Kyle Kushman

Kyle Kushman's Cultivars with Character

Celebrated strains from the king of indoor cannabis cultivation.

Kyle In His Own Words

“So, you wanna grow your own marijuana?
No problem!
Whatever your reasons for growing your own cannabis, you’ve come to the right place.”
Kyle Kushman has been there, he has done it, and if cannabis cups were t-shirts, he’d have thirteen. Nobody on earth is more qualified to choose a Cultivar with Character - here’s what he told us about his selection.

Kyle In His Own Words
Kyle In His Own Words

Kyle’s Sweet Island Feminized

“Sweet Island is amazing from start to finish. The high is a juggernaut of euphoria, delivering a powerful, insistent happiness. Worries melt away. Depression dissolves. Tension and stress recede into the shadows. This is a lively, day-time smoke that bursts with refreshing grapefruit and sugary pineapple - a zingy, sweet sensation. The only worry with this plant is finding an indoor space big enough!”


Kyle’s Cherry AK Feminized

“Cherry AK has a wealth of delicious flavors and warm, pleasing aromas, especially when you blaze her up. The baked cherries really stand out, but you also have blueberry, a little lemon and dank, earthy spices. So she smells and tastes great, does the high match up? Cherry AK will have your mind fizzing and popping like a firework display. Get that novel written, finish that to-do list, compose that song. Let your imagination run riot. Make sure you’ve cleared your schedule, though, because this baby will last and last.”


Kyle’s Skywalker OG Feminized

“Her pungent, chemmy aromas have an interesting citrus zing with added earthiness in the bowl. The smoke bellows in clouds of sweet, fried honey and lemon peel. Really thick and deliciously sticky. You’re in for an extremely smooth and expansive high. It’s a strong and narcoleptic stone, making everything interesting and adding wonder to the mundane. Even experienced tokers should prepare for a long-lasting trip to couchlock city. She’s best reserved for lazy days when there’s nothing to do but chill.”

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