Pride Mix pack
From $177.00 to $380.00
Pride Mix pack
Pride Mix pack
Number of Seeds:
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  • Blue Haze Feminized Cannabis Seeds
  • Purple Haze Feminized Cannabis Seeds
  • Super Silver Haze Feminized Cannabis Seeds
Cultivar description
Comparable to the rainbow that often symbolizes Pride month, this mix pack's diverse color, flavor, and aroma will capture the senses of even the most discerning cannabis enthusiasts. Both Sativa and Indica lovers would also take delight in the perfect blend of energetic cerebral high and relaxing body buzz of the finest cultivars Amsterdam has

Pride Mix pack

Mix Pack
From $177.00 to $380.00
You'll be brimming from ear to ear.
  • Blue Haze Feminized Cannabis Seeds
  • Purple Haze Feminized Cannabis Seeds
  • Super Silver Haze Feminized Cannabis Seeds
As low as $177.00
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Pride Mix pack by Kyle Kushman

With over 20 years of experience in the cannabis industry, we have the grow-how from the experts! We deliver high-quality, fast-germinating seeds with impeccable and stabilized genetics swiftly and discreetly worldwide at a competitive price.

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Cultivar description

Comparable to the rainbow that often symbolizes Pride month, this mix pack's diverse color, flavor, and aroma will capture the senses of even the most discerning cannabis enthusiasts. Both Sativa and Indica lovers would also take delight in the perfect blend of energetic cerebral high and relaxing body buzz of the finest cultivars Amsterdam has to offer - Purple Haze, Blue Haze, and Super Silver Haze. With these daytime cultivars, basking in euphoria and relaxation while keeping the head clear and focused can fuel one to get things done. Additionally, its therapeutic properties can also effectively combat mental and physical anguish from the daily grind.

Cultivation-wise, these Haze cultivars are better suited for experienced growers as it tends to be finicky with its requirements. Nevertheless, all the hard work poured into rearing it will undoubtedly be worth it once it bears impressive batches of decadent, dense, and resinous buds. Homegrown Cannabis Co. offers all three Haze cultivars at a discounted price in the Pride mixpack so that it would be possible to savor and grow all three without having to choose one over the other.

Growing Pride Mixpack

Haze cultivars are known to be finicky and challenging to rear. For one, Blue Haze and Super Silver Haze are best grown hydroponically indoors while Purple Haze thrives best in soil and under the sun. As such, growing these cultivars simultaneously would prove to be challenging but not entirely impossible. Nonetheless, as long as the grower knows the specific requirements of each plant, a bountiful harvest of Haze buds is bound to fill the basket.

Purple Haze

Out of all the cultivars in this mixpack, Purple Haze is the easiest to cultivate. Apart from its high resistance to diseases and pests, it does not require much maintenance aside from occasional topping to keep its stature compact. Another appealing aspect of this cultivar is that it is possible to bring out its stunning purple hues by cold shocking the plant towards the end of the flowering period.

Purple Haze can be cultivated indoors or outdoors. Grown hydroponically in controlled environments, it rapidly reaches a height of 3 ft, so it must be allotted with ample vertical space. It is possible to induce a bushy growth by topping it or performing low-stress training. Using the Sea of Green (SOG) technique is also recommended to maximize space and light exposure. This method also shortens the vegetative phase and increases the harvest. After 9 to 10 weeks of flowering, expect it to yield 550 grams of dense buds per square meter.

However, when it comes to the amount of yields, this cultivar performs best in outdoor environments with northern climates and colder nights. Out in the open, it grows up to 6.5 ft tall and produces an impressive yield of 400 grams of trichome-laden nugs per plant by the end of October. These buds tend to be heavy, so it is essential to provide supporting mechanisms such as trellises to prevent the branches from breaking under the weight of the colas. Moreover, remember to bump up the phosphorus levels during the last two weeks of flowering to maximize its yielding potential.

Blue Haze

Compared to Super Silver Haze, this stain is only moderately challenging to rear. Nonetheless, it is still not suitable for beginners because of its susceptibility to mold attacks and stress due to fluctuating temperature and overfeeding. Regardless, if carefully handled, this plant will generously produce dense, trichome-rich nugs alluringly streaked with orange pistils.

Despite being an Indica-leaning cultivar, Blue Haze mostly exhibits Sativa traits in its growth patterns. Instead of being bushy, it stretches into a tall and slender plant - even reaching 5 to 6 feet in height. As such, it can be challenging to grow indoors, especially if the grow room lacks adequate vertical space. However, it is possible to curb its height by pruning and topping the canopy early in the vegetative stage. When pressed for lateral space, using the SOG method could also be an ideal solution.

Given Blue Haze's susceptibility to overfeeding, using organic soil as the substrate is recommended. After all, the microorganisms in the soil act as a buffer against too much nutrients. This, therefore, provides a margin of error in the case of excess nutrients. Growing it in controlled environments is also vital in limiting its exposure to potential stressors such as inclement weather, pests, etc.

Despite this plant's favorable bud-to-leaf ratio, it still requires constant pruning of fan leaves, especially in the lower-lying portions. Doing so increases the airflow in between the canopy and prevents mold proliferation.

Blue Haze is the highest yielding cultivar in the Pride mixpack. Under optimal growing conditions, it can yield premium buds amounting to 450 to 600 grams per square meter (indoors) and about 500 to 550 grams per plant (outdoors) after 9 to 10 weeks of flowering.

Super Silver Haze

With superior genetics from illustrious cultivars such as Skunk, Northern Lights, and Haze, Super Silver Haze is deemed as one of the best sativa-dominant cultivars ever bred. However, such superior traits are not without a price as this plant is definitely challenging to cultivate. Nevertheless, this does not deter seasoned cultivators from harvesting chunky, flavorful, and aromatic buds wrapped in a sea of orange pistils.

Due to its Sativa-dominant lineage, it is understandable why this plant grows so tall and lanky - even reaching heights of 6.5 ft or beyond. Its monstrous height and incredibly long flowering period are precisely why it is such a difficult cultivar to grow, especially for indoor breeders with limited vertical space. However, that is not to say that indoor cultivation is not possible. Quite the contrary, it can be done with the application of low-stress training and the Screen of Green (ScrOG) method which coaxes the plant to grow laterally instead of stretching upwards. In such cases, ensure that the room is spacious enough to accommodate all the plants without overcrowding it. Otherwise, it could stagnate the air and cause the buds to retain excessive moisture.

While this cultivar is quite tolerant towards pests, molds, and diseases, make sure to prune its fan leaves near the base to increase airflow and encourage growth in the upper canopy. Super Silver Haze requires less feeding, which helps lower cost. On the flipside, it entails careful monitoring to prevent any excess that may lead to nutrient burn.

Rearing Super Silver Haze has a higher chance of success when hydroponically cultivated in controlled environments with temperatures ranging from 21 to 27°C. Out in the open, it prefers a hot, sunny, balmy, equatorial climate. This cultivar tends to yield more when grown indoors as it allows for a more conducive environment where vital environmental factors could be easily controlled. Indoors, it could generate 550 grams of buds per square meter after 9 to 11 - or sometimes, even 12 - weeks of flowering whereas 450 grams of buds per plant could be expected outdoors by the end of October.

Fragrance and Flavor

The aroma of cultivars in the Pride mixpack is as diverse enough to suit a wide range of preferences - from sweet and fruity to downright skunky and spicy.

Purple Haze enchants users with its overwhelmingly flowery aroma accentuated by hints of wood and earth. This scent is then complemented by a sweet, fruity flavor with a sharp, spicy undertone. On the exhale, it leaves a pleasant aftertaste of grapes and freshly picked blueberries.

Blue Haze, on the other hand, makes the mouth water with a fruity yet oddly citric tang. Close inspection would reveal a lingering earthy essence that nicely mellows out its sharp, acrid aftertaste.

Lastly, Super Silver Haze appeals to more dynamic preferences with its spicy, skunky, diesel-y, and sage-like notes coupled with a sweet, earthy and citrusy flavor that leaves a herbal, spicy, and sour aftertaste.


Haze family line are among the finest Sativa and most THC-potent hybrids that the cannabis industry has to offer. Since its introduction in the market, it has been a cornerstone for creating different hybrids - all of which bear the trademark Haze kind of high: uplifting, euphoric, and even borderline psychedelic. The best part about it is that it comes with a mellow relaxation that still allows one to stay physically active. The same traits are evident in the Haze cultivars offered in the Pride mixpack.

Purple Haze

Those who seek a well-balanced experience of stimulation and relaxation are in for a treat upon lighting up Purple Haze buds. This fine cultivar is known for inducing a euphoric and mood-uplifting high that inspires an upbeat, sociable feeling. Each puff will tear down the inhibitions of shy people and encourage the desire to connect with others through conversations. Apart from that, it also sparks creativity, focus, and productivity.

After the initial invigoration, a pleasant and mild relaxation envelops the body limb by limb. This soothing buzz inspires a sense of tranquility and general well-being that further enhances the mood. Unlike the typical Indica effects, this relaxation is so gentle that it would not hinder physical activities. In fact, it even augments it with a boost in motivation.

Blue Haze

Much like Purple Haze, this cultivar also offers the best of both worlds with an invigorating yet relaxing kind of high. The only difference, though, is that Blue Haze leans heavily on the physical effects of its calming high. Nevertheless, the cerebral euphoria it induces is still potent and mentally stimulating - thus, making it suitable for a wide variety of activities.

The Blue Haze experience starts with a giggly, uplifting kind of high that clears cobwebs in the mind and inspires focus and creativity. It even enhances sensitivity to external stimuli, so colors seem more vivid while sounds tend to be more melodious than it really is. After a few moments, this cerebral high eventually transitions into a full-body relaxation. Starting from the temples down to the extremities, a sense of calm and tranquility washes over the body which inevitably wipes away stress and tension without inducing a heavy, lethargic feeling.

Super Silver Haze

The multi-awarded Super Silver Haze is well cherished for its intoxicating and long-lasting body high that also keeps the mind sharp, focused, and energized. To top it all off, it also brings forth the user's creative and introspective side.

Like all other cultivars offering both stimulating and relaxing effects, Super Silver Haze's invigorating euphoria kicks in first before the relaxing high does. This inspires a happy, uplifted, energetic mood along with the sharpening of focus. In turn, this keeps the mind anchored on the tasks at hand. Such effects also empower one to make it through the day without feeling mentally and physically exhausted.

A calm and relaxing body-centered high dominates the second half of the Super Silver Haze experience. Fatigued and stressed out souls will find solace in the tranquility and relaxation it offers. It alleviates stress by restoring balance in the homeostasis through slowing down quickened physiological processes such as rapid heartbeats and breathing rate. Then, it envelops the body in a warm blanket of serenity while soothing tired muscles. Instead of inducing sleepiness though, such relaxing effects recharge and revitalize the body.

Mixed Pride Pack

The Haze cultivars in the Pride mixpack made a name for itself with the sublime cannabis experience it offers. With psychoactive effects that are mostly energizing yet gently relaxing, it satisfies both Sativa and Indica fans. It even remedies a whole slew of discomfort with its therapeutic properties.

On the aspect of cultivation, these cultivars are better suited for seasoned growers with prior experience and adequate knowledge in cannabis horticulture as these plants tend to be finicky. Moreover, it takes its sweet time before flowering, taking an average of 9 to 11 weeks to bloom. However, once it does, the rewards will surely be worth the wait.

Pride Mix pack
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