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Sweet Island Feminized

Bursting with juicy grapefruit.
  • Sativa Dominant
  • Medium THC
  • Fruity Flavours
  • Mellow body buzz
  • 300 g/m2

Sweet Island is a Sativa-leaning hybrid which has been a native of Vancouver Island since the ‘90s. Aptly regarded as a treat to the senses, this tasty dessert strain delights with sweet, sugary smoke reminiscent of grapefruits. Meanwhile, its sati... Read More

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Kyle Kushman
Kushman Says:
A tang like lightning through a cloud.
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Sweet Island Feminized

STRAIN PROFILE Sweet Island Feminized

Mostly Sativa
Yield Indoor 300 g/m2
Yield Outdoor 200 gr/plant
THC 19%
CBD 0.4%
HEIGHT 120 cm
Anxiety Arthritis Depression Stress
Energetic Euphoric Giggly Relaxed Talkative
Grape Grapefruit Pungent Woody
Temperate/Continental Sunny/Mediterranean
Sweet Island Feminized Review

Sweet Island Feminized Profile by Kyle Kushman

Sweet Island is a Sativa-leaning hybrid which has been a native of Vancouver Island since the ‘90s. Aptly regarded as a treat to the senses, this tasty dessert strain delights with sweet, sugary smoke reminiscent of grapefruits. Meanwhile, its sativa-esque effects set the mind and body alight with a perky, upbeat high, quickly followed by a mellow body buzz. With reasonable THC and CBD levels, it also offers therapeutic benefits that remedy various health concerns without the bitter taste.

This island favorite is the lovechild of Sweet Pink Grapefruit and Big Skunk #1, which explains the rich flavor and hardiness. It is not much of a prolific yielder as its parents. However, what it lacks in quantity, it makes up for in quality as evidenced by its exceptionally fragrant and flavorful buds.

Those seeking to grow this cultivar at home may do so without much fuss because it is quite easy to rear. For a less complicated process though, opt for Homegrown Cannabis Co.’s feminized Sweet Island seeds. Apart from reliably assuring all-female sprouts, it also guarantees successful germination 99% of the time.

Growing Sweet Island from Feminized Seeds

Quite arguably, Sweet Island tops the list of easy-to-grow Sativa strains. Apart from being hardy and non-finicky, this plant is also fast-flowering, so it requires less attention and resources compared to its kin.

When grown indoors, the primary concern is controlling its height to fit within the confines of the grow room. This strain boasts a tall stature apt for the Screen of Green technique. Coaxing the stalks to spread laterally around the mesh is the easiest way to keep it under control. High-stress training techniques such as topping and pruning also helps by allowing for better light penetration and air circulation in the lower-lying branches. This method also improves yields as it encourages the emergence of more budding sites.

To ensure healthy bud growth, and avoid pathogen attacks, keep the temperature and humidity within the optimal range (20-26°C and 40-50%). Finally, install odor control mechanisms to prevent the scent of these heavily-perfumed buds from wafting across the neighborhood.

Meanwhile, opting for outdoor gardening entails careful consideration of the weather. Sweet Island prefers a warm, balmy, and dry environment similar to that of the Mediterranean. When allowed to bask in plenty of sunlight, each plant yields 200 grams of densely packed buds. Harvest time falls around the first week of October.

Fragrance and Flavor

Sweet Island permeates a pungent, fruity, and woody fragrance reminiscent of sweet grapefruits. Upon lighting the buds, its smooth, creamy vapors tickle the palate with skunky, sugary undertones.


Sweet Island is prized for its upbeat, energetic high that can fuel one to get through the day. The euphoria takes effect within minutes of dosing, effectively jolting the mind and body into action. As the effects progress, concentration and productivity will be at its peak. Such is the perfect time to get things done.

Meanwhile, this strain can also be used for play rather than for work as it inspires fits of giggles and a heightened inclination to socialize. It melts away inhibitions and makes a social butterfly out of an introvert with just a few hits. As such, it is best enjoyed with good company and some tasty snacks.

After the mental uplift comes the mellow but equally pleasant, relaxing finish. It is not the type to cause a couch-lock, so one can still stay mentally and physically agile. Instead, it permeates a sense of calmness that resonates within the core. Hence, it enables one to work efficiently without feeling stressed or overwhelmed.

However, it pays well to be always mindful of the dosage. While 15-19% THC might be deemed average by today’s standards, Sweet Island’s powerful Sativa effects can still overwhelm neophytes, especially in high doses. It can induce paranoia, headaches, and scattered thoughts if overused. Meanwhile, in moderate doses, the side effects are just minor inconveniences like dry mouth and bloodshot eyes.


Aside from THC and terpenes, Sweet Island also offers higher than average CBD levels, which help mitigate various health concerns. Moreover, it provides long-lasting and full-bodied medication that does not sedate users - no wonder why this strain is sought-after by medicinal cannabis patients.

The stimulating euphoria - along with its anti-depressant and anxiolytic properties - works wonders in easing mood disorders such as depression and anxiety. PTSD and stress also swiftly dissipate once the calmness takes over the psyche. Meanwhile, the focus-enhancing effects help patients with ADHD improve concentration and reduce fidgeting.

On the physical aspect, it offers potent and long-lasting anti-inflammatory and pain-killing effects. Hence, it is the go-to strain of patients seeking relief from chronic conditions such as migraines, backache, arthritis, muscle spasms, and nerve pains. Its muscle relaxant properties also ease away fatigue and taut muscles.

Lastly, chemotherapy patients can surely benefit from its antiemetic quality that effectively quells nausea and vomiting. It also induces appetite-stimulating effects, which are valuable to patients with eating disorders such as bulimia and anorexia nervosa.

Sweet Island Feminized Seeds

Best describes as “old but gold,” Sweet Island is a cannabis classic that has stood the test of time. Up to this day, it is still widely regarded as one of the best and tastiest pick-me-up strains. It continues to delight Sativa fans and medicinal patients alike with its perky euphoric high and potent therapeutic effects. Growers also take delight in raising this plant due to its ease of cultivation, fast-flowering rate, and premium yields. Those seeking to experience growing it right at the comfort of home are encouraged to do so by obtaining Homegrown Cannabis Co.’s feminized Sweet Island seeds.

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