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OG Kush x Mazar Feminized

A relaxing yet invigorating experience.
  • Indica Dominant
  • Very High THC
  • Heavy Yields
  • High THC
  • Dank yet sweet scent
  • 400 to 600 g/m2

A celebrity love child, OG Kush x Mazar's lineage is the very definition of eminent.  The hybrid's Cali connection gave its ability to share euphoria and revivify the mind. Under its influence, expect plenty of cerebral activity.Meanwhile, the p... Read More

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Kyle Kushman
Kushman Says:
The plants are homogenous with big buds and gorgeous-looking flowers that’ll brighten up any growspace.
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OG Kush x Mazar Feminized

STRAIN PROFILE OG Kush x Mazar Feminized

Mostly Indica
Yield Indoor 400 - 600 g/m2
Yield Outdoor 600 - 800 gr/plant
THC 22%
CBD 0.6%
HEIGHT 40 - 100 cm
Anxiety Arthritis Depression Migranes Stress
Euphoric Happy Relaxed Uplifted
Pepper Pine Sage Spicy Sweet Woody
Temperate/Continental Sunny/Mediterranean
OG Kush x Mazar Feminized Review

OG Kush x Mazar Feminized Profile by Kyle Kushman

A celebrity love child, OG Kush x Mazar's lineage is the very definition of eminent.  The hybrid's Cali connection gave its ability to share euphoria and revivify the mind. Under its influence, expect plenty of cerebral activity.

Meanwhile, the pot's heavy-bodied sensation is a gift from its Afghanistan roots. It promotes hours of repose that allows undemanding mobility. A few minutes after toking this herb, users will find the couch extremely desirable.

Because the cross is not as easily attainable, to enjoy its wonderful effects, one may need to cultivate it. Not to worry, though. In an optimal setup, it's pretty much uncomplicated to grow. And, with its feminized seeds from Homegrown Cannabis, looking out for male sprouts is an avoidable scenario.

Growing OG Kush x Mazar from Feminized Seeds

The hybrid's bud is identical to Mazar's. Dense and gluey, each one has a copious amount of resin. It also produces a dank fragrance that may warrant the use of air filtration system when growing indoors. Moreover, the pot needs plenty of feeding and favors compost tea sprayed directly on its thick foliage. This method of nourishing prevents powdery mildew from developing in its rich leafage.

OG Kush x Mazar prospers in a controlled setting with warm temperatures. It likes to stay snug and cozy within 20 to 27° Celcius. Also keep relative humidity levels between 40 to 60%. To increase its yield, employing low-stress training methods together with a Sea of Green setup is the best. If given an ideal indoor home and ample care, it shares up to 600 grams of delectable buds per square meter.

With its North Afghanistan roots, it's no wonder the plant thrives outdoors. It can even prosper handsomely in Northern Europe if grown during the warmest months of the year. Simply put the beauty in a spot with plenty of sun and top it for a bushy growth. By mid to end of October, growers in the said region can expect around 600 to 800 grams of lovely buds from just a single plant.

If growing more than one OG Kush x Mazar, keep their pots within appropriate distance so each plant can have loads of sunshine. Setting up a trellis also assures the fluffy charmer won't have any problems with its huge colas.

Fragrance and Flavor

OG Kush x Mazar initially emanates a strong dank yet sweet scent followed by a hint of spiciness. Its penetrating fragrance tickles the nostrils and gives it a warm sensation after. Sharing a taste that equates to its aroma, the pot's flavor profile is no surprise. Nevertheless, it provides a bowl of peppery pine pleasure that lingers long in the palate. A tinge of sandalwood mixed with a bit of sage-like sapor is also faintly noticeable.


One of the best things about OG Kush x Mazar is its ability to share a balanced Sativa-Indica effect. With just a toke or two, it delivers the best of both cannabis variants in a delightful and lasting head to toe high. Due to its immense THC load, though, veterans are most capable of handling its cerebral blow.

The hybrid demonstrates its mental kicks first. At the outset, the buzz starts mild, but it speedily intensifies as the clock ticks away. Along with the buildup comes a euphoric sensation that overpowers all negative emotions. Suddenly excited and uplifted, happiness is evident in the smile of its enjoyers.

Perfect for some afternoon or early evening sesh, the cross is also a soother that calms the body. It frees any joint or muscle tenderness, making tokers feel almost velvety. The good news is, although it makes one feel a bit lethargic, it allows movement. Users can enjoy their choice of endeavor or even invite family and friends over for a dinner before capping off the day.


The newly bred hybrid has the potential to become a top-shelf strain in dispensaries. Its even Sativa and Indica effects work well to the fans of both variants. Moreover, it also provides relief to the strugglers of various types of ailments. And, unlike most synthetic drugs, its side effects are avoidable or, at least, minimal.

Medical marijuana users can expect the hybrid's cerebral kick to hit first. Those troubled by the likes of depression, chronic stress, and PTSD will experience comfort first. Once its happy high sets in, no trace of their unpleasant and melancholic thoughts will exist.

Then, as the mind relishes the mental cake of euphoria, the body will get their own slice of bliss. After just a few minutes of wait, any pain, tensions, and tenderness in the anatomy will fade. People who are enduring physical agony from conditions such as migraines, fibromyalgia, and arthritis are its most typical consumers.

The strong desire to munch the relaxing time away will also manifest. Caused by the pot's munchies effect, it gives rise to extreme hunger and halts nausea. Individuals battling eating disorders and cancer patients find dining or snacking enjoyable again due to this feature.

Finally, after a couple of hours of savoring the benefits of OG Kush x Mazar, users will feel drowsy. It'll only take a few minutes for sleep to come and, when it does, one won't wake up until the next day. Insomniacs and people who feel restless can use the strain to recharge.

To obtain the mentioned positive effects, keeping the dosage low and the pace slow are essential. Proper toking reduces the risk of getting the infamous duo of dry eyes and mouth. Additionally, it lessens the possibility of getting lightheaded, paranoid, or anxious.

Feminized OG Kush x Mazar Seeds

Although still new in the cannabis scene, OG Kush x Mazar has the effects that assure sessions are always delightful. The pot is also rare, and its buds are hard to come by in dispensaries. To rack up a massive stash, marijuana fans can rely on its fem seeds from Homegrown Cannabis to deliver. With this herb around, no night is ever bleak, and no one has to miss sleep.