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Our Complete Collection of Hand-Picked Seeds
Our catalog has a wide variety of selection to satisfy all tastes and preferences. To make choosing easier, we categorized strains according to their areas of specialty and primary effects. Explore the rooms to find the variants that suit your demands. Whether it is entering the realm of psychedelia, beating fatigue to a pulp, savoring a time-bending calm, laughing to your heart’s content, becoming the life of the party, or experiencing hours without physical pain, with Homegrown Cannabis Co, your every marijuana needs is at your fingertips.
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Feminized Seeds for Sale

Feminized Marijuana Seeds

The best feminized weed seeds for premium female cannabis plants.
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marijuana seeds autoflowering

Autoflower Seeds USA

The best autoflower seeds USA on the market for your autoflowering grow. Simple.
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regular marijuana seeds

Regular Marijuana Seeds

Natural and original regular cannabis seeds at Homegrown Cannabis Co.
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marijuana seeds for beginners

Beginner Seeds

Our selection of easy-to-grow cannabis seeds will get you growing like a pro
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best sellers marijuna seeds

Best Selling Weed Seeds

Homegrown Cannabis Co.’s most popular marijuana seeds
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cbd marijuana seeds

CBD Seeds

The best non-psychoactive cbd seeds for medicinal growers.
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high cbd strains

Extremely High CBD Seeds

The world's highest CBD cannabis seeds.
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cheap cannabis seeds

Cheap Weed Seeds

Buy any of our cheap marijuana seeds and get another pack free.
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marijuana plant yield

High Yield Seeds

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Hybrid Seeds

Get the best of both worlds with our selection of high-quality hybrid cannabis seeds
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Sativa Seeds

We’ve got the best sativa seeds in the USA
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mini marijuana bag

Medical Seeds

We stock the latest and best medical marijuana seeds in the USA
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indoor marijuana seeds

Indoor Seeds

If you're growing indoors, our cannabis seed collection has everything you need
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outdoor marijuana seeds

Outdoor Cannabis Seeds

Get the best quality outdoor weed seeds from the Homegrown Cannabis Co.
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Indica Weed Seeds

You won’t find a better selection of indica seeds online
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marijuana cigarrette

High THC Seeds

Grow your own high THC marijuana seeds
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Amazing 12-packs for only $99

This is a fine collection of cannabis strains, selected for ease of growth, popularity and bag appeal. If you like a bargain, you're going to love these cut-price 12-packs.
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New Cannabis Strains

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A Pot for Pot

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Homegrown Originals

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Ice Cream Day

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State Fair

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Labor Day

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Christmas Mix Packs

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Purple weed seeds

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