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Welcome to Homegrown Cannabis Co.

Welcome to HomeGrown Cannabis Company, the premier supplier of high-quality cannabis seeds. As passionate cultivators of cannabis, our company has curated an extensive seed bank designed to provide farmers with the finest cannabis strains available in the market.

Our Marijuana Seeds are handpicked by our team of seasoned cannabis experts, who are dedicated to providing growers with unmatched guidance and expertise throughout the cultivation process.


Discover the Diverse Seed Collection at Homegrown Cannabis Co.

Homegrown Cannabis Co. has an amazing range of cannabis seeds. We have everything from feminized, regular, autoflowering, and fast-flowering, to high CBD, and high THC seeds. The site is easy to navigate, full of fantastic offers, and our customer support staff are always ready to help.

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Introducing Cultivars with Character

Homegrown Cannabis Co. is the only US seed bank truly committed to serving the cannabis community. Our partnerships with leading industry figures set us apart from other American marijuana seed banks, reinforcing our commitment to education, information, and inspiration. We understand that selecting cannabis seeds can be a daunting task, especially with such a vast library to choose from. Feminized? Autoflower? Sativa? That's why we asked our in-house experts to select their favorite strains for you. And thus, Cultivars with Character was born.

If you love planting cannabis seeds in the great outdoors, you should definitely check out Nikki and Swami's top picks. Indoor cultivator? Our Kyle Kushman seeds are perfect for growing in tents. And who could argue with the choice of the Father of the Cannabis industry? Steve DeAngelo's cultivars are truly inspiring!

With our Cultivars with Character collection, you can order seeds online with confidence, knowing that you're choosing from the best strains selected by legends in the industry.


A New Aspiring cultivators guide by Kyle Kushman

Kyle Kushman's starter's guides are designed for novices, budding cultivators, and those starting from scratch. He shows you everything from buying and setting up your equipment to germination and planting, all the way through supercropping, harvesting, and curing. Your journey begins here.



Latest Cannabis News & Techniques

At Homegrown, we are constantly creating new blog posts about growing at home, covering topics such as tips, guides, troubleshooting, strain history, feminized seeds, autoflowering, and plant facts. Everything you need to improve your growing skills.

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Top Blog Posts

Meet the Authors

Do you want to learn about the cultivation practices of some of the industry's leading figures? Get a masterclass in cultivation and learn the best indoor growing techniques from the legendary Kyle Kushman. Start harnessing the power of mother nature with Swami Chaitanya's writing on outdoor growing. Peek behind the curtain of numerous advocacy projects with Steve DeAngelo, the founder of the Last Prisoner Project and Radio Free Cannabis.


Our Germination Guarantee


We value our customers above all else, we understand how frustrating it can be if your Marijuana Seeds don’t germinate. For this reason, we created our Germination Guarantee to compensate customers whose seeds do not germinate.

Our Germination Guarantee applies to any seeds purchased from us (within a specific period of time) and can only be claimed once per order.

After buying your seeds (may they be autoflower or just feminized) and growing equipment, the next step in any home grower’s journey is germinating your seeds. We understand that this can be stressful, to that end we have created a germination guide to walk customers through the steps so that they can correctly germinate their cannabis seeds. Check out our Germination Guide video and learn exactly what to do every step of the way.


The Crowd Has Spoken

Homegrown Cannabis Company | The Best place to buy Marijuana Seeds

At Homegrown, we’re proud to partner with American institutions like the Veterans Cannabis Coalition, industry titans like Steve D’Angelo and celebrated kush growing experts like Kyle Kushman and Nikki & Swami Chaitanya. We’re California based and deliveries usually take less than 5 days from order to door. Nobody beats Homegrown for the quality of seeds and the number of offers on the site. We deliver and believe we are the best place to buy Marijuana Seeds online in the USA.

How many seeds should I buy? Are they all going to survive?

Nature is nature. No matter the stability of the genetics or the quality of a strain, you should always plan on a certain percentage of your feminized seeds failing to germinate, or, this is far less likely, producing less-than-perfect plants.

Marijuana Seeds have a natural viability rate between 90% and 100%. This is natural selection. You are very, very likely to enjoy a 100% germination rate with your Homegrown feminized seeds, but it’s not uncommon to experience a 10% fail rate, or to have a seedling fail. 

Understanding this, you should plan on purchasing more seeds than you think you’ll need from your chosen marijuana seed bank. For example, if you want to grow 4 plants, we’d recommend purchasing an 8 pack, if you want to grow 8 plants, we’d recommend a 12 pack. We’d recommend purchasing up to 2 times the number of seeds. Correctly stored seeds will last for many years, they won’t go to waste.

How much do weed seeds cost?

At Homegrown, we researched, spoke with, and listened to customer feedback and we offer our seeds in packs of 4, 8, and 12 (24 seed packs are also available). This more accurately represents the most typical homegrown garden sizes in legal states. For customers requiring larger orders, we also operate a designated wholesale department.

We offer retail seeds from as little $7.00 per seed, and we offer free delivery on larger packs. Smaller pack sizes cost a little more per seed. Typically the standard 12 packs cost around $10 per seed while some of more high-end genetics can run to around $12 per seed.


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