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If you run a dispensary, head shop, or other similar business in the USA, then chances are you have your mind set on procuring the best possible product to provide for your customers. By buying bulk cannabis seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co., you can get the best bulk seeds for the best prices. We provide bulk feminized cannabis seeds, bulk autoflower seeds, and regular seeds

With a minimum order of 100 seeds, there is not really a maximum limit to the number of bulk marijuana seeds you can buy from us. We are the primary bulk seed bank providing wholesale cannabis seeds for all sorts of customers, whether you’re looking for potent high THC seeds or more medically beneficial high CBD seeds – Homegrown Cannabis Co. has got you covered for all of your wholesale seeds needs. 

Cheap Cannabis Seeds Bulk from America’s Best Bulk Seed Bank

Homegrown Cannabis Co. prides itself on providing the cheapest high-quality bulk cannabis seeds for all types of customers. At Homegrown we are passionate about cannabis seeds and we wish to provide access to any and all, providing they live in states where cannabis cultivation is legalized. We believe in the future of cannabis and its medical benefits in terms of treating both mental and physical ailments. 

To go alongside this, we are dedicated to providing as much information on cannabis as possible, from analysis of different strains, happenings in cannabis culture and the myriad of different effects cannabis can have on consumers. This means the medicinal effects, such as the effects marijuana can have on different types of aches and pains as well as how weed can be used to help treat mental ailments such as anxiety and depression. We don’t just look at the directly medicinal effects, however, we also look at strains for recreational use; the effects of them when consumed.

Furthermore, for this same medicinal purpose, we hope that everyone who wishes to grow their own medicinal cannabis has the opportunity to do so. By providing wholesale seeds to dispensaries and seed banks, we can achieve this. 

Being wholesale cannabis seed suppliers, the primary focus of all our content will always be cultivating cannabis. We only have cannabis seeds for sale and we believe it is our duty to not only provide our customers with a wide variety of bulk marijuana seeds for sale but also help educate them and others on growing cannabis – from germinating all the way to harvesting and beyond, Homegrown Cannabis Co. is here to help. 

We take pride to ensure all of our seeds are of the highest quality whether they are our selection of 4, 8, 12, or 25 packs of marijuana seeds for sale, cannabis seed mix packs, or wholesale cannabis seeds that you are undoubtedly here to enquire about. So, let’s take a look at some of the advantages of buying bulk marijuana seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co.We offer cheap cannabis seeds in bulk quantities. This means you can buy seeds with huge discounts depending on volume, which will lead to massive savings on wholesale cannabis seeds orders. We truly appreciate all of our wholesale customers which is why we offer these cannabis seeds for such a low price.

Even though you are buying bulk seeds, we do not believe in quantity over quality – all of the seeds in bulk we provide will be of the same high quality as all of our seeds. Providing our germination guide is followed when germinating our cannabis seeds then we guarantee that all of the seeds we supply will sprout.

Choose from hundreds of strains – whether you are looking for Sativa strains, Indica strains, high yield seeds, uplifting strains, or anything else, we can say with virtual certainty that we have it! In fact, while the minimum order is 100 seeds, these don’t have to be just one strain – we offer wholesale customers the ability to choose 50 seeds of each strain when buying bulk cannabis seeds. So, for example, if you’re looking to buy 250 bulk marijuana seeds then you could get 50 Shishkaberry Kush seeds, 50 Blue Widow seeds, 50 Grapefruit Autoflower seeds, 50 God Bud seeds, and 50 OG Kush seeds.

Secure and discreet shipping is provided with all of our orders for wholesale cannabis seeds. As wholesale seed suppliers, we understand how essential it is that our bulk marijuana seeds arrive at their destination undamaged – therefore we ship all of our seeds in secure, safe, high-grade packaging.

We sell so many different varieties of cannabis seeds that we understand the predicament that some customers may face; how do I choose the perfect strains? Well, in all honesty, each customer is different and may have different preferences. That being said, there are some strains that are universally loved and can be considered the best cannabis seeds for our customers.

  • Bruce Banner Fast Version – Fast versions are a great choice for growers who maybe aren’t completely sold on autoflower seeds yet, we understand that transitioning from photoperiod seeds to autos can be a little difficult for some growers. Fast Version seeds act as a great ‘middle ground’ option, they are photoperiod seeds yet they display autoflower traits due to the mixing of ruderalis into their genetics. A classic strain like Bruce Banner makes these the perfect Fast Version bulk marijuana seeds to choose from. Bruce Banner seeds grow into naturally high-yielding cannabis plants packed full of potent buds.
  • Girl Scout Cookies Autoflower – For growers who are looking to give autos a shot then choosing the autoflowering variant of one of the best strains of all time is a great place to start. When buying Girl Scout Cookies bulk marijuana seeds you are guaranteeing that you are buying some of the best high THC, autoflowering wholesale cannabis seeds for sale. While mostly Indica, these hybrid seeds will grow quickly into plants packed with potent buds. With medical effects ranging from stress relief to arthritis mitigation, these are surely some of the most useful wholesale seeds to grow for medicinal purposes. Furthermore, for recreational use, GSC can provide consumers with a high that is at the same time creative, euphoric, and relaxing.
  • Gorilla Glue #4 Feminized – If you’re looking for bulk feminized cannabis seeds then there are few that are quite as good as Gorilla Glue #4. A favorite with Homegrown customers, Gorilla Glue #4 is the perfect variant of the classic Gorilla Glue. Boasting a whopping THC percentage of up to 27%, these are a truly beastly option for those looking to buy wholesale cannabis seeds. Furthermore, this is actually a very easy strain to cultivate, not only that but the end result is extremely rewarding for growers, this makes it one of the most worthwhile bulk cannabis seeds to buy. While we have many great choices for bulk female seeds, we do highly recommend this to those looking to buy wholesale seeds.

Our Guarantee When Buying Wholesale Cannabis Seeds

As with all the cannabis seeds for sale from Homegrown Cannabis Co. we guarantee that you will be receiving the highest quality bulk cannabis seeds for sale in the USA. We are perfectionists when it comes to cannabis seeds in general so it makes sense that this would extend to our wholesale seeds. Providing growers follow our germination guidelines when germinating their seeds, they will definitely germinate properly. 
To make growing seeds even easier, check out our Grow Your Own blog for more information on cannabis cultivation to guide you on your journey to growing high-quality cannabis from our seeds.

The Value of Buying Bulk Cannabis Seeds

While you aren’t directly getting free seeds, by buying bulk marijuana seeds from us you are essentially getting free seeds as, when buying wholesale seeds, you will get a percentage discount on each order. This means the more seeds you buy the more you will save on bulk cannabis seeds. In that sense, you are essentially getting free seeds due to the savings you are making on ever seed. You can get bulk cannabis seeds with significant savings which will rise as you buy more seeds. To put it clearly, if you buy 100 seeds as wholesale seeds, these will be much cheaper than buying 5 different 25 packs of seeds. Furthermore, if you order in quantities of 1000 or 2000 then the price per seed will decrease in comparison to if you order 100 bulk seeds.

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