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Triangle Kush Feminized

10 out of 10 on the potency scale
  • Indica Dominant
  • High THC
  • Easy To Grow
  • Euphoric rush
  • Citrusy, lemony note
  • 400 gm/plant

Tampa, Miami and Jacksonville are the top three cannabis-producing cities in Florida. Their proximity and location on the map also happen to form a triangle, which is precisely why an erstwhile, unknown Indica found in the region was named Triangle K... Read More

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We deliver high-quality, fast-germinating seeds with impeccable and stabilized genetics swiftly and discreetly worldwide at a competitive price.

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Kyle Kushman
Kushman Says:
Surprisingly euphoric and mentally stimulating
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Triangle Kush Feminized

STRAIN PROFILE Triangle Kush Feminized

Mostly Indica
Yield Indoor 300 - 400 g/m2
Yield Outdoor 400 gr/plant
THC 20%
CBD 0.5%
HEIGHT 100 - 150 cm
Anxiety Arthritis Depression Insomnia Migranes Stress
Calming Euphoric Happy Relaxed Sedative Sleepy Uplifted
Citrus Earthy Pine Sour Spicy Sweet
Temperate/Continental Sunny/Mediterranean Cool/Cold
Triangle Kush Feminized Review

Triangle Kush Feminized Profile by Kyle Kushman

Tampa, Miami and Jacksonville are the top three cannabis-producing cities in Florida. Their proximity and location on the map also happen to form a triangle, which is precisely why an erstwhile, unknown Indica found in the region was named Triangle Kush.

Not much is known about this strain, but one theory is that it originated from OG Kush. Quite possibly, it’s either a cut or a cross of a phenotype with Hindu Kush.

Lending credence to the theory is the appearance of Triangle Kush at a time when the popularity of both OG Kush and Hindu Kush was at its peak in Florida. The progeny also shares many similarities with these two strains, exhibiting traits unique to Afghani landraces.

Despite its strong genetics, this strain to some extent been overshadowed by more illustrious hybrids. One reason for this is the fact that, until recently, it was clone-only. Now, these feminized seeds are available from Homegrown Cannabis Co. Unlike the original plant, this variety produces a more generous yield.

With a fruity odor, it’s surprisingly euphoric and mentally stimulating even though it induces deep relaxation. It’s a useful companion on lazy days, and it’s great enjoyed late in the afternoon or early in the evening. In most cases, the effects are very pleasant, but in high doses it can be quite intense.

An easy-to-grow plant, Triangle Kush is suitable for beginners and works well indoors and out. Its growth pattern is strikingly similar to an Afghani – hardy and with high resistance to pests, mold and disease.

Growing Triangle Kush Feminized Seeds

These seeds have a high germination rate, and the turnout of females is nearly 100% which saves time, effort and money. It’s a naturally hardy plant that can tolerate a reasonable degree of mistakes.

Indoors, using hydroponics encourages vigorous growth. The pH level of the nutrient solution will need careful and regular monitoring to ensure that it’s kept within the correct range. This helps ensure the uptake is at its most efficient to cope with the plant’s demands, especially if it’s growing under a powerful HPS lamp.

Alternatively, you can use organic soil, which old-school cultivators believe brings out the best in the terpene production.

During the vegetative stage, you’ll sometimes notice one of the plants exhibiting far superior traits. If this is the case, employing the Sea of Green is a wise idea. You can obtain cuts from the mother plant, then a new batch can be started with all clones being exact duplicates of the original. Using this technique results in a continuous harvest with no additional investment in procuring seeds.

Once the pre-flowers appear, exercise due diligence by ensuring that all plants are female. After 8 to 10 weeks flowering, the yield ranges from 1 to 1.31 ounces per square foot.

In the northern hemisphere, Triangle Kush can produce up to 14 ounces per plant by mid-October. The ideal environment is one with ample sunlight – although it can tolerate colder temperatures, the yields may be lower.

Fragrance and Flavor

Triangle Kush’s familiar earthy odor is accentuated by citrus and lemon notes. Unless specifically told, even old-timers could be fooled into thinking it’s OG Kush. When lit up and inhaled, the distinction becomes more evident as it leaves an unusual but pleasant aftertaste with sweet, sour, spicy and pine notes.


Even when grown in less than ideal conditions, Triangle Kush remains highly potent. First, you’ll notice a gentle mental stimulation and a rush of euphoria. It’s subtle enough to help clear the mind while enhancing the senses.

As your mood and demeanor improve, you’ll feel a sense of happiness sweeping in. For the next half an hour, you’ll feel upbeat and cheerful.

Once the physical effects slam into the body, tension is eliminated and a state of complete relaxation arrives. Aside from further uplifting the spirit, the soothing calm takes on a numbing, sedating quality. You’ll soon feel a heavy, drowsy feeling, leading to couch-lock and, eventually, sleep.

Triangle Kush can cause some potentially adverse reactions. In small to moderate doses, these include cottonmouth, dry eyes and dizziness, all of which are common when using cannabis. But higher doses could induce paranoia or anxiety.


Triangle Kush is as much a medical strain as it is a recreational one. Even the psychoactive traits may have therapeutic uses. The euphoric and relaxing high complements the anti-depressant and anxiolytic properties, potentially warding off depressive symptoms and unwarranted, excessive dread. It contains antipsychotic properties which may help patients manage PTSD and bipolar disorder.

Said also to possess analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, Triangle Kush may serve as a viable alternative to traditional drugs in alleviating pains and spasms caused by a number of ailments, including cancer, multiple sclerosis and fibromyalgia.

After helping eliminate stress and bringing calm to the mind and the body, it even helps patients fall asleep. People suffering from insomnia and other sleep disorders may benefit from this soporific trait.

Triangle Kush Feminized Seeds

Originating in Florida at a time when the most popular strains were OG Kush and Hindu Kush, it’s natural to assume Triangle Kush is a descendant of these strains. The similarities in terms of Indica traits are strikingly similar.

For a long time, Triangle Kush was elusive and near-impossible for most consumers to get hold of. Homegrown Cannabis Co. is delighted to offer this fantastic strain in feminized seed form. As can be expected of a seed bank that takes pride in quality and customer service, these beans have excellent germination rates and contain highly reliable and stable genetics.

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