Original Clon Feminized
From $87.00 to $244.00
Original Clon Feminized
Original Clon Feminized
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Gold By Blimburn
  • Happy and relaxing
  • Fruity sweet scent
  • 400-500 g/m2
  • Happy and relaxing
  • Fruity sweet scent
  • 400-500 g/m2
Cultivar description

Original Clon

Original Clon took the show in 2004 for the HighLife Cup for the General and Bio categories. This distinctly Sativa dominant hybrid will have cultivators shocked as they swap to flower and see heavy Indica traits as the colas stack very densely!Original Clon will have outdoor and indoor cultivat

Original Clon Feminized

From $87.00 to $244.00
Award-winning strain with a hard-to-resist high.
  • Happy and relaxing
  • Fruity sweet scent
  • 400-500 g/m2
  • Happy and relaxing
  • Fruity sweet scent
  • 400-500 g/m2
As low as $87.00
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Original Clon Feminized by Kyle Kushman

Original Clon Feminized
CULTIVAR PROFILE Original Clon Feminized
Lineage Skunk x Afghani
Type Mostly Indica
Flowering Time 6-8 Weeks
Flowering Style Photoperiod
Harvest Month September
Medical Inflammation Stress
Effects Calming Happy Relaxed
Flavor Sweet
Beginner Yes
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Cultivar description

Original Clon

Original Clon took the show in 2004 for the HighLife Cup for the General and Bio categories. This distinctly Sativa dominant hybrid will have cultivators shocked as they swap to flower and see heavy Indica traits as the colas stack very densely!

Original Clon will have outdoor and indoor cultivators excited at this cultivar's Sativa growth during the vegetative phase, yet will be enthralled to see the Indica traits come through with heavy and dense colas that will be quite resinous! What cultivator wouldn't want to experience such a unique cultivar?

Indoor and outdoor cultivators will want to take notice of this Sativa dominant hybrids background of Skunk crossed with Afghani. This cultivar will want to stretch quickly during the vegetative stage yet produce very thick and dense Indica like colas upon flowering phase. Cultivators will want to train using super cropping, LST or low stress training, and a SCROG setup to maximize yields! Adding Mainlining to your training methods can help create an even canopy in a manifold type fashion, that when paired with topping can be very effective in creating an even horizontal canopy that yields heavy and dense colas upon flowering.

This Sativa dominant hybrid will have any cultivator in wonder as this Sativa dominant hybrid acts like an Indica come flowering time. Cultivators will also be able to expect heavy Skunk smells of earthiness, diesel, and fuel along with the sweeter undertones of Afghani.

Growing Original Clon from Feminized Seeds

Original Clon is an amazing cultivar for outdoor or indoor cultivation with its vigorously rapid vegetative growth ability from it's Sativa background, however with its Indica heavy background it will show promising nodal development creating tighter spaced nodes that become dense and thick like many Indica dominant hybrids. Outdoor cultivators can expect harvest times around the middle of September with yield potentials of 550 grams per plant. Indoor cultivators can expect to see harvest day around 50 to 55 days after flowering begins with yield potentials 450 to 500 gr/m2.

The best techniques to use for Original Clon would be to use LST or low stress training techniques early on to control the height of the plant. Adding training techniques from Kyle Kushman such as lollipopping, super cropping, or cropping can help aid in controlling the height. Topping and FIMing are also useful techniques, however you'll want to add these techniques with a Mainline training. We recommend combining a multitude of techniques whilst using a SCROG with this cultivar to keep you in control of your height at all times and allow for your colas to hold the dense weight your plants will produce come flowering time! Mainlining your Original Clon Feminized could help keep height controlled and when paired with topping can be a very effective way of creating an even canopy while maximizing yield potential by allowing light penetration to be fully maximized with an even canopy!

Original Clon is an amazing smoke for those seeking to be happy, relax and watch a movie, or calm their mind from a long day at work. This is a great stress relief cultivar as well as an amazing cultivar to help calm the mind to focus on tasks such as writing a paper, tackling chores around the house, or doing some spring cleaning.

This cultivar shows promise of surviving in the northern hemisphere with harvest times around the middle of September . Expect resistance to mold, bright color profiles with cold temperatures, and heavy resin productions.

Fragrance and Flavor

Original Clon retains its flavors from its parents with strong flavors of skunk, diesel, earthiness, and fuel with undertones of sweetness from the Afghani background.

This Sativa dominant hybrid will have the user feeling happy yet relaxed as the Indica lineage will have the user becoming more and more couch locked with every puff. With 18 to 20% THC the consumer can expect a nice blend of euphoric effects to body effects, calming the mind whilst relaxing any aches or pains one may have. This is a great cultivar for those wanting an even Sativa to Indica hybrid plant with effects not too overpowering from one side, instead you'll have a nice smooth even mind to body high.


Original Clon is perfect for those seeking to relax after a long stressful day, go about starting their day and wanting to have some pain relief or mental malady relief, or one seeking to calm a clouded mind!

The first puff will have your taste buds being tackled by flavors reminiscent to the Skunk cultivars such as earthiness, diesel, and fuel like flavors with the Afghani background bringing sweeter undertones to the flavor palette.

With one or two more puffs you'll be feeling relaxed, euphoric, and much more calm or ready to focus on a movie, chores, or simply meditate. This Sativa dominant hybrid will become a must have for any consumer!

If you're seeking a more social cultivar, energetic, or creative cultivar this won't be a good cultivar for that. This is for those seeking to focus or calm their mind, allowing them to relax from stress, focus on a simple task, or simply relax enough to meditate or sleep. This cultivar is perfect for Bipolar disorders, Anxiety, PTSD, Depression, Chronic Pain, Seizures, and many more ailments or physical pains.

Feminized Original Clon Seeds

This rapidly growing Sativa dominant hybrid will have cultivators seeking to grow this girl every single run! You'll be craving its powerful diesel and earthy flavors met with sweet undertones that come along with high potency, sitting at 18 to 20% or higher. If you want heavy yields, frosty plants, and a euphoric Sativa high with a nice Indica body effect don't miss out on these feminized seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co.

Original Clon Feminized
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