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Dale Sky Jones

Oaksterdam University Executive Chancellor Dale Sky Jones joins the team. Find out how she's helped open the door to cannabis reform on a global level.

The Homegrown Cannabis Co. family just got bigger with the addition of Oaksterdam University Executive Chancellor Dale Sky Jones and her husband, horticulture lecturer Jeff Jones.

California probably wouldn’t have been the first state to legalize medical and then adult-use cannabis if it hadn’t been for these two pioneers. You can read all about Dale Sky Jones here. 

Educating, speaking, and tirelessly campaigning, Dale Sky Jones is the superwoman of the cannabis community. Find out more now.

Oaksterdam University

Dale joined Oaksterdam University in February 2008 as a science instructor. Her passion for policy reform, expansion of rights and dedication to educating people on all aspects of the cannabis industry made her the ideal person to take over as Executive Chancellor in 2012. 

Many people will remember 2012 as the year Oaksterdam University was raided by federal agents. Founder Richard Lee was forced to resign, and Dale stepped up to save the school. Her succession proved to be the right move, as the university is now the #1 provider of cannabis education in the country, and working with the largest social equity programs in the world, providing training and technical assistance to entrepreneurs and the workforce.

Eleven years later, she is proud of the over 80,000 alumni from 110 countries who have benefited from studying at Oaksterdam. She and the university share the same mission, to provide quality training to the cannabis industry. Dale firmly believes that for cannabis reform to be successful, education needs to be the foundation of meaningful change.

Dale Sky Jones
Dale Sky Jones

Dale and cannabis advocacy

Since 2007, Dale has been passionate about enhancing the debate for cannabis policy reform, and she achieves this by being very vocal. 

She first rose to prominence as the spokeswoman and legislative liaison for the California Proposition 19, Marijuana Legalization Initiative (2010). This campaign was hard-fought, and despite the narrow loss, the campaign covered by media worldwide resulted in creating open discussions and debates on the topic for years to come.

Next, Dale served as Chairwoman of the Board for the diverse Coalition for Cannabis Policy Reform. Her efforts over the seven years finally lead to the legalization of cannabis in California.

Dale has served on many boards; she’s a founding member of the:

She’s currently serving:

  • NCIA’s Education Committee
  • Cannabis Advisory Board for the Community College of Denver
  • Advisory board of Minorities for Medical Marijuana
  • Project Manager for Social Equity Programs in the State of Connecticut, County of Monterey, and Cities of Los Angeles, Oakland and Palm Springs.

Dale also instituted Oaksterdam’s Office of Government and Public Affairs. Its mission is to create successful cannabis regulatory and taxation practices on a state, federal, and international level. They have trained the CA Dept. Tax and Fee Administration (the largest taxation agency second only to the IRS) and several state departments of agriculture, health and law enforcement.

It doesn’t end there. Dale is constantly fighting for civil rights and social equality for the cannabis community. She speaks at conferences across the globe, participates in debates, and attends research seminars. Her #1 goal is to have cannabis removed as a Schedule I drug from the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and US Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) list.

She believes that once descheduling happens in the US, the rest of the world will follow suit, then she can focus on hemp as the #1 crop to become a carbon sink and alternative building material.

Dale Sky Jones
Advocacy in action

Media and speaking engagements

To date, she has appeared as herself in nine TV shows, short films, and feature-length documentaries related to cannabis:

  • Marijuana: A Chronic History (History Channel) - 2010
  • California, 90420 - 2012
  • Clippin' the Buds: Medical Marijuana and the Marijuana Pill - 2013
  • Let Timmy Smoke - 2014
  • 10 Things You Don’t Know About (History Channel) - 2014
  • The Legend of 420 - 2017
  • Going to Pot: The Highs and Lows of It - 2021
  • Cannabis the Story: Fighting Cancer with Cannabis - 2021
  • American Pot Story: Oaksterdam - 2022

Dale was also a contributing expert for the HBO series Weeds (2005–2012) and contributed on camera to the Specia fimed for DVDl.

She is highly-sought on the international speaking circuit and has been interviewed by CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, the Wall Street Journal, the BBC, and Al Jazeera, just to name a few. 

Dale Sky Jones
Just another day at the office for Dale Sky Jones

Dale and Homegrown Cannabis Co.

As an educator, advocate, and public speaker pro-cannabis, Dale fits in perfectly at Homegrown Cannabis Co. as our interests are aligned to overgrow prohibition.

The partnership goes two ways. Homegrown Cannabis Co. is providing free seeds to students in select courses. The beauty of this is that they can grow their own as they study and learn hands-on cultivation practices from experts.

Global cannabis reform is coming, and Dale is at the forefront. We’re excited to see what she is going to do and say next and look forward to her contribution to our library of educational content.

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