Plant Protectants
Plant Protectants
Plant Protectants
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Plant Protectants

Includes 3 Plant Protection Bottles
  • Defense against pests and pathogens
  • Content lasts for more than 1 year for 6 plants
  • Bugs and mold prevention, root boosters and supplementary nutes
  • Defense against pests and pathogens
  • Content lasts for more than 1 year for 6 plants
  • Bugs and mold prevention, root boosters and supplementary nutes
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With over 20 years of experience in the cannabis industry, we have the grow-how from the experts! We deliver high-quality, fast-germinating seeds with impeccable and stabilized genetics swiftly and discreetly worldwide at a competitive price.

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Cannabis Plant Protection

Plant protection is a major part of any cannabis grow or garden. You need to know how to spot marijuana mold and mold on soil, and you need the right products ready for instant deployment.

A good bug spray for plants is essential, as is mold prevention, root boosters, and supplementary cannabis nutes.

Our plant protectant kit ticks all of these boxes. It will help you defeat all but the worst issues a grower could face and gives you the confidence your home grow will be healthy, happy, and high-yielding.

Bug Blaster

Homegrown Cannabis Co.’s Bug Blaster is a pet-friendly, non-hazardous foliar cannabis bug spray. It specializes in caterpillars, aphids, spider mites, whiteflies, and thrips but will neutralize any and all bug-shaped threats to your plants. Homegrown’s marijuana bug spray doubles as a foliar feed to provide a boost for your pot plants’ immune systems and improve overall resistance.

Having the right cannabis bug spray is an essential part of marijuana plant protection. This is an amazing innovation that should be in any cannabis cultivator’s arsenal.

How to Use Homegrown’s Marijuana Bug Spray

Apply the bug blaster when watering your cannabis plants. Make sure you tend to infested plants first so that you can prevent any further infestations and damage.

For best results, use the bug blaster when the sun starts to go down. You’re fine to double the dose for severe infestations. Here’s what to do:

  • Dissolve one cap filled with Bug Blaster in a quarter of water (1 liter, approx).
  • Using a spray bottle as a mister, apply the solution to the plants from top to the base. Be sure to include the lower leaves where bugs are more likely to hide.
  • Repeat this process at 5-day intervals.

Marijuana Root Guardian

You should view Homegrown’s Root Guardian as your personal army of helpful cannabis bacteria, specially designed to promote healthy cannabis roots.

Root Guardian is a special formula consisting of non-harmful ingredients, resulting in an efficient and safe way to negate and treat common diseases. Our healthy marijuana bacteria will create a defensive block in close proximity to the roots, consuming the deadly cannabis bacteria responsible for growing pains such as Pythium and Fusarium.

Cannabis roots not growing? Root Guardian will provide an optimised biome, dramatically improving chances of full recovery and ideal health. The roots will absorb this nutrient-rich protector, giving the immune system a real boost against any future problems.

How to Use Homegrown’s Root Guardian

For optimum results, use Homegrown’s Root Guardian at sunrise. If your plant is suffering severe damage, you can double the dose, but prevention is better than cure!

Here’s how to use Homegrown’s Root Guardian:

  • Dissolve one capful of Homegrown’s Root Guardian into one quart of water (1 liter approx).
  • Apply the solution evenly across your plants.
  • Rinse the cannabis plants with plain water to spread the solution around the roots.

Homegrown’s Cannabis Mold Shield

Homegrown’s Mold Shield is a special formulation of potassium bicarbonate and neem-oil. It shields your plants against botrytis, powdery mildew, leaf septoria and other common diseases. Our Mold Shield is perfect for both cannabis mold prevention AND marijuana mold treatment, enabling you to react to issues as well as prevent them.

Even the best cannabis cultivators in the world have suffered mold on their cannabis plants or some other type of fungus at some point, but these are problems that can be easily treated and, better still, prevented with Mold Shield. If you have a marijuana mold problem, whether this is white molds or general mold growth, you can cure and prevent it by using this product.

How to Use Homegrown’s Mold Shield

Marijuana mold and fungus can be missed even with the closest of inspections, the smart growers make sure they’ve taken steps BEFORE any issues arise. You should start protecting your plants around halfway through their growth cycle. For optimum results, use Homegrown’s Mold Shield during the darker stages of the sleep cycle or as the sun goes down. For marijuana plants already suffering mold or fungus, you can double the standard dose.

Here’s what to do:

  • Dissolve one capful of Homegrown’s Mold Shield into a quart of water (1 liter approx).
  • Using a spray bottle with a fine mist setting, spray your plants from top to the base of your marijuana plant(s). Make sure you include the lower cannabis leaves, where pests like to hide.

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