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Humboldt Feminized

West coast all the way.
  • Heavy Yields
  • Quick Flowering
  • Experienced Growers
  • Euphoric high
  • Sweet and floral aroma
  • 650 g/plant

The Humboldt County is known for its fertile lands and coastal climates especially suitable for rearing cannabis. It is home to artisanal brands of strains including an equal-split hybrid named after the place where it originated.Humboldt's lineage r... Read More

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With over 20 years of experience in the cannabis industry, we have the grow-how from the experts!

We deliver high-quality, fast-germinating seeds with impeccable and stabilized genetics swiftly and discreetly worldwide at a competitive price.

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Kyle Kushman
Kushman Says:
The buds on this thing have to be seen to be believed.
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Humboldt Feminized

STRAIN PROFILE Humboldt Feminized

Yield Indoor 500 - 550 g/m2
Yield Outdoor 650 gr/plant
THC 21%
HEIGHT 90 - 100 cm
Anxiety Arthritis Depression Migranes Stress
Euphoric Focused Relaxed Tingly
Citrus Flowery Herbal Orange Spicy Sweet
Temperate/Continental Sunny/Mediterranean
Humboldt Feminized Review

Humboldt Feminized Profile by Kyle Kushman

The Humboldt County is known for its fertile lands and coastal climates especially suitable for rearing cannabis. It is home to artisanal brands of strains including an equal-split hybrid named after the place where it originated.

Humboldt’s lineage remains a mystery, but its hashy, spicy fragrance is indicative of Afghani Indica descent. Whether that is the case or not, this ambiguous background did not hinder it from stealing the spotlight. After all, the sophisticated aroma alone is enough reason to seek out this rare bud; even more so, its profoundly relaxing and Haze-like uplifting effects. These powerful and well-balanced effects make it an excellent choice for Sativa and Indica lovers alike. Moreover, this strain can be dosed at any time of the day.

Cultivation-wise, Humboldt requires plenty of attention and expertise in cannabis rearing. Nevertheless, the effort is certainly worth the trouble as it bears above-average yields of massive, chunky, trichome-laden buds that immediately stand out from the crowd.

This fantastic hybrid is a rare find in brick and mortar dispensaries. So, for those seeking the Humboldt experience, home cultivation is a viable alternative for securing a steady supply of this stash. Homegrown Cannabis Co. offers it as a feminized variety, which ensures an all-female grow 99% of the time.

Growing Humboldt from Feminized Seeds

Humboldt displays predominantly Indica features, which further gives credence to the notion that it descended from Afghani Indica. This plant has a short and bushy stature with plenty of lateral branching that necessitates frequent pruning. It is advisable to trim away broad fan leaves regularly to promote better air circulation and light penetration in the lower-lying branches. Doing so also lessens the risk of luring in molds, especially in its chunky buds which often retains moisture.

This plant thrives in either outdoor or indoor setups. However, most growers prefer to cultivate it indoors where environmental factors such as temperature and humidity can be controlled - conveniently and easily. Temperatures ranging from 21-26°C and humidity levels between 40-50% are ideal for optimal growth. Using techniques such as the Sea of Green method is also recommended for maximizing indoor space and boosting overall productivity. When exposed to 600-watt HPS/LED lamps for 18-20 hours a day, each square meter can yield as much as 550 grams of top-shelf buds after 7 to 8 week of blooming.

Meanwhile, outdoor growing is also an option if the weather is warm, dry, and balmy - similar to the ideal conditions in Humboldt County. However, be mindful of powdery mildew attacks outdoors. As much as possible, use natural pest control mechanisms that would not interfere with the terpene production of the plant. When cared for properly, sun-grown Humboldt plants produce as much as 650 grams of incredibly flavorful buds.

Fragrance and Flavor

Humboldt has a distinctly sweet, floral, and herbal aroma that wafts in the entire room. It also features the familiar scent of orange, which brightens up the overall impression. Upon breaking up the buds, the bouquet releases a hashy, spicy odor similar to that of Afghani’s trademark fragrance.

Flavor-wise, lighting it up evokes a creamy and palatable smoke that tastes floral and citrusy on the exhale.


With as much as 25% THC, this strain’s potent psychoactive high takes effect within minutes of dosing. This powerful Sativa effect starts as a tingling sensation that tickles the head and face until it eventually trickles down to the whole body. Such effects exert pleasant pressure on the temples and around the eyes which immediately delivers bouts of euphoria. Then, it propels one to cloud nine for hours on end. Moreover, because Humboldt induces an upbeat mood, this strain is an ideal companion in social gatherings. It is also advisable for individuals aiming to be productive as it sharpens concentration and enthusiasm to get things done.

As time passes or as the dosage increases, the Indica effect begins to emerge. This physical high takes over the body with a tingly relaxation that soothes muscles and eases fatigue. However, while it is not necessarily couch-locking, the relaxing pull can put off motivation. Hence, those planning to dose during work hours should plan accordingly.

Given its high THC levels, this strain may trigger paranoia or anxiety attacks in high amounts. Hence, proper dosing goes a long way in preventing such adverse reactions. When dosed properly, the repercussions are mild and self-limiting such as cottonmouth, dizziness, and dry eyes.


Apart from imparting an intensely psychoactive experience, this strain also offers potent healing properties. It remedies a wide range of health issues, including physical and psychological concerns.

Cannabinoids and terpenes have inherent anti-depressant and anxiolytic properties. These are the natural compounds that are responsible for this strain’s mood-enhancing and calming effects. When dosed appropriately, it only exerts minimal adverse effects. In contrast, traditional medications such as SSRIs and benzodiazepines can trigger a long list of side effects. Thus, making Humboldt a more viable alternative in managing symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Patients battling ADHD can also benefit from this strain’s mind-clearing and focus-enhancing effects. Stress also dissipates quickly once the antioxidant effects kick in. Without the baggage that weighs down the mind, mental fatigue vanishes - thereby allowing tranquil sleep to take its place.

On the physical aspect, the analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and muscle relaxant properties effectively alleviate deep-seated pain and discomfort. Thus, patients ailing from arthritis, fibromyalgia, spasticity, migraines, and other chronic conditions often turn to Humboldt for fast-acting and long-lasting relief.

Humboldt Feminized Seeds

For those looking for artisan strains and would not settle for anything less than the best, the search is finally over. With Humboldt’s complex flavor and aroma, intense psychoactive effects, and extensive therapeutic application, it should be clear why many seek it despite its rarity.

Fortunately, there is another way to obtain a stash without scouring every dispensary in the map: home cultivation. Homegrown Cannabis Co. offers feminized Humboldt seeds which makes the cultivation process less complicated as there is no need to weed out males.

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