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Northern Lights Strains

Easily the most popular indica strains in the world.

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No other strain has changed the cannabis landscape as much as Northern Lights. Once a pure Indica, the current iteration now includes a minuscule touch of Thai, giving the initial onset a pleasant kick. Also, it has a more fruity fragrance. Other than that, it delivers profoundly relaxing effects while also mitigating stress and pains.

A History of Northern Lights

Allegedly, it was a Seattle-based breeder called "The Indian" who bred Northern Lights. Using an Afghani, the eleven plants grown were labeled as #1 to #11. Compared to each other, #5 was the best with #1 coming in second.

Other than some distinct differences, the plants generally looked the same with dark green foliage with purple hues and a high flower-to-leaf ratio. All are also potent, averaging 15% THC.

In 1985, Australian-born breeder Nevil Schoenmaker acquired female clones of all the eleven Northern Lights phenotypes and brought it to Holland. Then, he worked on hybridizing and inbreeding the clones to Afghani males. Soon after, the new hybrids made its way to the Dutch scene.

Unfortunately, there were no records. Hence, it is unclear when and how the genes of a Thai landrace found its way into the then pure Indica Northern Lights. Exactly which of the eleven phenotypes the modern iteration came from is also unknown. Some posit it might be #1, or possibly #2.

Northern Lights Feminized Seeds

The Afghani heritage of Northern Lights feminized seeds, accustomed to harsh conditions, is evident in the growth pattern. It has the same sturdy structure and could tolerate changes in temperatures (within reason). Moreover, it has a strong resistance to pests and diseases - including moisture-related ones.

Homegrown Cannabis Co. ensures that these seeds grow into females, nearly 100% of the time. Having a small, compact, but branchy structure makes it a suitable candidate for the Sea of Green. After flowering for 7 to 9 weeks, this strain produces up to 500 grams of sticky, resin-packed buds. Outdoors, the yield per plant could reach 600 grams.

For a quicker flowering time, opt for Northern Lights fast version seeds. It contains Ruderalis traits but remains photoperiod plants. These females, though, requires only some 6 to 7 weeks to develop its flowers fully - without compromising yields and overall quality. Moreover, these are also feminized seeds.

To produce seeds or engage in breeding projects, the seed bank also provides regular seeds of Northern Lights. Compared to the feminized and fast version seeds, its indoor yield is, more or less, the same. However, it produces high yields when grown outdoors. Moreover, these plants have a much higher resistance to pests and diseases.

Descendants of Northern Lights

The genes of Northern Lights made it possible for these strains to exist. These are among the most recognizable names in the cannabis industry. Some are, likewise, deemed legends as well.

  • Bubba Kush: In this cross with OG Kush, Bubba Kush exhibits a strong Afghani structure. It is also a highly sedating strain that induces not only profound relaxation but also a couch-locking body stone. The intense experience also takes on a dreamy quality before eventually culminating in drowsiness and deep slumber. Apart from the effects, another appealing trait is the mild hints of chocolate and coffee accompanying a mostly hashish odor.
  • Crystal: Northern Lights meet White Widow in this cross. Dubbed Crystal, it is a beginner-friendly strain that is best used late in the day or evening. Boasting sweet, piney fragrance, its effects are mostly uplifting, relaxing, and sedating. Medically, it is highly capable of melting away stress and mitigating pains.
  • Jack Herer: Jack Herer, a Haze x {NL #5 x Shiva Skunk} cross, is one of the legendary descendants of Northern Lights. It provides a clear-headed, creative high while also complementing the cerebral stimulation with enough relaxing properties to keep the mood upbeat. More importantly, it serves as one of the best high-THC medical strains, and one of the first to be recognized and sold by Dutch pharmacies.
  • Northern Critical: A match made in heaven, this stunning cross brings together two of the best Indica strains in the world. In this regard, Critical Mass passes on its ability to produce monster-sized buds. Northern Critical retains the mostly-Indica genotype and thus continues on the legacy of its lineage, offering a sublime body stone. Growing it, on the other hand, results in massive harvests.
  • Super Silver Haze: Of all the strains that Northern Lights played a role in, none is as more illustrious as Super Silver Haze. A three-time Cannabis Cup winner, this energizing strain, with a more robust growth pattern, is arguably the best Haze ever created. Among its popular uses, apart from the signature uplifting and euphoric high, is melting away stress, anxiety, depression, and pains. In many ways, too, it has matched the original NL with regards to being mentioned in the same breath as other hall-of-fame strains.

New Hybrids of Northern Lights

Even as the earlier crosses of Northern Lights have attained widespread recognition, it remains to be one of the most valuable genetic stocks. One reason is that many of its traits are not present in others. Hence, Homegrown Cannabis Co. continues to produce new hybrids with the potential for greatness - in the experience and benefits delivered.

  • Early Skunk x Northern Lights: One of the best strains to come out of the Skunk family is Early Skunk. Like Northern Lights, it leans heavily on the Indica side, providing a smooth but pronounced physical relaxation with a pleasant cerebral kick. Moreover, it is a perfect blend of two quick flowering strains with remarkable growth patterns and strong resistance to molds. Early Skunk x Northern Lights feminized seeds are suitable for beginners and could produce up to 500 grams per square meter.
  • Northern Lights #5 x Amnesia Haze: Using #5 in this cross could not have been any better. Arguably, the best of the NL phenotypes, it is aptly matched with the uplifting, energizing Amnesia Haze. As a result, the exhilarating mental stimulation receives a boost, followed closeby by a soothing, relaxing body stone. Growing Northern Lights #5 x Amnesia Haze feminized seeds may require previous experience in cannabis cultivation to bring out it full potential.
  • Northern Lights #10 x Amnesia Haze: In this cross, the lesser-known phenotype #10 takes on Amnesia Haze. Although another new hybrid uses #5, this one differs by being more friendly to beginners in cannabis cultivation. On traits and experience delivered, the differences are subtle. When it comes to growing, Northern Lights #10 x Amnesia Haze takes up to 10 weeks to complete the flowering period.
  • Northern Lights x Cinderella 99: Finding another remarkable strain to pair with Northern Lights, one that stood out is the quintessential Cinderella 99. Cindy, as fans fondly call it, enhances the mental stimulation while maintaining the same stress-relieving, relaxing qualities. Homegrown Cannabis Co. also made sure that the feminized seeds of Northern Lights x Cinderella 99 not only spouts promptly. Under optimal conditions, it can produce a generous yield ranging from 400-500 grams per square meter.
  • Skunk x NL: Skunk #1 represents one lineage that has contributed as much to the cannabis community as Northern Lights. In this pairing, this creative strain boosts the cerebral stimulation of NL as well as adding a complex terpene profile. Besides chilling and unwinding, it is also capable of alleviating stress, anxiety, and pains. For consumption purposes, opt to start with feminized seeds of Skunk x NL. As an option, choose the fast version seeds to shorten the flowering period by a week or two.

Northern Lights Auto Seeds

On traits, Auto Northern Lights is a tamer variety compared to the photoperiod kins. Its nature, though, allows for practically a year-round outdoor cultivation in any season, except winter. Having a compact size also makes it suitable for indoor gardening, even in tight spaces.

From the time the Northern Lights auto-flowering seeds germinate, it takes only 9 to 10 weeks to reach harvest time. Even at this rapid pace, the plants could still yield up to 500 grams per square meter. Outdoors, it performs better than most others, producing up to 200 grams per plant.

The creation of Northern Lights auto-flowering seeds did not only cut the germination to harvest time significantly. It also led to a new generation of modern autos developed by pairing with classics and legends.

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