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Our Complete Collection of Hand-Picked Seeds
Our catalog has a wide variety of selection to satisfy all tastes and preferences. To make choosing easier, we categorized strains according to their areas of specialty and primary effects. Explore the rooms to find the variants that suit your demands. Whether it is entering the realm of psychedelia, beating fatigue to a pulp, savoring a time-bending calm, laughing to your heart’s content, becoming the life of the party, or experiencing hours without physical pain, with Homegrown Cannabis Co, your every marijuana needs is at your fingertips.
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best sellers marijuna seeds

Best Cannabis Seeds for sale: Best Sellers

Homegrown Cannabis Co.’s most popular marijuana seeds
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high cbd marijuana seeds

High CBD Weed Seeds

The best high CBD strains for the best marijuana medicine.
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high cbd strains

Extremely High CBD Seeds

The world's highest CBD cannabis seeds.
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marijuana and depression


Happy, euphoric and the best marijuana for depression.
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yellow flowers

Marijuana for Anxiety

Cool, calm and relaxing: the best marijuana for anxiety.
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girl running


The best strains for inflammation and swollen joints.
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The best marijuana for migraines, head and neck pain.
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Best strains for seizures and epilepsy.
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Keep it tantric with the best strains for female arousal.
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girl lying in bed


Best marijuana strains for sleep and insomnia.
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Get those juices pumping with the best weeds for creativity.
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floating man


The best flights are with the best uplifting sativa strains.
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Feel the best marijuana calming effect you've felt in years.
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lights and hands


Combat fatigue with the best strains for energy.
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boy writting


Keep your eye on the ball with the best strains for focus.
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cheese types

Cheese Strains

Stinky and delicious cheese weed strains.
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Blueberry Strains

Enjoy blue-blooded cannabis royalty with these Blueberry strains.
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lemon and hand

Lemon Strains

Energizing lemon strains to supercharge the mood.
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red fruit

Grapefruit Strains

Tasty grapefruit strains amazing for stress.
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Pineapple Strains

Bring back happy with the best pineapple strains.
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girl with oranges

Orange Strains

Sharpen up your focus with these amazing Orange cannabis strains.
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marijuana plant yield

High Yield

Expect heavy harvests with these high-yield cannabis strains.
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Space Travel

Stretch the imagination with these expansive cannabis strains.
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man and sunset

Hybrid Strains

Restore balance to the universe with the best hybrid marijuana strains.
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Colorado Strains

The best cannabis seeds from Colorado or the best in the world?
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boy running bike

USA Strains

Keep America green with the best cannabis seeds from the USA.
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fuel station

Diesel Strains

These sour fuel scented strains are perfect for high THC connoisseurs.
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Sativa Seeds

Top Sativa strains as regular, feminized, and autoflowering sativa dominant seeds.
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suit man smoking

Hash Strains

For potent hash you need the best hash cannabis strains.
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sea water

OG Kush Strains

Take relaxation to the next level with the best OG Kush strains.
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Romance Strains

Relight your fire with the best cannabis strains for sex.
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California Strains

Say hello to Hollywood with the best California cannabis seeds.
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Kush Strains

Relaxing strains from the Hindu Kush.
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man in mountain during night

Purple Strains

The most beautiful purple marijuana strains in the world.
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mini marijuana bag

Medical Strains

An elite collection of medical cannabis strains.
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marijuana buds

Big Bud Strains

I like big buds and I cannot lie.
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indoor marijuana seeds

Indoor Strains

The best way to grow indoor strains is with the best indoor cannabis seeds.
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marijuana and hands

Skunk Strains

The best collection of Skunk cannabis strains in the world.
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highest yielding marijuana

High Yield Auto Strains

Maximize your harvest with these high-yielding autoflowers.
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surfer in a big wave

Critical Strains

For heavy yields of supreme quality you need the best Critical weed strains.
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outdoor marijuana seeds

Outdoor Strains

Easy-to-grow high-yielding outdoor strains.
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girl in beach

Indica Weed Seeds

Indica weed strains as regular, feminized, and autoflowering marijuana seeds.
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northern lights

Northern Lights Strains

Easily the most popular indica strains in the world.
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Girl Scout Cookies Strains

When taste and high collide, expect the best Girl Scout Cookies strains.
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Zkittlez Strains

You'll be tasting rainbows with these super-relaxing cannabis strains.
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Slow Motion

Take your foot off the gas with these calming cannabis strains.
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Comedy Central

Laughter is the best medicine and this medicine makes you laugh.
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boy laughing

Party Partner

Be the life of the party with these chatty cannabis strains.
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energy girl

Active High

Wake and bake and wake again with these energizing cannabis strains.
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ferris wheel

Curated Cultivars

Elite marijuana strains for the most discerning of cannabis connoisseurs.
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boy lying

Starting Point

Get your grow off the ground with the best marijuana strains for beginners.
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girl meditation


Massage mind and muscle with the best relaxing marijuana strains.
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Amazing 12-packs for only $99

This is a fine collection of cannabis strains, selected for ease of growth, popularity and bag appeal. If you like a bargain, you’re going to love these cut-price 12-packs.
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A Strain for Every Occasion

A selection of fine cannabis cultivars each with their own specific effects and function to benefit you through different times
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Feminized Seeds for Sale

Feminized Marijuana Seeds USA

The best feminized weed seeds for premium female cannabis plants.
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marijuana seeds autoflowering

Autoflower Seeds USA

The best autoflower seeds USA on the market for your autoflowering grow. Simple.
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regular marijuana seeds

Regular Marijuana Seeds For Sale

Original, natural male or female cannabis seeds for sale online.
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marijuana seeds for beginners

Beginner Weed Seeds

Homegrowers rejoice, we have a great selection of cannabis seeds suited for beginners.
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cbd marijuana seeds

CBD Weed Seeds

The best non-psychoactive cbd seeds for medicinal growers.
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cheap cannabis seeds

Cheap Weed Seeds

Buy any of our cheap marijuana seeds and get another pack free.
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marijuana cigarrette

High THC Seeds

Grow your own high THC marijuana seeds
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