How to get rid of weed smell?

A girl smoking weed indoors
April 15, 2020

Most people will agree, that the strong, natural aroma of marijuana is an extremely distinct and bold smell. The smell of weed is, not only obvious, but it’s pungent and it lingers, so at certain times we might want to think about, how to get rid of the smell of weed. In this article we are going to take a look at some ideas.

Every strain of marijuana has a natural aroma and it is generally a strong smell that oddly efforts to breed weed pungency, have not surprisingly fallen short! The rich natural aroma of weed is thankfully here to stay, at least, for the time being. At least, until a Cannabis breeder decide’s too, or figure’s out how to get rid of weed smell, without compromising medicinal potency, enjoyment and the strength and flavor.

The rich tapestry of flavor

The terpenes responsible for the smell of weed are the same ones responsible for the rich tapestry of flavor and for the unique interplay of the marijuana effects. If the smell of pot is eliminated by breeding out the terpenes, then this will eliminate everything natural and good about marijuana. So, you’ll probably agree, that it’s best to leave the terpenes well alone and let’s think about how to get rid of the smell of weed, when it’s smoked, growing and stored?

Weed smells amazing, but, if you’re going to start growing marijuana indoors, or indeed smoking marijuana indoors, then you might want to think about how to get rid of the smell of weed! Basically, you will need to have a few tricks up your sleeve.

Obviously, when you smoke cannabis the natural weed aroma will linger throughout your living space, the same way it does when you are curing weed.

Is there a way to smoke cannabis without the weed smell? 

Over the last decade, many cannabis breeders have been enhancing terpene concentration in both old and new hybrids. These aromatic oils heighten the effects of THC and enrich the plant with flavor. Myrcene, which is also found in hops and thyme, adds peppery notes and pinene, which is also found in pine needles, and rosemary that is responsible for the herbal woodiness and limonene, which is also found in lemon rind and juniper, of which, adds sharp, citrus freshness.

All of these natural, fresh aromatic aroma’s contribute to the beautiful smell of weed, so when we smoke it and grow our own it results in the smell of weed always being more naturally pungent, not less! 

Low odor marijuana

There are a variety of less strong cannabis strains, but, in general high-quality cannabis has a nice strong, natural aromatic smell. However, if the natural smell of weed is causing you or someone else nearby a problem, then try Northern Lights as this weed has a low-odor marijuana strain, so, it’s less pungent in the growth stage and it has great flavor and a good nose in the bowl.

Also, check out, Northern Lights x Blueberry Auto as this has a fairly subtle weed aroma, so getting rid of the weed smell is easier. Although, you may still need to consider buying an anti odor carbon smoke filter and looking at other options.

Anti-odor carbon filters for cannabis

Every growing space should have adequate air circulation, whether it’s a tent, a shed or a closet. Fresh air needs to circulate (into the area) and warm, stale air needs to be eliminated. Even without an anti-carbon filter, having fresh air circulating in and out of the room/space will slightly reduce the weed smell in the immediate area and away from or your cannabis plants.

This easy technique is usually enough to get rid the strong smell of weed during the vegetative stage.

During the flowering stage the trichomes start to develop, so that the aromatic natural weed smell becomes more intense. At this stage in your plant growth, you may want to get rid of the smell of weed with an odor-control carbon filter system becomes a fairly essential option.

By using an adequate air filter system and by adding an activated carbon filter to an existing exhaust system (the higher up the tent, the better), then around 90% of particulates will be trapped and stored by the highly ionized carbon molecules. This means that the air leaves the tent will be barely recognizable from the air inside.

You have a few options, you can go for a complex, expensive air filter system or a cheap and cheerful air filter system that still gets rid of the smell of weed. If you are beginner grower, then opt for the latter, something along these lines:

  1. TerraBloom Premium Carbon Filters
  2. Vivosun Air Odor Control Carbon Filters
  3. Apollo Horticulture Premium Carbon Filters

What is best long term cannabis storage?

So, you’ve grown your cannabis without stinking out your neighborhood and now you need to figure out what is the best long term cannabis storage, without stinking out your storage space! The best way to get rid of weed smell while it is in storage, is in a good-sized, airtight glass mason jar. Mason jars come in all shapes and sizes and mason jars have an airtight lid so these tend to work really well when storing cannabis. Alternatively, you can opt for a ceramic container with an air-tight lid as both options will help to get rid of the smell of weed.

Avoid plastic containers as this causes the weed to sweat. Storing weed in a plastic container is like sunbathing in a trash bag, so avoid this method as air-tight glass mason jars work better.

The airtight weed container should be full, but not crammed full of weed. A half-empty jar or tub means too much oxygen, and a stuffed jar will be too humid. Make sure there is some movement in the container, but not too much. When filling the jar, give it a little shake, but never cram in the weed or stuff your’e weed in. 

When you store your’e weed in an airtight container, it will not smell. Like most natural, dry herbs, weed should be stored in a nice dry, dark and cool cupboard of shelf. Whatever you do, do not put your beautiful weed buds in a fridge! Why? Well, every time you open the fridge door, the temperature and humidity will fluctuate and water will condense on the surface of your buds and this will encourage mold. Storing weed in a fridge is a real rookie mistake.

In short, store weed in an airtight glass container, not a plastic container.

How to smoke weed without the smell?

Smoking cannabis indoors can create a super strong weed aroma, but there are various weed smoking techniques that are better than others. If you’re a big spliff fan, where you use cannabis and tobacco, then getting rid of the smell of weed is a challenge. Our advice? In all honesty, don’t waste your time trying to mask it. It wont work.

However, you can reduce the smell of weed with different air purifiers or take a drag under an extractor fan, or spray air freshener after each drag of a spliff…..these time wasting tricks are not a hack and they simply don’t work! However, it is possible to get rid of the smell of weed from a carpet or a rug by removing it completely while you smoke. Or by painting the walls, as this will get rid of the smell of weed! Although, we can’t quite imagine anyone going to this extreme, just, to get rid of the smell of weed after a smoke!

Okay, so joints, bowls and bongs, are far less obnoxious and there are ways to toot the occasional doob without that unwanted, lasting impression on your furniture.

There are two ways to get rid of the smell of weed by elimination or masking. Let’s take a look;

1. The homegrown sploof

Prevention is better than cure, as they say! So, it is better to get rid of the smell of weed by eliminating the smell, but only consider this if it really bothers you or others. One of our suggestion’s is to get rid of the smell of weed with a homemade sploof.

A homegrown sploof is a filter you exhale into, with the idea being you trap the odor particulates before they’re released into the room. Making a homemade sploof is as easy;

To make a sploof, all you need is a empty toilet roll, a rubber band and a couple of sheets of toiler roll, layered and folded to act as a filter. Place a rubber band over the centre of the toilet roll. If you have patience, try dipping the toilet paper in soap or liquid hand-wash. Then rinse 2-3tbsp of carbon in water to activate it. When it stops foaming, this means it activated. Dry it off quickly, but lightly in paper towels and pour the carbon into the sploof.

Anything with activated carbon, like a homemade sploof will 100% get rid of the smell of weed in your room, but it’s not (you might be shocked to discover) 100% efficient and some residual smells will linger. If you only smoke a few bowls before you go to bed then a sploof will suffice, but a few bowls won’t really smell that bad either.

Empty toilet roll to make a sploof
Empty toilet roll to make a sploof

2. Nag champa

Nag champa are traditional Indian incense sticks made with Ayurvedic recipes using resins, honey, wood, essential oils and herbs. Good brands don’t contain harsh chemicals that can cause a headache but they’re good at getting rid of weed smalls and masking weed smoke after a session. 

Incense stick burning outdoors
Incense stick burning outdoors

3. Patchouli oil

Patchouli is an essential oil extracted from patchouli plants. The sweet, spicy and woody scent can be very calming and aromatherapists love it. It’s a great way to get rid of weed smells and mask the odor of cannabis smoke. With just a few drops in a diffuser this will help to get rid of the smell of weed and Bob’s your uncle, and you know who your aunt is!

A Patchouli essential oil bottle on a worktop
Patchouli oil extracted from Patchouli plant

4. Spray to get rid of weed smell

The smell of marijuana is wonderful, but it can cling onto surfaces and clothes and it can be hard to get rid of. Fear not, as there are odor eliminators that work really well. You may already have a bottle under your sink. Febreze is an option as it arguably works and Zero Odor Multi-Purpose Household Odor Eliminator is also a good option to get rid of the smell of weed.

A household air-freshener spray bottle
Household air-freshener spray

5. Specially formulated odor eliminators

Multi-purpose household cleaners can often get rid of the smell of weed, but don’t go mad and start spraying it everywhere, because the natural smell of weed is way nicer than multi-purpose sprays! However, sometimes needs must so if you are serious about getting rid of the smell of weed for good, then try Ez-Pur Smoke Odor Remover or Kushkey. Both of these are non-toxic, air fresheners that are designed with a spray top for one specific reason, to eliminate smells and they can help you get rid of the smell of weed.

Get rid of weed smell and smoke in the house

Smoking anything indoors leaves a smoke filled blanket of odor particulates in the air and on furniture and these odors can be tough to remove. The best advice is to use a combination of these different suggestions and use your common sense. Remember to Keep the place aired and ventilated while you’re smoking: run a fan, plugin an extractor, use an air-purifier and keep a couple of windows open. Maybe next time a strange lady with the cigar passes by, stop her and ask her to stand outside for a while!

weed smoke
Getting rid of weed smoke at home

If you want to get rid of the smell of weed, use the common sense approach! Make sure you clean and freshen-up surfaces and once you’re done (obviously, this can wait until the morning). If you’re having a lone toot and you want to get rid of the smell of weed, then you could try smoking in the bathroom with the window open and the shower running, however, this is not cool because it will drain on your household energy resources and it is not good for the environment. 

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