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Virginia has a long history of famous people and weed cultivation. It’s the state known as ‘Mother of Presidents’ since eight of its citizens became leaders of the U.S.A. It was the largest producer of hemp at one stage. 

Somewhere along the way, laws were introduced to stifle the use of cannabis, and the industry stopped. It’s not easy finding marijuana seeds in Virginia, but we guide you through the ins and outs of buying and cultivating cannabis in the county.

Is growing weed worth it

Is it Legal to Buy and Grow Cannabis Seeds in Virginia?

Virginia isn’t cannabis-friendly yet, and currently, it’s a felony to cultivate and sell any amounts of marijuana in the state. Is weed legal in Virginia? The only legal way to possess weed is if you’re using it for medicinal purposes.

Patients who need to use the healing herb are only allowed to use CBD drops purchased from medical dispensaries in Virginia on prescription, and the amounts are closely monitored. The county passed this law in March 2018, but the restrictions haven’t gotten any closer for recreational use. 

What most cannabis growers want to know is, can you buy marijuana seeds in Virginia? The short answer is no, but this will soon change. Surprisingly enough, this wasn’t always the case. Early American colonies made growing hemp a state law. Citizens were able to buy marijuana seeds in Virginia and cultivate crops. 

Slaves were used to working huge plantations throughout the county, and the harvests became textiles for the American agricultural economy. Virginia was a significant weed provider. As the demand in the U.S increased, the state was positioned to supply in large quantities. 

It’s a pity that the laws changed, and this lucrative industry came to a grinding halt. Even though they no longer send people to jail for possession of small amounts, it’s not yet legal to buy marijuana seeds, according to Virginia state law. 

There are rumors of new legislation in the pipeline that includes amendments that’ll directly affect the Virginia marijuana seed laws. The new rules are supposed to come into effect towards the middle of 2021. 

Part of the change allows people to buy cannabis seeds and grow them in areas hidden from public view. The catch is that this will be limited to four marijuana plants per household. The change is definitely progress, but the state still has a long way to go to becoming weed-friendly.

Is it Better to Grow Indoors or Outdoors?

The best option for cultivating cannabis seeds in Virginia is through guerilla growing. This is the process of hiding an outdoor crop among other plants to avoid detection. The method also removes the chance that you’ll be connected to the cannabis garden. 

The climate in Virginia is perfect for growing marijuana as it offers plenty of sunshine and rain for healthy crops. Outdoor growing

Climate conditions

The challenge of outdoor farming is that weed plants are more vulnerable to pests, predators, cold snaps, and heatwaves. The climate in Virginia is humid and subtropical. The summers are hot, with mild winters and enough rain throughout the year. 

The temperatures rarely exceed 90°F (32°C), but in winter, you can expect snow. The state has a particular type of earth called Pamunkey soil, which is found primarily in coastal plains. This type of ground is deep and well-drained, making it perfect for cultivating your high THC seeds

You may need to consider putting up a wind barrier when the cannabis plants get taller to prevent the branches from breaking. Keep an eye out for insects and use companion plants to protect your precious greens from being munched by birds or small animals. 

When to grow marijuana seeds in Virginia

It would be best if you planned on ordering marijuana seeds in Virginia around May, as June is the time when your cannabis plant will have a boost in growth. You’ll notice that towards the end of June, your autoflowering crops grow rapidly and will also start to flower. Thanks to the warming temperatures, feminized weed plants also speed up growth. 

Indoor growing

Strict Virginia marijuana seed laws have forced most growers to take their herb pots indoors. Even though you have more control over grow rooms, cultivating your cannabis crops inside also comes with specific challenges. 

The main one being space constraints, and the second, your budget. Since there aren’t any natural conditions indoors, you’ll have to play mother nature and create the environment synthetically. 

The grow room needs to have temperature and humidity controls with enough light to ensure that your hemp plants can kickstart photosynthesis. Running all the equipment necessary for a successful harvest may result in a costly electricity bill. 

The plus side is that you can control the environment completely. Your marijuana plants have the advantage of shelter against adverse weather conditions. Another benefit of planting your cannabis seeds indoors is that your harvest is safe from prying eyes. 

Since Virginia is strict about cultivating weed and currently it’s not allowed, this is an easier way of raising hemp without resorting to guerilla farming. 

Best strains to grow in Virginia

There are numerous strains that you can choose from when ordering marijuana seeds in Virginia for indoor planting. Big Devil autoflower cannabis seeds are perfect for grow rooms and thrive in temperate conditions. These seeds are popular as they’re suitable for beginners and easy to cultivate. 

The dispensaries in Virginia might suggest Baked Apple Feminized or Agent Orange Regular for outdoor cultivation. Both variants do well in sunny, Mediterranean climates. The latter strain is better for experienced growers, but the first one is perfect for beginners. 

Where to Buy Cannabis Seeds in Virginia

You might be hard-pressed to find a list of Virginia dispensary locations due to the legal restrictions. The best option is to go online and search for suppliers that can deliver to you, and Homegrown Cannabis Co. is one such premium product provider. 

You’ll find a wide range of cannabis seeds for sale, and you can take your pick from feminized, autoflower, or high CBD weed seeds

Hopefully, with the new legislation set to come into effect July 2021, access to quality marijuana seed banks will be less restricted. 

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