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Victoria Rouland

Victoria Rouland's Cultivars with Character

Our favorite breeder chooses the strains she loves the most.
Durban Poison Feminized Cannabis Seeds
  • THC Level: 17%
  • CBD Level: 0.2%
  • Plant Type: Mostly Sativa

Durban Poison Feminized Cannabis Seeds

South African sativa that pleases on all levels.
Rainbow Glue Regular Cannabis Seeds
  • THC Level: 22%
  • CBD Level: 0.6%
  • Plant Type: Mostly Sativa

Rainbow Glue Regular Cannabis Seeds

Bright, fruity flavors and super-sticky buds.
Harlequin Kush Regular Cannabis Seeds
  • THC Level: 6%
  • CBD Level: 9%
  • Plant Type: Mostly Indica

Harlequin Kush Regular Cannabis Seeds

A gentle giant with a big tickle-stick.

Victoria in her own words

I teamed up with Homegrown because teaching people to grow cannabis is my passion. Helping new growers helps more people continue growing. Growing can be very overwhelming when you start. Building out a grow, choosing strains, what medium, what lights, the list goes on. Helping these growers by pointing them in the right direction, is not so overwhelming. Sometimes just letting them know they aren’t alone is all they need!
Victoria in her own words

Victoria’s Rainbow Glue Regular

8-10 Week flowering time, with the resilience to strong winds and cold temperature swings. I’m out in Oklahoma so it's all about wind and temperature swings! If you’re using Supersoil it brings out the terpenes and crazy Zkittlez berry flavors I enjoy, along with beautiful purple hues (with the right phenotype). This is a perfect heavy hybrid capable of giving me a relaxed yet energized buzz with couch locking abilities if I wanted it. Reminds me of a strain I smoked with Ross...

Victoria's Harlequin Kush Regular

8-10 week flowering time and the perfect strain to recommend to first-time cannabis users due to its medicinal and therapeutic benefits. The clear-headed, focused high keeps me relaxed and motivated to take on the day. Mixing CBD in with everyday consumption helps tremendously with migraines, aches and cramps. Pre 98 Bubba Kush being crossed with Harlequin is the best of both worlds, CBD meets Indica!

Victoria's Durban Poison Fem

Short flowering time of 8-10 weeks which is rare with a pure Sativa. Durban Poison has a deep history, it's a fundamental strain in the creation of so many well-known cultivars today. It’s a hardy, pure landrace strain with the ability to grow tall in a wide variety of climates. Durban Poison is the perfect strain for when I need a pep in my step and a nice uplifting high to get me through the day. Use this one with caution because of her high THC. She can induce anxiety if not careful! The high and taste have been recognized, respected, and honored over the years, making her legendary and unforgettable! Everyone should smoke Durban Poison at least once!

Meet the Expert:
Victoria Rouland

“At eighteen years old, I tried to become a weed dealer. I was horrible at it. I smoked all of my supply and failed miserably!” This is where cannabis and Victoria Rouland started, but she never imagined how far the relationship would go.

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