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How to Get Into the Cannabis Industry

April 27, 2023
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Have you ever wondered about how to get into the cannabis industry? Experts project that the US marijuana market will be worth $40 billion by 2030, making it one of the fastest growing industries. There are many careers in the cannabis sector, all of which provided over 400,000 full-time jobs in 2022.

As the field develops, more opportunities open up for different individuals. Regardless of the potential, you may be confused about where and how to start a profession in the cannabis industry. What academic qualifications and skills do you require?

Let’s explore the requirements for working in the marijuana sector.

What work can you do in the 420 industry?

As you prepare to go into this industry, it’s vital to understand what you can do in this business. The main objective is to take care of the needs of people requiring cannabis for medical or recreational purposes. There are two primary options to consider:

  1. Starting a business
  1. Finding a job

Owning a marijuana startup is complicated and tasking, as cannabis involves many regulations. It’s seemingly easier and quicker to look for a job in the industry than to run a business.

Since the sector has numerous opportunities, it offers you several career paths. If you’re looking for ways of making money off weed, you could become a cannabis grower, product tester, budtender, driver, or trimmer, to name a few. 

Another option is to choose a secondary role in the 420 sector. You may work as a graphic designer, content writer, legal consultant, or event planner for cannabis companies.

Growing Cannabis in a Greenhouse

Basic tips to begin a career in the cannabis industry

Do you want to learn how to get into the cannabis industry? The following crucial tips can make your journey easier.

Define your career goals

As you start looking at opportunities in the marijuana industry, think about how the sector fits your career goals. Are you passionate about it? Do the available positions align with your future? Don’t rush into canna-business until you’re certain it’s right for you.

Research the sector

When getting into the cannabis industry, acquire some knowledge by researching the sector. Go online and read extensively about what you need to get a job. Focus on the essential certifications, connections, and experience that can give you an edge over others.

Focus on your strengths

The day-to-day operations of marijuana businesses involve many aspects, such as sales, administration, and finance. Since no one can do everything, concentrate on the things you’re good at. If your strength is marketing, look for jobs in that area.

Stay up-to-date with the latest news in the industry

The cannabis sector changes from time to time. If you want to be relevant in the industry, stay informed by following the latest trends and news. Apart from preparing you for a career in the field, getting insights may also help you find crucial opportunities.

Take action

Researching the industry and knowing your strengths aren’t enough to get you your desired jobs in canna-business. Take action by obtaining the right certifications, gaining experience, and applying for suitable roles.

Harvesting cannabis

How to get into the cannabis industry?

After making up your mind to work in the cannabis industry, the next step is to find a job and get experience. Here’s a simple guide to follow.

Undergo relevant training

Although many employers prioritize experience over certificates, it’s still advisable to obtain them. Having certain qualifications can make you stand out among other candidates.

Regardless of the roles you prefer, know basic things about marijuana. Having a fundamental understanding of cannabis seeds and how they grow can give you a competitive advantage over other applicants.

Several US universities offer marijuana programs for familiarizing yourself with the plant and preparing you for careers in the cannabis industry. Short courses on online learning platforms can also assist you in securing a job

After completing the programs, get certificates you can present to potential employers.

Take advantage of your existing experience and qualifications

While undergoing cannabis-based training is great, your existing experience and qualifications may be valuable too. Find out how your current skills can assist you in the new field.

If you’re into marketing, apply your existing qualifications and experience to cannabis advertisements. You may not even need to obtain new certificates, as you already possess the skill set to make you successful in the field.

Fimming Cannabis

Tailor your resume to fit the cannabis industry

Generic resumes are no longer acceptable in many industries. Employers want your curriculum vitae (CV) to suit the specific role you apply for.

You don’t have to do everything on your own. Look for a template online and use it to highlight your career goals, experience, and qualifications. Don’t leave out your contact information, as prospective employers will need to get in touch with you.

Check out the following tips for crafting a resume:

  • Make it professional and easy to read.
  • Focus on skills and duties relevant to the position you want.
  • Avoid grammar errors and use punctuation appropriately.
  • Use specific numbers and data to emphasize your achievements.

Customize your cover letter

Most jobs require applicants to submit a cover letter, a short piece of writing convincing an employer of your suitability for a role. The document should introduce you and also underline your interest in the position.

Like a resume, your cover letter shouldn’t be generic. Tailor it to fit the marijuana industry. Use it to explain why you’re starting a career in the cannabis sector and highlight your passion for the new field.

Search for suitable jobs online

The internet has simplified the process of looking for a job. Instead of having in-house interviews with various companies, applicants can find work online. Submit as many applications as possible from the comfort of your home.

Streamline your search by listing the organizations that interest you and focusing on them. Research the companies, their service or product, and the qualities they want in an employee.

Go to the website of your favorite weed seed bank and check if there are any suitable job openings.

Job listing websites may ease your search. Popular ones include glassdoor.com, monster.com, thecannabisjobboard.com, and simplyhired.com.

Contact a marijuana staffing agency

If your search isn’t yielding positive results, consider using the services of a staffing agency. Such a company will evaluate your qualifications and look for suitable roles to fill.

Since staffing agencies have connections with different cannabis employers, they can help you find a job quickly. The services are free for employees, making them accessible to everyone interested in working in the cannabis industry.


While waiting to get your dream job, don’t stay idle. Get some industry-specific experience by volunteering for companies in the cannabis sector. This opportunity enables you to demonstrate your dedication to working in the field.

In some cases, the company you’re volunteering with may give you a job because of your commitment.

Be professional during interviews

Key players in the cannabis market deal with many stigmas. To cope with the issue, they make their operations professional by hiring employees with the right attitude and look.

Whether you’re volunteering or trying to get a paid role, be professional in your appearance, conversation, and demeanor.

Let your prospective employers see you as the ideal candidate for the position. This point is particularly crucial if you want to learn how to get into the medical cannabis industry.

Network with the right people

The cannabis industry is a passion-driven sector with many people who’re ready to help newbies grow. Networking with the right individuals allows you to get valuable insights about the field and assists you in getting a well-paying job.

How can you network in the cannabis sector?

  • Attend cannabis or hemp events in your area, such as the Michigan CannaTech Expo, National Marijuana Business Conference, and CDB Expo Tour.
  • Subscribe to marijuana-related newsletters and reply to emails.
  • Collect contacts and business cards of cannabis experts and get in touch with them.
  • Be active in online marijuana communities and forums.
  • Actively engage experienced people in the field.
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Skill up

As a growing industry, many opportunities will continue to open up in the marijuana sector. Employees with the desired expertise and experience will gain access to the new prospects. If you want to establish yourself as an expert in the field, skill up.

Skilling up requires you to get relevant certifications to boost your skills and show your desire to improve. Conventional educational institutions and online learning platforms ease the process of enhancing your expertise.

Another way to skill up is by developing your transferable skills. A positive attitude, ability to adapt, agility, and flexibility are critical competencies to possess. Learn sales and marketing and be tech-inclined too.

Although the marijuana sector has numerous job opportunities, some are more popular than others.

Below are some typical roles in the 420 sector.

Marijana cultivators

These professionals grow and nurture cannabis plants throughout different stages of their development. They cater to the crops’ needs by germinating, planting, cloning, watering, and transplanting them. A cultivation expert also supplies nutrients, air, soil, and light.

If you want to become a cultivation master, get comprehensive knowledge of weed crops. Learn about various strains and their preferred conditions. Understand the growing requirements for boosting each species’ yield.

Retail dispensaries

When cannabis consumers want to buy a product, they typically go to a retail dispensary. The employees at these stores answer questions about the recreational and medicinal uses of various marijuana strains. They also help consumers select the right options.

Depending on the workplace, a dispensary role may also require you to research new cannabis products and ensure compliance with regulatory codes.

How to Become a Budtender: A Complete Guide


These experts trim and manicure weed buds, eliminating unwanted stems and leaves. They may also measure, pack, and label cannabis products for sale.

Although you may take a short course to prepare for this position, most people learn on the job. Trimming is one of the best entry-level roles to consider if you’re getting into the cannabis industry.

Delivery drivers

Many marijuana users prefer ordering cannabis products online and receiving them on their doorsteps. Delivery drivers are the ones in charge of organizing the items and taking them to customers.

The professional must be a licensed, knowledgeable, and careful driver. They also require sales experience and an understanding of the state rules for marijuana transportation, possession, and sales.

Start now!

Numerous marijuana companies are looking for the right candidates to fill different positions. This is the perfect time to launch a career in cannabis and get juicy roles.

Start learning about the opportunities available in the sector and what you need to get into the cannabis industry.

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