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August 03, 2020

The new Homegrown Cannabis Co. Forum is officially live. Starting from today you can join a community of growers and start to build your own support networks to help and be helped by fellow homegrowers.

The aim is to create a friendly online meeting place for homegrowers to share methods, tips and other information they have learned throughout their growing experience.

This forum allows you to show off your grow and help others gain the knowledge they need to achieve top quality results from the comfort of their home. Find answers to the most pertinent questions regarding growing marijuana in real time from real people.

To make discussions easier, the forum consists of 11 different categories, these are:


Growing marijuana for the first time doesn’t need to be so difficult, in this section, first time growers will be able to share their experiences and gain valuable knowledge from more experienced homegrowers to improve their abilities and make growing cannabis at home a lot easier for them.

Within the Beginner section, you will find different topics of discussion like Grow FAQs, Environmental Control & Issues , Autoflower Support and more to make finding the right information as easy as possible.


Growing marijuana indoors is extremely popular for homegrowers as not everyone has the luxury of being able to grow cannabis outside. Whether this is your first time growing or your tenth time, this section can be useful to anyone growing marijuana indoors.

This category covers a whole range of topics and issues relating to growing marijuana indoors such as Lights & Ventilation, Harvesting and more. Using these sections will ensure that users can effectively navigate the forums and find the information they want. Furthermore it also allows growers to share relevant information easier.


While this is not something available to everyone, growing cannabis outdoors has numerous perks. Growing cannabis in its natural environment can be extremely cost-effective in terms of the equipment needed to start growing.

Here you can find topics ranging from Seeds & Growsite to Plant Care. All the information found in the Outdoor category should benefit outdoor growers and help to harness the natural environment and maximize the amount of marijuana they harvest from their plants.


Hydroponics is a broad field with a number of different options and opinions pertaining to the best way to grow marijuana using this method. With numerous different methods and systems for growing cannabis with hydroponics, it’s easy to get confused by it all.

In this section you will find relevant information neatly split into different categories to make your life easier, for example you might want more information on Nutrients & Mediums or you might just want to learn about Basic Hydroponics.


Similar to hydroponics in the sense that you are still feeding the plants directly. However, where aquaponics differs is that you are using natural produce and waste to mimic the conditions of a natural environment. This involves breeding fish in a tank. The fish’s excrement feeds bacteria, which in turn converts it into ready-to-use nutrients for the plants.

You will find more information on Aquaponics Systems and Fish as well as other topics over on our forum.

Soil Building

The importance of soil is not that it only serves as an anchor for the roots, keeping the whole plant upright. It is also a container for nutrients, water, and oxygen molecules to feed your marijuana plant and ensure that it remains healthy and grows as well as possible.

Plant Care

Maintaining and looking after your marijuana plants throughout the grow cycle is a very important facet of the whole process.

Find out information regarding the best Nutrients for your plants or what kind of Environmental Stress plus much more advise on things to take into account when it comes to caring for your cannabis plants.

Microbes, Funghi and Bacteria

This is critical to maintaining healthy soil and subsequently a healthy marijuana plant. Good bacteria helps break down natural waste and convert it to nutrition for your plants. However, there is also bad bacteria to watch out for. Here you will find vast amounts of information on all of the above and maybe you will be able to share your own experiences or knowledge on the subject too.


As medical marijuana becomes increasingly popular, the demand for information regarding homegrowing cannabis for medicinal purposes has also grown. Here you will be able to find tips and tricks on growing marijuana with strong medicinal properties as well as accounts from growers and consumers alike.


Still can’t find the answer to your question? Or maybe your question isn’t regarding growing marijuana but more so about cannabis in general. Whether it’s new, updates on your grow or anything else related to marijuana that doesn’t fit into any of the aforementioned categories, you should be able to find it here.

Homegrown Cannabis Co. Strains

Homegrown Cannabis Co. has a lot of strains with a lot of different traits when it comes to how to grow and how they grow. For example, Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds will grow quicker but smaller than Feminized Marijuana Seeds and specific strains of both will have differences. For specific information on growing any of the seeds available from us, look no further than this section!