokers must try to stay away from it and stick with much lighter strains. Those who disregard this advice may experience slight dizziness. If worse comes to worst, one may even experience mild paranoia or anxiety.

Autoflowering Northern Lights x Big Bud Seeds

Although with two 420 legends as parents, Northern Lights x Big Bud doesn't have a problem living up to its prominent heritage. With a pleasing aroma, irresistible flavor, and intense high, it is a pot that delivers. Its fast-acting effects and range of benefits please casual and medical tokers alike.

Growers also adore it for its sturdiness, undemanding nature, and large buds. There's no need to worry about the branches breaking or defoliating its leafage. With its autoflowering seeds from Homegrown Cannabis, waiting long is off the list too.

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