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Sour Skies Feminized

A brilliant hybrid with a clear blue high.
  • Very High THC
  • Balanced Hybrid
  • Heavy Yields
  • High THC
  • Pungently sour citrus
  • 400 to 500 g/m2

Those looking to soar for an intergalactic adventure will surely find a great company in Sour Skies. With genetics inherited from the dank Sour Diesel and the Indica-leaning Skywalker, there is no way that this hybrid is less than a sublime cannabis ... Read More

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Kyle Kushman
Kushman Says:
Can be finicky but an experienced hand will coax some amazing yields.
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Sour Skies Feminized

STRAIN PROFILE Sour Skies Feminized

Yield 400 - 500 gr/plant
THC 21%
CBD 0.5%
HEIGHT 150 cm
Anxiety Arthritis Depression Insomnia Migranes Muscle Spasms Stress
Creative Energetic Euphoric Focused Giggly Relaxed
Citrus Earthy Lemon Pine Pungent
Temperate/Continental Sunny/Mediterranean
Sour Skies Feminized Review

Sour Skies Feminized Profile by Kyle Kushman

Those looking to soar for an intergalactic adventure will surely find a great company in Sour Skies. With genetics inherited from the dank Sour Diesel and the Indica-leaning Skywalker, there is no way that this hybrid is less than a sublime cannabis experience.

Comprising almost three-quarters of Sour Skies' genetics, the classic Sour Diesel contributed the distinct sour, lemony, and subtly diesel flavor and aroma along with most of the hybrid’s Sativa-like growing characteristics. It hails from the union of Chemdawg and Super Skunk. With 20% to 25% THC levels, Sour Diesel is not a strain to be messed with unless the user is looking for a notoriously mind-blowing and euphoric head high.

The other parent is Skywalker OG - a cross between Skywalker and OG Kush bearing strong kush attributes that can leave the user floating in cloud nine for hours on end. The 26% THC content of this Indica-dominant hybrid is no laughing matter. It contributed to most of Sour Skies’ potent Indica qualities that wash over the senses with rather overwhelming sedation.

Blending the impeccable traits of both parent strains resulted in a hybrid with delicately balanced effects - teetering at equal parts Sativa and Indica to deliver both an energizing and a relaxing high. With roots tracing back to Columbian, Afghani, and Acapulco Gold landrace, this strain is decidedly a potpourri of genetic powerhouses producing thickly clustered dark green buds brimming with crystalline trichomes and weaved with tangerine pistils. Not only is it a sight to behold, but also a wonderful plant to cultivate. However, it is incredibly hard to come by, especially outside California. But such elusive genetic masterpiece is offered at Homegrown Cannabis Co. as feminized seeds with nearly 100% female turnout and reliably high germination rate.

Growing Sour Skies Feminized

Sour Skies is an elusive hybrid that delicately balances Indica and Sativa genetics. With the Indica-dominant parent - Skywalker - known for its compact structure, the Sativa-dominant strain stretches to a tall height. The combination of such polar characteristics resulted in a mid-size plant that bears study branches and densely clustered flowers. Due to this, it is especially vulnerable to bud rot and powdery mildew proliferation. Hence, the growing area must be kept well-ventilated and dry to ensure a healthy, mold-free harvest.

Aside from its propensity to molds, this hybrid is also slightly temperamental, so it is not recommended for first-time growers. Moreover, it requires a long thread of patience as the flowering period takes anywhere from 9 to 11 weeks. However, once the trichome-rich fruits of labor are harvested, one can genuinely say that it is worth all the effort it took to cultivate the plant.

Due to its average size, it thrives well in both indoor and outdoor setups as long as the climate is warm and dry. Indoors, it grows as tall as 1.5 meters. To curb this height, it is best to use the Screen of Green technique. Not only will this manage the towering height, but it can also boost the overall yields by introducing more bud sites to the source of light. Like most Sativa strains, it also responds well to pruning by growing laterally. By the end of the long flowering period, 400 to 500 grams of buds blanketed in frosty trichomes could be harvested per square meter.

On the other hand, Sour Skies thrive best when cultivated in an outdoor garden with ample sunshine. There, it can yield 500 to 700 grams of THC-rich buds per plant. It could also grow as tall as 1.8 meters. If planting in a remote area, its towering height would not be a problem. However, if stealth is a priority, it is better to keep this strain indoors. Not only because it is too conspicuous because of its towering height, but because its unmistakable scent that screams “cannabis” might attract unwanted attention. Indoors, odor controllers such as carbon filters could be used.

Fragrance and Flavor

By whiffing the pungently sour citrus, lemony pine, and dank earthy aroma, it is - without a doubt - quite telling of its Sour Diesel descent and high concentration of terpenes pinene and limonene. Unsurprisingly, its taste is nowhere far from how it smells. Sour Skies are known for its bursting sour citrus flavor with a dash of fruity tang. Tasting almost like candy, its flavor could be likened to that of lemon heads or sour heads that zap the taste buds to life.


The hard-hitting high of Sour Skies will undoubtedly catapult the user to the skies with blissful euphoria and body-melting relaxation. This hybrid is coveted by medicinal and recreational users alike for its well-balanced effects. It starts with a surge of energetic euphoria courtesy of the Sour Diesel genetics. The giggly and blissful high also clears the mind of worries and negative thoughts - thus, making way for inspirations of creativity. This, in turn, motivates people to focus and get things done.

However, one must also prepare a place to settle comfortably as the blissful cerebral experience gradually tapers off to a sedative and calming high. By the time the relaxation spreads from the neck down to the extremities, all the user can do is melt in the couch and bask in the happy, contented, and tranquil feeling brought upon by Skywalker’s soothing influence. Such peaceful pleasure will eventually usher forth sleepiness. Thus, making it a perfect nightcap after an arduous and stressful day. If the consumer manages to stay awake though, it is best to prepare enough healthy foods for a ravenous appetite as Sour Skies tend to trigger some pretty intense munchies.

Given its 17% to 24% THC levels, it could be said that its potency is above average. Nevertheless, it could be handled by most novices and casual consumers as long as it is precisely dosed in the right proportions. Otherwise, it could induce adverse effects such as bouts of paranoia and anxiety. Some symptoms, though are inevitable including coughing, dizziness and headaches, dry mouth, and bloodshot eyes. Although such symptoms tend to dissipate on its own, frequent hydration can expedite the process.


Sour Skies is highly sought-after for its well-balanced effects that serve both recreational and medicinal purposes. Its utility extends to remedying various mind and body ailments with the synergistic therapeutic effects of THC and terpenes such as limonene, myrcene, pinene.

Given its natural anxiolytic properties, Sour Skies effectively calms the storm of worries, negative thoughts, and anxieties. Thus, this hybrid makes for an excellent alternative remedy for anxiety disorders such as PTSD, OCD, social anxiety and more. Its focus-enhancing properties and calming effects are also quite useful in managing restlessness, agitation, and other symptoms of ADHD. Furthermore, this hybrid is also renowned for its mood-enhancing and anti-depressant qualities which keep loneliness, suicidal thoughts, and other symptoms of clinical depression at bay.

On the other hand, the sedative effects of this hybrid are most useful for easing stress and releasing deep-seated muscle tensions. Such combination takes the weight off the shoulder while inducing a tranquil state of mind. In turn, this serenity transition into a sleepy sensation that even veteran insomniacs would not be able to escape. Within a few moments of dosing, users would come knocking on the doors of dreamland.

Another part of Sour Skies’ appeal is its ability to ease pains of all kinds. The best part is that the effects are not only fast-acting, but it is also long-lasting. Thereby, it provides unparalleled relief from mild to severe pain such as muscle spasms, spasticity, migraine, muscle pain, chronic pain, and many more conditions. And since it poses less life-threatening side effects, it is the perfect alternative for non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and opioid that are effective painkillers but comes with a costly price of lethal side effects such as organ damage and addiction primarily when used as a long-term medication.

Sour Skies’ anti-emetic properties are also useful for patients struggling with keeping down the food in the stomach, such as those who undergo chemotherapy on a daily basis or those diagnosed with bulimia nervosa. Not only that, but its appetite stimulating effects also help bring back the appeal of food to those who cannot and do not want to eat. This way, it helps chemotherapy patients and those diagnosed with anorexia nervosa to gain back weight to maintain normal bodily processes that are hindered when the body lacks nutrition from food.

Feminized Sour Skies Seeds

Perhaps the most telling characteristics that could be derived from Sour Skies’ moniker is that: for one, its scent is predominantly sour and piney due to the Sour Diesel influence and the abundance of terpenes limonene and pinene in its composition. The other is that it is a Skywalker descendant so naturally, it packs a sky-high cerebral and physical effects.

It also delicately balances its Sativa and Indica characteristics. For instance, with regards to its growing structure, it has the height of a Sativa and the bud density of an Indica. And when it comes to the effects, it starts with a buzzing energetic high followed by a mellowed out physical relaxation that knocks even the toughest insomniac to sleep. Such well-balanced effects made it a crowd favorite of both recreational and medicinal users.

Sour Skies also exhibit outstanding horticultural characteristics that make it sought-after among cannabis growers. For one, it has above-average yields, and although it takes its sweet time before blooming, the wait is definitely worth it as it produces densely clustered buds coated in thick layers of crystalline trichomes which speak of dank quality and high potency. Besides it being quite a finicky plant, it is also equally elusive - but that was until Homegrown Cannabis Co. started distributing feminized Sour Skies seeds. One can never go wrong with such a premier seed dispensary as it ensures that the seeds in its collection are top-notch with a high survival rate. Therefore, ensuring a successful grow and harvest.