Baller Mix pack
From $177.00 to $380.00
Baller Mix pack
Baller Mix pack
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  • Crystal Feminized Cannabis Seeds
  • Gold Leaf Feminized Cannabis Seeds
  • Super Silver Haze Feminized Cannabis Seeds
Cultivar description
The desire and the need to consume cannabis can come in anytime. For this reason, it is crucial to have cultivars suitable to use at different times of the day. The Baller Mixpack, which consists of Gold Leaf, Super Silver Haze, and Crystal, fulfills this demand. During the day, when sluggishness and apathy hinder productivity

Baller Mix pack

Mix Pack
From $177.00 to $380.00
All day, everyday perfection.
  • Crystal Feminized Cannabis Seeds
  • Gold Leaf Feminized Cannabis Seeds
  • Super Silver Haze Feminized Cannabis Seeds
As low as $177.00
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Baller Mix pack by Kyle Kushman

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Cultivar description

The desire and the need to consume cannabis can come in anytime. For this reason, it is crucial to have cultivars suitable to use at different times of the day. The Baller Mixpack, which consists of Gold Leaf, Super Silver Haze, and Crystal, fulfills this demand.

During the day, when sluggishness and apathy hinder productivity, Super Silver Haze can be of great help. The Skunk, Northern Lights, and Haze three-way hybrid uplifts the spirit while boosting vigor. All the better, the bud also enhances creative thinking and focus. These effects make it advantageous to use for work, school, or even when engaging in artistic endeavors. Moreover, such mental and physical influence earned it the moniker “King of Sativa cultivars,” along with a 1st place win in the High Times Cannabis cup of 1998 and 1999, then 3rd in 2007.

The sweet, earthy Gold Leaf, on the other hand, is an after-work variant. Although still of mysterious ancestry, what is certain is that the bud is perfect for nighttime relaxation. It is a slightly Indica-leaning source of lethargic bliss and, eventually, deep sleep. Because it induces uncontrollable laughter, the flower is also great for group sessions-cum-sleepover. Have everything in hand, though, as moving can be a bit challenging.

Crystal is another Indica-heavy cannabis that is excellent for pre-bedtime use. Like its parent White Widow, it comes with a powerful burst of euphoria that blows worries away. Not to be outdone, its genetics from the legendary Northern Lights allows it to bestow intense, discomfort-free relaxation. Although its effects do not manifest immediately, this piney creeper provides lasting head to toe high that makes the wait worth it.

Besides the fun from the Baller trio, count on gaining therapeutic relief courtesy of their above 20% average THC level as well. All three cultivars provide mental freedom from stress, anxiety, depression, Bipolar disorder, severe mood swings, as well as PTSD. On the physical side, thanks to their analgesic and anti-inflammatory features, alleviation from the painful symptoms of migraines, PMS, rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn's disease, among many others, can also be expected.

To have ample supply of these beneficial buds, growing the Baller cultivars is the best option. The plants have a manageable indoor size but develop into towering beasts when nurtured by Mother Nature herself. Regardless where they are grown, though, enormous yields are up for grabs as long as the Homegrown Cannabis Co cultivars are provided sufficient TLC.

Growing Baller Mixpack

The Baller plants thrive in locations with consistent summer weather like Mediterranean Europe, California, and Australia. If this cannot be assured, it is recommended to grow indoors as Super Silver Haze is especially sensitive to unfavorable changes. Although the needs of cannabis vary depending on the growth cycle, a comfortable room temperature of 20 to 26°C and RH levels between 40 to 50% when fruiting is ideal.

All three can be grown in a SOG set-up to maximize the area and yield. Restrict the vegetative cycle to 1 to 2 weeks to keep the floras small. Also provided regular trim as their branching and leaf growth are excessive. If allowed to their own devices, the lower vegetation may not receive enough light, resulting in very small secondary colas. Moreover, heavy leafing tends to hinder airflow, which, in turn, increases humidity and invites pathogens, among others.

Gold Leaf

Of fascinating bright yellow top foliage, Gold Leaf indeed looks golden during the flowering cycle. Many cannabis cultivars undergo the same color transformation in the same portion. However, the lemon hue of this Baller is especially vivid.

Apart from its undeniable beauty, the Indica beauty is also a productive mother. It reaches around 3 to 4 ft tall indoors and produces up to 650 grams of pine-shaped buds per square meter after 8 to 9 weeks of fruiting. On the other hand, if grown in agreeable outdoor conditions, the plant stretches into a 7 ft tall giant. The expansive growth also increases the cropping up to 800 grams per plant. In the northern hemisphere, the massive harvest starts by late September to mid-October.

Super Silver Haze

With a name that paints a picture of its abundant resin production, Super Silver Haze make heads turn with its glimmering potency. Concealed by this shining glaze of trichomes are dense buds that often take the shape of winter mittens. Some, however, may be tapered and appear more like peppers or pine cones. When it comes to its leafage and structure, the famous cannabis looks more Indica than a Sativa. Its branches are thick and sturdy. Meanwhile, its foliage is heavily heaped with broad-bladed leaves. As for the plant's height, it stays below 5.5 ft in controlled environments and up to 7.5 ft in open-air settings.

Out of the Baller cultivars, Super Silver Haze is the most delicate one. It expresses satisfaction or otherwise through its yield. If given suitable grow conditions, 450 to 550 grams per square meter of indoor space can be harvested after a 9-week flowering period. Expect the same volume from each plant grown outdoors, which are ready for collection by mid-October in the northern hemisphere.

To obtain such amount, also add plenty of iron, magnesium, and zinc in its diet paired with constant monitoring. If possible, employ hydroponic cultivation as well for best results. Apart from SOG, note that the cultivar responds well to ScrOG and LST too.


The name of Crystal says its all. With an excessive resin production, this Baller assures glueyness and, therefore, potency in every bud. It reaches around 3 feet tall indoors and flowers for 9 to 10 weeks. Come harvest, 400 to 500 grams of sticky nugs for every square meter are available for gathering. Meanwhile, when grown outdoors, the plant grows up 10 ft high due to the influence of its 40% Sativa genetics. Thankfully, this stretch translates to bigger yields, with each plant producing up to 750 grams. In the upper part of the equator, be ready to collect by the end of September to early October.

Fragrance and Flavor

Gold Leaf and Crystal share a similar fragrance and flavor description. They have strong earthy quality with piney undertones. Even more interesting, both cultivars also have the taste of cultivated soil with a touch of kerosene-like flavor. Meanwhile, Super Silver Haze has a kick of citrus, along with a powerful skunky scent. When breathed in, the sour and slightly sweet lemony savor is present but this time with a spicy herbal addition.


Daytime routines can benefit from the enhancements Super Silver Haze offers. When suffering from the pull of melancholy, count on the euphoric, mood-uplifting push of this bud. Also anticipate a flood of ideas that may be favorable when seeking creative undertakings. Without negative thoughts and a happy, busy mind, better things are bound to happen. More so, with the boost in physical vitality that permits the body to move with ease.

After the hustle, a holistic relaxation from Gold Leaf and Crystal awaits. As with SSH, these two buds send the mind flying high in a state of joy. The difference, however, is that they calm the body instead of energizing it. There is a pleasant softening sensation from the neck down, making moving the least most important activity on the list. Then, after a few hours of taking it easy on the couch while the mind explores, sleep will inevitably happen. It ensures complete rest so that the next day can be approached with optimal functions.

Note that the three baller cultivars induce extreme hunger. Hence, it is best to have nibbles within reach as looking for food throughout the high may be an inconvenience. Moreover, Gold Leaf causes uncontrollable giggle fits. Although it can be enjoyed solo, having friends to enjoy it with can be a lot of fun.

Mixed Baller Pack

The Baller Mixpack fulfills cannabis needs and desires that may arise at different times of the day. Super Silver Haze prevents or stops sluggishness that hinders daytime productivity. More than that, it also enhances creative thinking and physical energy. Gold Leaf and Crystal, on the other hand, are after-work variants. They are perfect for nighttime relaxation due to the lethargic bliss and guaranteed deep sleep they offer.

Moreover, the Baller trio provides mental freedom from stress, anxiety, depression, Bipolar disorder, severe mood swings, as well as PTSD. Thanks to their analgesic and anti-inflammatory features, the cultivars also alleviate pain caused by the likes of migraines, PMS, rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn's disease, among many others.

To have an abundant supply of these beneficial buds, cultivating the Homegrown Cannabis Co plants is the best option. The floras are best grown indoors but also thrive in optimal outdoor conditions. Even better, they all give a massive harvest after flowering for only 9 to 10 weeks.

Baller Mix pack
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