Rainbow Gum Feminized
From $82.00 to $230.00
Rainbow Gum Feminized
Rainbow Gum Feminized
Number of Seeds:
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  • Sativa Dominant
  • Sugary fragrance and taste
  • 600 g/plant
  • High THC
  • Candied lemon smoke
  • 600 g/plant
Cultivar description
Rainbow Gum is a boldly-flavored cannabis variety created by crossing Zkittlez with Grapefruit Bubblegum. With such mouthwatering parent cultivars, there's no doubt that it's a delicious, abundantly terpy hybrid. Interestingly, its effects are more Indica-leaning than its Sativa-dominant genetics would suggest. Rainbow Gum

Rainbow Gum Feminized

From $82.00 to $230.00
Juicy, vibrant and STRONG!!!
  • Sativa Dominant
  • Sugary fragrance and taste
  • 600 g/plant
  • High THC
  • Candied lemon smoke
  • 600 g/plant
As low as $82.00
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Rainbow Gum Feminized by Kyle Kushman

Rainbow Gum Feminized
CULTIVAR PROFILE Rainbow Gum Feminized
Lineage Zkittlez x Grapefruit Bubblegum
Type Mostly Sativa
Yield Indoor 12 - 16 oz./m2
Yield Outdoor 21 oz./plant
THC 24%
CBD 0.7%
Height 90 - 120 cm
Flowering Time 10-12 Weeks
Flowering Style Photoperiod
Harvest Month November
Medical Anxiety Arthritis Depression Insomnia Migranes Stress
Effects Calming Focused Happy Relaxed Sedative Sleepy Uplifted
Flavor Citrus Lemon Sweet
Grows Greenhouse Indoor Outdoor
Climate Temperate/Continental Sunny/Mediterranean
Beginner Yes
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Cultivar description

Rainbow Gum is a boldly-flavored cannabis variety created by crossing Zkittlez with Grapefruit Bubblegum. With such mouthwatering parent cultivars, there's no doubt that it's a delicious, abundantly terpy hybrid. Interestingly, its effects are more Indica-leaning than its Sativa-dominant genetics would suggest. 

Rainbow Gum's THC content has been measured between 22% and 25%. It brings a pleasurable high and uplifting influence, characterized by a tingling sensation around the head. Users will likely notice a mood boost, along with improved focus that'll have them positively yearning to get some work done. Taking advantage of this newfound motivation while it lasts is recommend-ed, as the relaxing body buzz will eventually take over. 

As the high wears on, the level of sedation intensifies, producing a pleasant limb-melting feeling that will send tokers in search of a comfortable bed or couch. Wherever they settle, the cultivar's narcotic properties will likely have them zonked out for several hours.

Rainbow Gum is best used when kicking back or unwinding after an arduous day at work. The cultivar can be consumed by medical marijuana patients as well, and is said to mitigate symptoms of stress, depression, chronic pain, insomnia, ADD and ADHD.

Besides those already mentioned, Rainbow Gum has plenty of other selling points, especially in the garden. It has straightforward needs that even novice growers can manage, and these feminized seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co. are a more convenient choice for those cultivating buds solely for consumption. 

She shares medium to heavy yields of potent, relaxing flowers without the extra work that comes with mixed-gender grow operations. Even nicer, her resin-loaded, citrus and fruity gum flavored buds are sure to have terp-hunters and concentrate-makers falling helplessly in love.

Growing Rainbow Gum Feminized Seeds

Rainbow Gum requires standard care, but growers must quickly resolve any grow room problems as prolonged exposure to stressful situations can force female plants to develop hermie balls or nanners.

Rainbow Gum's rich lineage consists of cultivars with medium-to-heavy yield potential and robust structure, and cultivators can expect the same from this variant. Her bag appeal does not disappoint either: besides her universally-likable fragrance, the flowers have a variety of green and purple colors with wispy, vibrant red-orange pistils. Heavy dustings of trichomes cover the entire exterior of the buds, and the trichomes turn from amber to icy white over time, signaling that they are ripe for picking.

Generally speaking, Rainbow Gum does not require regular de-leafing, but you should keep an eye out in case you get a bushy phenotype. Should this happen, you can trim and prune to in-crease airflow and light penetration in the grow room. This helps keep moisture levels down – and issues like mold, mildew and pests at bay.

PH level checks must be performed consistently throughout her entire lifecycle. Correct pH al-lows proper absorption and, therefore, better growth. A soil substrate must test between 6.0 and 7.0, while hydroponic systems should measure around 5.5 to 6.5. Rainbow Gum grows well in any medium, but soil is recommended for richer terpene expression while hydroponics leads to more vigorous growth.

Indoor cultivators with limited vertical space, or those who want to grow discreetly outdoors, can train Rainbow Gum to stay short. The good news is that some techniques can accomplish this and boost bud production at the same time. The ScrOG setup is one of the most popular methods, and it works by forcing plant to grow horizontally by bending or tying down the branches to a mesh. With a wide and even canopy, all budding sites get equal amounts of light, allowing them to develop to their full potential. The wire also takes a lot the weight of the oversized colas, taking pressure off the limbs.

Topping is also an excellent option, in which growers pinch off or cut the main growth tip to change the natural shape. This prevents apical dominance, so the plant grows wide instead of tall. It can be performed along with ScrOG for better results.

As with most cannabis cultivars, Rainbow Gum flourishes in sunny, warm, and dry to moderately humid places. Each plant can produce up to 21 ounces in locations with a Mediterranean-type climate such as California and Southern Europe. Be ready to collect your stash of gluey buds by early November anywhere north of the Equator, and April in the south. 

Many growers cultivate indoors due to privacy issues and because it gives them control over crucial grow conditions, such as temperature, humidity and lighting. A well-regulated indoor grow-op can provide around 1.2 to 1.5 ounces per square foot after 11 to 12 weeks of flowering.

When growing this cultivar inside, keep the RH level between 45 and 55% and the daytime temperature around 69 to 77°F during the vegetative stage. Then, lower to 35 to 45% and 68 to 75°F after shifting to the 12/12 cycle. The nighttime temperature must only be decreased by a few degrees throughout the lifecycle.

Fragrance and Flavor

With a name like Rainbow Gum, tokers tend to expect a sugary fragrance and taste. In truth, however, this cultivar has a predominantly citrus bouquet and flavor. There is a candy-like sweet-ness as well, a testament of the Bubblegum lineage that runs through her genes. When lit up, it gives off a thick vapor that's a bit harsh on the throat and can sometimes cause coughing. It's best to take small drags and let the sweet, candied lemon smoke usher you to cannabis heaven.


The Rainbow Gum experience starts in the head, announcing its arrival with a sudden soft pres-sure in the temples and a warm sensation in the cheeks. This is followed by an increased interest in thoughts or ideas that would normally be shrugged off. In the early stages of the high, you'll notice an increased ability to focus, even on complicated tasks. 

At first, the body buzz that accompanies these cerebral effects is relaxed, and it allows you to move around with ease at a calm pace. Usually mundane tasks such as tidying the house and do-ing the laundry become unexpectedly enjoyable and even amusing.

But before long, the ambulant physical buzz will shift into a body-melting stone, and you'll find yourself craving the warm embrace of a bed or couch. As you lay in repose, sensory distortions, such as intensified sights and sounds, will keep you entertained.  You can even kick it up a notch with a visually-enticing film full of special effects, or a trippy playlist.

Rainbow Gum must not be paired with any activity that's physically demanding, and its sedative influence is best enjoyed in the late afternoon or early evening, in a location where you can safely lounge and eventually fall asleep.

Feminized Rainbow Gum Seeds

Rainbow Gum is an exciting new cultivar with top-notch genetics to back it up. It provides medium-to-heavy yields and has easy to handle grow patterns that'll make your friends green with envy. Aspiring growers can use these feminized seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co. to get their hands on a stash of up to 1.5 ounces per square foot indoors or 21 ounces per plant outside. The buds' relaxing, potentially therapeutic effects will make you anticipate after-work sessions with immense excitement.

Rainbow Gum Feminized
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Alan R. Verified Buyer
Indoor they are vegging nice.
Indoor they are vegging nice. Outside put in 250 gal pots taller than 8 ft and mad bushy. Update u when flip in inside.
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