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Humulene Terpene: Strains, Benefits, Characteristics & More

humulene terpene

Humulene is the distinctive terpene in hops, flowering plants used in the production of beer. This natural compound is also found in various cannabis strains and other botanicals, like ginger. 

One of more than a hundred terpenes, humulene is responsible for the cannabis aroma and may help with various health issues.

Discover more about this compound’s nature and learn about its benefits and effects to understand why strains with the humulene terpene are popular. 

Let’s jump in.

What is the humulene terpene?

Humulene, also called α-humulene or α-caryophyllene, is an organic compound in cannabis plants. It’s also commonly found in hops, which gives beer its hoppy taste. The terpene is related to β-caryophyllene, but both sesquiterpenes have a different molecular structure.

humulene terpene

This chemical element gives plants their fragrance, flavor, and pigment. Many cannabis strains contain alpha-humulene in small quantities, while terpenes like linalool, limonene, myrcene, and caryophyllene are more concentrated.

A specific combination of terpenes is responsible for every cannabis cultivar’s unique aroma and taste.

Humulene effects and benefits

Traditional medicine has incorporated α-humulene for centuries, as it possesses properties that may offer many health benefits. Research shows this terpene is an effective analgesic. It also contains topical and systemic anti-inflammatory attributes. 

There are claims that this compound provides anti-fungal, antimicrobial, and antitumor reactions and potentially serves as an antidiabetic and anticancer reagent. The humulene terpene effects may also help with weight loss, as it reportedly works as an appetite suppressant.

Cannabis terpenes work together with cannabinoids like tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV), and cannabidiol (CBD) to enhance the effects that users experience. 

This phenomenon, called the entourage effect, is where the combined efficacy exceeds what the compounds offer individually.

Studies show the humulene terpene benefits may include potent anti-inflammatory effects and an ability to inhibit cancer cell growth when combined with caryophyllene. As the tests were only conducted on animals, further research is necessary to ascertain its impact on humans.

Humulene smell and flavors

Strains containing humulene smell earthy, woody, and spicy. This terpene delivers a mildly bitter taste to accompany the aroma, enhancing the consumption experience. 

The fragrance and flavor of cannabis strains with this compound is always unique due to its interaction with other terpenes.

Humulene strains: cannabis cultivars high in humulene

Below are our five favorite marijuana strains high in humulene to get you started.

Snow White

Snow White auto is a strain rich in “humulene” terpene that results from crossing California Snow, White Widow, and an unknown ruderalis strain. The cultivar, named for its canopy of white trichomes, boasts up to 18% THC and offers powerful sensations.

Thanks to high level of humulene terpene, growers savor the earthy aroma the plants emit courtesy. A citrus scent fills your nose when you break the buds, and a musky and spicy fragrance appears when you light up. Expect a skunky flavor with a bitter and citrusy undertone on the exhale.

The cultivar energizes and uplifts. These sensations motivate you and enhance your focus before the indica effects help anxiety and stress melt away. Consume moderately to avoid couch-lock that can be a typical humulene effect. Anecdotal stories report the strain relieves several mood disorders and physical health issues.

One of the top humulene strains, Snow White plants thrive in all weather conditions and are resistant to mold and pests. Indoor crops reward you with 11 oz./m2 of buds after 8–10 weeks of flowering. Expect 2–4 oz./plant outdoors.

Northern Lights #10

Another cultivar in our rich-in-humulene-strains list Northern Lights #10 feminized boasts not only high humulene content but genetics from world-famous parents: Northern Lights, an Afghani landrace, and a Thai sativa. The number 10 indicates its position among 11 phenotypes created by a master breeder.

Like most strains high in humulene and THCV, Northern Lights emits a woody scent with hints of maple, cedarwood, sandalwood, and pine. Smokers enjoy a delicious experience with a sweet, sour, and floral aftertaste.

Take a puff and fill your mind with euphoria that drives negative thoughts away and uplifts your mood. Thanks to humulene, anxiety leaves, your muscles relax, and soon you feel like drifting into a deep sleep.

Humulene in this strain produce the physical soothing effect and may help with fibromyalgia, arthritis, and migraines. The mood boost and stress-relief make Northern Lights one of the more popular strains for PTSD thanks to high content of humulene.

These plants are resistant to mold and pests, making them ideal for beginners. Their size is perfect for indoor cultivation, and crops deliver 18–21 oz./m2 of buds after 7–8 weeks of blooming. Outdoor setups produce 25–28 oz./plant.

Northern Lights feminized
Northern Lights #10 Feminized

Coffeeshop Waltz

Coffeeshop Waltz feminized is another strain with “humulene” terpene. It is the offspring of Mochalope and Dos-Si-Dos, boasts a high THC content, distinct terpene, potent cerebral and physical sensations, and a delightful flavor. 

Apart from humulene, the strain’s rich concentration of the beta-caryophyllene, alpha-pinene offers pine and earthy aromas. Experience floral scents courtesy of Dos-Si-Dos and Mochalope’s spicy and coffee fragrance.

Mocha lovers savor the herbal and earthy taste, enhanced by coffee and chocolate flavors. Enjoy a spicy exhale and a woody, hops, and piney aftertaste.

When consuming one of the most relaxing indica strains, expect a potent numbing sensation after the uplifting and euphoric buzz. Due to the benefits offered by the humulene terpene, couch-lock is common, even when ingested moderately and some users find relief from minor pain.

Coffeeshop Waltz is beginner-friendly and thrives in any medium. Pruning is necessary to improve airflow, and the buds are ready for collection after 8–10 weeks of flowering. Prepare to reap 14–18 oz./m2 of indoor nugs and 19–21 oz./plant outdoors.


With impressive genetics from Blueberry and White Widow, Cloudberry feminized offers delicious buds and potent effects along with humulene terpene.

The nugs emit a fruity aroma with blueberry, pine, and citrus notes. The fragrance translates into a delectable flavor with subtle lemon and orange hints, leaving a sweet aftertaste.

Alpha-humulene terpene that fulfills Cloudberry mixes with its splendid collection of compounds. Another one of its dominant terpenes, myrcene, a common mango ingredient, may relax your body and help you sleep

The first toke delivers a euphoric wave that uplifts and clears your mind of negativity. Before long, a soothing sensation flows through your body that may glue you to the couch. It could be difficult to avoid the munchies, but people with appetite issues probably won’t mind.

Growing Cloudberry requires some experience, as it’s vital to avoid exposing the dense foliage to excessive moisture. This strain rewards your efforts with 17–21 oz./m2 indoors and 21–24 oz./plant outdoors. 


AK-47 fast version is another strain high in humulene. Breeders genetically modified the original cultivar to accelerate the growth rate without altering its effects.

The buds emit a sour, skunky aroma typical of traditional cannabis. Expect a spicy, earthy musk scent which translates into a herbal and peppery taste.

The delicious toke leads to euphoric sensations that help you socialize and unwind. The physical effects soon kick in, and your body relaxes and becomes heavy, making you want to lie down and chill.

AK-47’s cerebral buzz removes worrisome thoughts and is said to help with bipolar disorder and depression. Those with appetite loss may benefit from a case of the munchies. Humulene’s reported anti-inflammatory properties might relieve muscle spasms and migraines.

This strain isn’t beginner-friendly, but newbies can reap a bountiful harvest if they provide plenty of care. Given optimal conditions, expect 18 oz./m2 from your indoor crops and 21 oz. per outdoor plant.

AK-47 fast version
AK-47 fast version

Maximize the benefits of humulene

As vital as THC and CBD are, don’t discount the importance of terpenes. These compounds influence the flavor and aroma of cannabis and work synergistically with the cannabinoids to provide the effects you seek.

According to studies,humulene has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and anti-fungal properties that may provide a range of health benefits. Choose strains with an abundance of this terpene to enjoy what it offers.

Maximize your results by growing high-quality cannabis plants with excellent terpene profiles. Look for premium cannabis seeds for sale from reputable vendors like Homegrown Cannabis Co.


For more information on this terpene, check out our expert answers to some common questions we often get.

Is humulene a sedative?

Humulene provides many potential therapeutic benefits, and being a mild sedative is one. These findings are based on animal studies.

Is humulene anti-inflammatory?

Research on mice shows that this terpene displays anti-inflammatory properties. Clinical studies are necessary to confirm this effect on humans.

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