A Beginner’s Guide with Kyle Kushman: EP 14 – Drying and Curing Your Cannabis Buds

A Beginner’s Guide with Kyle Kushman: EP 14 – Drying and Curing Your Cannabis Buds
Author avatar By Kyle Kushman
June 01, 2020

When drying your cannabis, the rule of thumb is to let the plants hang in a nice climate-controlled environment for 7 to 10 days, maybe 14 days at most.

Once the harvest appears fairly dry, perform these simple tests to confirm if it’s ready for curing:

  • Bud check

    You have to use your touch and feel the actual flower to know if it’s time to jar them up. There should still be some springiness to the bud when you squeeze into it. It is going to continue to dry in such a state but won’t completely dry out and leave you with a pile of dust.
  • Snap test

    Besides the flowers, the stem will tell you if you are done drying. What you want is a stem that snaps and creates a little crack rather than bends or breaks in half. Once that is achieved, you can take the flowers and remove them from the stem. You will get a little snap from the stem and a tiny piece of hemp is going to roll along as you try to pull it off. That shows there’s still some water left in the stem — perfect time for bucking and getting ready for trimming.
  • Smoke test

    Before sealing, do a smoke test to know whether your flowers are ready for storage. It is like taking a car for a test drive prior to making the purchase. This ultimately tells you if the product is in the right condition. Take the bud, roll it up into a joint, and light it. If the joint stays lit, that is a good indicator that you can seal those buds up.

After making sure the flowers are all set, it is time to seal them in a container. Some growers use rubber-maids, but glass jars are best for curing. Here’s what you have to do:

  • Break down the buds as much as you can, leaving as little stem on them as possible.
  • Fill the jars completely to the top.
  • Give the jar a nice shake so the flowers settle down a little bit. There should not be too much oxygen in there, so doing this fills the gaps.
  • Close those jar and leave it for a couple of days.
  • Open the jar to check. If you smell candy, congratulations! You can close the jar again and leave the flowers for as long as you like. However, if you smell a little ammonia, that means you put the flowers in the jar a little too soon. You have to discard the buds and dry it all out. Unfortunately, your curing is over – this time.

No matter the result, remember that curing is an art form, and you’ll get better every time you do it. It’s always worth the effort because cured weed is so much better than uncured weed.

We’ll see you again soon!