Top Cannabis Strains to Grow on your Balcony

Best strains to grow on balcony
December 22, 2020

Limited space or a lack of natural light?  Spotted a discrete spot on your balcony?  Looking for an attractive ‘plant with benefits’?  Well, look no further!  It is more than possible to grow cannabis on your balcony, even in a northern climate.  Growing weed on your balcony could give you the best of both worlds; a great looking plant, that provides you with recreational and medical benefits.  With the right choice of grass, the entire neighborhood doesn’t have to know either.

We’ve put together a list of balcony weed plants, that are shorter than average and don’t mind being outdoors.  It’s got to be said that growing cannabis on your balcony isn’t the easiest thing in colder climates and most cannabis plants do prefer warmer temperatures, but we’re confident that you’ll find a suitable weed to grow on your balcony.

10 top cannabis strains to grow on your balcony:

Girl Scout Cookies x Kush

Girl Scout Cookies crossed with the classic OG Kush is a new strain with even more desirable characteristics than its parents.  It has a unique combo of psychoactive and physical effects that will appeal to both Sativa and Indica lovers.

With Sativa to the fore, a lethargic body high does eventually take hold, soothing tired and painful muscles and the body feels lighter, but not for very long.  A mellow leaden weight pushes down on the body until the desire to kick back and chill is irresistible.

Girl Scout Cookies x Kush’s combination of uplifting and sedating effects make it an ideal grass when meditating, introspecting, brainstorming, or any activity that requires mental acuity and minimal movement.

Newbies and users with low THC tolerance may have found their ideal weed, because this is also a strain that is suitable for beginners to cultivate.  It’s short, compact, standing at 3.5 feet at its highest, and it’s pretty fuss-free to grow indoors. Growing it outside is also a good option.  It’s a naturally hardy plant and resistant to harsh weather and pathogen attacks.

If you’re looking to grow weed on your balcony that has medical benefits, this might be a good choice.  With a 3% CBD to 19% THC content, this strain offers a whole bunch of therapeutic benefits that may help remedy psychological issues, such as stress, anxiety, bipolar disorder, depression, and insomnia.

In addition, this strain’s strong analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and muscle-relaxant properties can help alleviate physical aches and pains, back pains, migraines, arthritis, spasticity and fibromyalgia.

God Bud

God Bud grows to a maximum height of just 3 feet and prospers in small areas like balconies, particularly if you’re blessed with a Mediterranean climate.  It does require some maintenance to get it to reach its full potential.  Its thick foliage will need a little trimming to allow good air circulation and light exposure.  It can get quite bushy, which can lead to moisture buildup and pathogen-related issues, space is also probably at a premium if this grass is growing on your balcony. 

There is no doubt about it, God Bud is smelly!  Beautifully so, but wow!  Outdoor cultivation may invite unwanted attention unless you are a distance from the public, or in a top floor apartment.  Experienced growers will take all this in their stride, however, and should reap fantastic results.

In optimum conditions, a single plant can produce up to 35 ounces of a rather attractive bud.  As the time to harvest approaches, the flowers develop a thick, silver coat of resin and if exposed to cool nighttime temperatures, it can turn a deep shade of plum

Just one drag of God Bud is enough to send the mind away on a hallucinogenic journey. It’s a floaty, trippy high in which everything and anything incites mental arousal. Music sounds better than ever, images and colors appear more vivid, and conversation flows freely.

While you’re enjoying the bustling, giggly cerebral flight, a numbing sensation will start to manifest. It starts in the head, and then moves throughout the whole body, making it feel calm and comfortable. Non-strenuous activities are still possible, but the cozy embrace of the couch may prove too gratifying to leave.

Blueberry x OG Kush

Blueberry x OG Kush is a relatively short and compact weed with strong branches and thin leaves.  When grown outdoors, it is pretty easy to look after and its strong smell is usually carried off on the wind.

Dry climates really help Blueberry x OG Kush to thrive, reducing the chances of mold and mildew developing. However, this cannabis strain can still thrive in the northern hemisphere, in spite of the colder, more humid environment.  Each plant can produce up to 35 ounces of bud.

Blueberry x OG Kush has a THC level of 21% to 24% and, in moderate doses, induces a calming head buzz and tranquilizing body high that’s great for uplifting the spirits and releasing stress.

It is a remarkable recreational strain whose high starts with a euphoric rush, creeping into the temples, uplifting the spirit, and erasing negativity.  Users are left basking in a state of happiness and bliss.

What follows is a light, hazy effect and gentle pressure that travels from the back of the neck and down through the whole body, releasing tension in every muscle it encounters.  Relaxation wraps the body in a heavy, duvet-like, Indica stone that’ll make you want to kick back and chill.

Many people feel drowsy and, depending on the dosage, it may take on an even more sedative-like quality, with sleep as the final result.  Blueberry x OG Kush can be quite intense at times, with its physical effects inducing couch-lock.  

Medicinal users may find relief for treating stress, depression, and anxiety.  Correct dosing is crucial though, otherwise, it may make things worse rather than better.  It’s also said to be an effective painkiller, for the treatment of neuropathic aches and pains.

Candy Punch

Candy Punch can be grown outdoors and fairs best in a Mediterranean style climate, where each plant can produce around 17 ounces. Try to ensure that it’s placed in a spot that gets plenty of sun, and have a garden canopy ready in case of heavy rain.  Using pots may make it easier to move the plant if necessary. 

Candy Punch develops thin, bright green leaves and has a long apical cola that covers the upper half of the main stem together with low-lying, secondary flower clusters.  The flowering buds are flecked with fiery orange pistils and lots of trichomes.  

With a THC percentage, well into the mid-20s, just a single hit from this weed is enough for an incredible, euphoric high, that melts away stress and anxiety.  It also fuels creativity and enhances focus, which may be useful when working, studying, or engaged in artistic pursuits.


A product of several generations of selective breeding, Lowryder is a fast-finishing, hard-kicking, flavorful grass that’s small enough to grow discreetly.

Its diminutive stature and unbelievably delicious taste come from Mexican Rudy, whereas the structure and scent can be credited to a strain called William’s Wonder.  Northern Lights #2 gave this little diamond it’s punch and strength, however, and it packs a real wallop.

Lowryder is a hardy little cannabis plant that will not grow to more than a foot tall and because it doesn’t rely on light cycles to flower, it can thrive almost anywhere.

It is the go-to plant for many novice growers because it’s so simple to cultivate and will even grow in cold places.  Its adaptability, short stature, and minimum maintenance make it the perfect balcony bud.  Outdoor, in a warm, optimal location, Lowryder is absolutely unbelievable and this tiny plant can produce 2.12 to 3.17 ounces.   Oh, and the seed-to-harvest period is only 60 days! Yep, you read that right, but we’ll say it again…Lowryder can be planted, germinated, grown, and harvested in just 60 days.

It may be small and cute, but its THC level of 10% to 20% is sure to provide a satisfying cerebral high.  It won’t come surging in and overwhelm you, but it’ll start gently and gradually intensify until it reaches soaring heights.  Instead of the typical brain-fog, you’ll remain clear-headed and focused, while being uplifted and elated. These two traits are the gifts of its 50% Sativa content.

A relaxing sensation from the Indica side of the coin will follow and the body will feel light and stress-free, but it won’t be couch-locked.  Together, Lowryder’s Indica, Sativa and THC inheritance lend a stabilizing effect that creates a well-balanced mind and body experience. 


Hailing from the mountains of Afghanistan, this plant is a variety of unparalleled quality that is an in-demand parent strain and an ancestor of many of the cannabis market’s most popular hybrids.

A harsh environment and natural selection have made Afghan sturdy and resilient. It can withstand the harsh conditions of its native habitat and is able to resist pests, mold, and disease. The plant also produces good yields of highly-resinous buds. 

An excellent choice for novice growers and connoisseurs alike, it is low maintenance and relatively easy to grow.   Outside, Afghan thrives in a warm Mediterranean style climate. In northern areas, it’s ready for harvest from late October to early November and, if planted in an optimal spot, can easily produce up to 21 ounces per plant.  Afghan’s resinous flowers look as though they came into bloom under a heavy snowfall. 

A pure Indica strain, Afghan will KO with a full-on body high. That wallop comes hand-in-hand with a strong sense of euphoria and happiness, courtesy of the strain’s high THC content.  It is a powerful sedative and just a few tokes are more than enough to induce a WWA style couch-lock.  As with most Indicas, sleep almost inevitably follows.

Afghan Kush

An almost pure Indica strain, like it’s daddy above, AK has a THC level of around 21%, providing deep relaxation and a soaring high.  It’s also claimed to bring a host of therapeutic benefits, making it a popular medicinal herb and, thanks to those evident traits, constant use is a must for many of its loyal users.

Like its Afghan parents, this plant is robust and hardy, resilient to mold and mildew, and able to thrive in harsh terrains.

Wide, rather than tall, the plant’s rich, vivid green foliage grows best when planted outdoors. It prefers a warm and sunny climate, but it’ll also do well in places with colder conditions, yielding up to 21 ounces per plant, right up to the cold north. 

The high levels of THC immediately deliver a strong blow and a small bowl is enough to make users fly like a kite, while also feeling a creeping monstrous body stone. Worries fade and a sense of euphoria settles in, filling the user with glee and giggles.

Couch-lock seems an insufficient description of the body-grip of a Kush Crush!  Be warned, overindulgence is likely to switch off the lights of the most seasoned of tokers.

Afghan Kush is frequently prescribed to patients battling anxiety, depression, and chronic stress, because of its long-lasting and joyful high. It also helps ease muscle tension, bringing a feeling of physical bliss, and it may be useful to people suffering from the loss of appetite and insomnia.


This is a beautiful patio pot-plant or balcony bud.  Killer produces dense, pinecone-shaped buds, brushed with a thick layer of resin, a clear indicator of its potency.  It is happiest on a sunny balcony, where a single plant can produce at least 28 ounces of stunning buds.  As the grow nears harvest, amber pistils spread like wildfire over the flowers; a visual feast, complemented by twinkling trichomes, on a backdrop of purple.

Killer is called Killer for a good reason.  A THC level of up to 30% delivers an all-around punch that takes the mind on an interstellar trip, before gently returning users to earth. Take-off does not take place immediately and it takes quite a while before the buzz begins to kick in.  If you try more than a modest dose, your take-off might soon turn to a crash and burn, so be warned.

In moderate doses, the resulting euphoria takes the weight of stress from your shoulders and your mind and a soothing body buzz trickles down from the temples, melting the muscles with its subtle warmth.

After an hour or two, the heaviness in the limbs intensifies, until sleep is almost inevitable. 

Green Crack x Somango

This new hybrid’s parents are two well loved and fruity tasting strains. Sweet-toothed tokers are in for a sweet ride with this plant.

Green Crack x Somango also offers a remarkable high that manifests as a period of tension-free unwinding. 

Combining these two, predominantly Indica leaning strains, has created a new one blessed with a THC capacity of 15 to 25%. A blissed-out cerebral buzz and far reaching body-stone is almost guaranteed.

It is a dream come true for cultivators, since its heavy Indica heritage makes it a pretty easy grow. A spreader, rather than a vertical grower, it can easily fit on your balcony, without peeking over the top and drawing attention

Another lover of a Mediterranean style climate, this plant prefers a sunny spot and growing outdoors produces a yield of up to 21 ounces per plant.

As the cerebral buzz develops, the physical stone will start to manifest.  The body will feel liberated of tension, tightness and pain and a calmness will enwrap you.  It’s important to ensure the calendar is completely clear when enjoying this strain, though, it can couch-lock within minutes, and induces sleep within a couple of hours.

Blue Cheese

The ease of growing and a natural resistance to mold and mildew, makes Blue Cheese an ideal weed choice for novice gardeners.  Also, it thrives equally well in both outdoor and indoor setups.

Outdoors, Blue Cheese favors plenty of sunshine and can grow up to 2 and a half feet tall, although this is still quite short when compared to most Sativa plants.  Each plant is capable of producing up to 19.4 ounces.

Blue cheese is a gourmet strain and an epicurean’s dream, combining a distinct, bold aroma and a weightless, euphoric high in one plant.  Its effects are relaxing, mellow, and long-lasting, and it tastes incredible. A very popular grass!

Blue Cheese is a perfect mood-enhancer, providing a sense of well-being for mind, body and soul.  The enduring cerebral elevation is slowly followed by a creeping body high and trance-like relaxation.

As with most high THC strains, Blue Cheese is a stress-reliever and has been used to help lift the mood of those suffering from bouts of anxiety and depression.  It also boasts analgesic properties that could provide relief from pain and physical discomfort.

Unless you’re looking for devastating couch-lock and sleep, take this weed low and slow.