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marijuana seeds for beginners

Beginner Weed Seeds

Homegrowers rejoice, we have a great selection of cannabis seeds suited for beginners.

The Easiest Marijuana Seeds To Grow · Buy Cannabis Seeds Online

With stable genetics alongside fast flowering times and simple, straight-forward maintenance, these seeds are some of the easiest marijuana seeds to grow.

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  1. Diesel Feminized
    • THC Level: 14%
    • CBD Level: 0.2%
    • Plant Type: Mostly Sativa
    Diesel Feminized
    Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines.
    per seed
  2. Blueberry Head Band Feminized
    • THC Level: 16%
    • CBD Level: 0.5%
    • Plant Type: Hybrid
    Blueberry Head Band Feminized
    Once tasted, never forgotten!
    per seed
  3. Lemon Garlic OG Feminized
    • THC Level: 20%
    • CBD Level: 0.6%
    • Plant Type: Mostly Indica
    Lemon Garlic OG Feminized
    Banish stress, worries and troublesome vampires.
    per seed
  4. Bruce Banner Feminized
    • THC Level: 27%
    • CBD Level: 0.8%
    • Plant Type: Mostly Sativa
    Bruce Banner Feminized
    You won't like me when I'm angry
    per seed
  5. Critical + Feminized
    • THC Level: 18%
    • CBD Level: 0.3%
    • Plant Type: Hybrid
    Critical + Feminized
    A plant that crosses Big Bud with aromatic Skunk.
    per seed
  6. California Orange x Skunk Feminized
    • THC Level: 16%
    • CBD Level: 0.2%
    • Plant Type: Mostly Sativa
    California Orange x Skunk Feminized
    A must-have for fans of the Orange family.
    per seed
  7. The Easiest Marijuana Seeds To Grow · Buy Cannabis Seeds Online

    With stable genetics alongside fast flowering times and simple, straight-forward maintenance, these seeds are some of the easiest marijuana seeds to grow.

Grow Marijuana Easy

Growing cannabis can be intimidating for beginners, how easy growing marijuana is largely depends on what cannabis strains you are growing. In this section, we have compiled the easiest marijuana seeds to grow meaning that beginner growers now have access to the easiest way to grow weed. Whether you are growing cannabis using a hydroponic system or a soil-based method, growing cannabis indoors with a grow tent or growing outdoors - these marijuana strains are the easiest cannabis to grow.

Most novice growers will be growing indoor marijuana strains, while some may be growing outdoor strains, far less people have that option. As well as choosing the correct marijuana strain, another tip to grow marijuana easy would be to research what grow tent, grow lights, soil mix or hydroponic system suits the marijuana strain you want to grow best. Some weed strains will require different light cycles, for example some strains require 12 hours of light per day while some may require over 18 hours of light. Or some marijuana strains prefer high temperatures and others require a cooler climate. These are just some of the factors to consider when trying to grow marijuana easy while still producing high yields of top quality cannabis.

The environment marijuana is grown in can impact THC levels, CBD levels, yields and more, if particular cannabis strains aren’t grown in the correct climate, it can be detrimental to the growth cycle and development of your weed plants.


Growing Cannabis Indoors or Outdoors: What’s The Easiest Way To Grow Weed?

Whether growing indoors or outdoors, it is important for cannabis growers to create a suitable environment for their marijuana plants to grow in. When growing cannabis indoors, you will have to find a suitable space to grow in or buy a grow tent to ensure that not only do your plants have ample space to grow but also get the correct grow lights and then monitor temperature and humidity.

Furthermore you will need to decide which method you want to use to grow, you could use soil based growing, whereby you need to ensure that your soil has the required nutrients in the correct quantities to maximize the growth of your plants. Or another popular method is using a hydroponic system, growing cannabis hydroponically means you use a water-based solution packed with nutrients to feed the plants directly and an inert growing medium instead of soil.

Whether using soil or a hydroponics system, you must remember to water your plants regularly and ensure that they are hydrated (not too much) and well fed. Monitoring humidity and watering your plants are great ways to combat problems like powdery mildew and root rot.

When it comes to light cycles, different marijuana strains have different needs, some easier to manage than others. With most feminized marijuana seeds and regular cannabis seeds, you will be required to alter the light cycle throughout the growth of your plants depending on the growth stage.

However, autoflowering seeds generally have a more relaxed light cycle that does not need changing regularly, many growers stick to a 12-12 light cycle, meaning the plant gets 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness everyday. Autoflower seeds are favored by beginners because they are some of the fastest growing cannabis seeds but they also grow smaller and are generally easier to maintain.


Maintaining temperature and humidity levels can be difficult, too much humidity can lead to things like powdery mildew which can be detrimental to your plants growth. It’s really important for cannabis growers, beginners or veterans, to pay close attention to this and spot things like powdery mildew as soon as they start to develop so that they can be dealt with before they ruin your grow.

What Will Help Me Grow Marijuana Easy?

If you are a beginner grower, why not check out Kyle Kushman’s Growing Cannabis Guides to get a better idea on what grow tent, grow lights and other equipment you will need as well as the different cannabis seeds and how to set up your grow space.

Homegrown Cannabis Co. aims to help its customers through every step of the process, for us it doesn’t just end with purchasing seeds, we want our customers to be able to grow marijuana easy. If you are looking for the easiest way to grow and need some advice in real time, why not head over to the Homegrown Forum and seek advice from fellow cannabis growers on numerous different topics all relating to growing marijuana. 

What Are The Easiest Marijuana Seeds To Grow?


  • Blueberry x Cream Cheese Autoflower Marijuana Seeds: Blueberry is an in-demand marijuana strain, it is now the parent of a few hybrids, but none are easier to grow than this one. Blueberry x Cream Cheese is adored by consumers for its blend of creaminess and fruity sweetness in both the smell and flavor, while growers love it because it is one of the easiest marijuana seeds to grow and it produces great autoflower yields.

  • Girl Scout Cookies x Blue Headband Feminized Marijuana Seeds: A well balanced strain which takes the best traits from Girl Scout Cookies and combines them with Blue headband. A rare weed strain that you don’t see too often which makes it all the more special. With high THC levels of up to 22% mean this marijuana strain offers equal amounts of energy and sleepiness when consumed which makes it a good medical marijuana strain as well as a great recreational weed strain. To top it all off, a flowering time of 8-10 weeks as well as its ability to grow in varied temperatures and climates make this one of the easiest marijuana seeds to grow.

  • Sweet Tooth x Gorilla Glue Feminized Marijuana Seeds: With high yields of high THC level buds you wouldn’t expect this to be some of the easiest cannabis to grow. But Sweet Tooth x Gorilla Glue Feminized is one of the easiest marijuana seeds to grow. By inheriting the high THC level of Gorilla Glue as well as the mixed sweet and sour flavours of Sweet Tooth - Sweet Tooth x Gorilla Glue packs a potent, euphoric high which gradually mellows into soothing relaxation while tasting fruity, citrusy sweet.

  • White Widow x California Snow Autoflower Marijuana Seeds: White Widow has been a favourite strain of consumers for many years now for its strong psychedelic high used to inspire creativity as well as the appearance of its crystal-like resinous buds. California Snow is also known for its trichomes and resin, now mixed with White Widow in an autoflower strain, cannabis growers can produce resinous buds quicker than ever before. If you want to grow marijuana easy and produce top-quality buds then look no further than White Widow x California Snow Autoflower which is among the easiest cannabis to grow!

‘Grow Weed Easy’ Seeds: What Are The Most Popular Marijuana Strains?

As luck would have it, some of the most legendary, award winning weed strains are also some of the easiest marijuana seeds to grow, for example a strain like Blue Dream Feminized can be easy for beginners to grow, however there are some that are even easier. With the right grow lights and equipment, beginners should be able to produce high yields of top quality cannabis with these strains.


  • Blueberry x Jack Herer Autoflower Marijuana Seeds: What do you get when you combine Jack Herer, a sativa strain known for its happy high, and Blueberry, a fruit flavoured indica strain with powerful relaxing effects? You get Blueberry x Jack Herer, to help cannabis growers grow marijuana easy we now have this marvelous hybrid available as an autoflower seed. A great daytime strain which can improve your mood and motivation when consumed.

  • Girl Scout Cookies x Cheese Feminized Marijuana Seeds: The offspring of Girl Scout Cookies and Cheese has a strong psychedelic effect when consumed. As a result of this, some consider it a good medical marijuana strain as it boosts moods making it potentially capable of diminishing the effects of anxiety, stress and depression. With these seeds being feminized, it is now far easier for cannabis growers to produce potent trichome covered buds with a high THC percentage of around 21%. This is suitable for growing indoors and outdoors.

  • 24K Gold Feminized Marijuana Seeds: From its appearance to its effects, this award winning strain is spectacular. A mix of the indica Kosher Kush and the sativa Tangerine Dream, 24K Gold tends to lean more towards the indica side but the high begins with strong feelings of euphoria. Being amongst some of the easiest cannabis to grow and with an average growing time of 9-10 week, this is an award winning strain suitable for beginners.

  • Blueberry x Big Bud Autoflower Marijuana Seeds: An indica dominant hybrid with a powerful mind and body high have led to this being used as both recreational and medical marijuana. This plant is sturdy to support the large flowers from one its parents, Big Bud, so growers can expect high yields. However, this plant does not occupy too much vertical space and can fit nicely in a grow tent and being an autoflower it has a fast growth cycle. When consumed, it has the sweet, fruity taste from its other parent, Blueberry.
  • Critical x Northern Lights Autoflower Marijuana Seeds: When the parents are two award winning strains, Critical Mass and Northern Lights, you know the resulting hybrid will be great. Critical x Northern Lights Autoflower takes the best traits of its parent strains and has been crossed with ruderalis to give it a faster flowering time and overall growth cycle. This is some of the easiest cannabis to grow, furthermore it only takes 6-8 weeks to grow which also makes it one of the fastest. Critical x Northern Lights is a well balanced hybrid, with equal sativa and indica effects which results in a strong soaring high.


If you check the Homegrown Cannabis Co. website regularly, you may find some of the weed strains above in the cheap cannabis seeds section. In the cheap weed seeds section you can find a lot of great, award winning strains available as buy 1 get 1 free weed seeds. This means you can get double the seeds for the exact same price.

Where to Buy The Easiest Marijuana Seeds To Grow USA?

Cannabis seeds can be bought either through walk-in stores or online shopping. The latter offers several advantages - convenience and accessibility being first and foremost. However, you also run the risk of purchasing poor quality seeds, mainly because there is no definite way for you to tell feminized seeds apart from those that are not, this will lead to difficulties for growers further down the line. To make your experience growing marijuana as easy as possible, it is very important for customers to purchase seeds from a reputable cannabis seed bank like Homegrown Cannabis Co. Because these kernels are sourced from stable mothers with the best traits, the offsprings are guaranteed to possess superior genetics to help produce top quality yields while being suitable for beginners. We want our customers to have access to the easiest way to grow weed, and it all starts with our top quality cannabis seeds.

Homegrown Cannabis Co. provides customers with the widest choice possible - we know that there is a strain out there for every cannabis consumer - and we focus on making your buying experience and after care as painless as we can. If what you want is to buy cannabis seeds today and get to planting, we'll make that happen for you!

See for yourself what our customers think, check out thousands of Homegrown reviews.

When buying marijuana seeds online, you'll just need a US address and access to any one of our numerous payment methods. Homegrown Cannabis Co. has hundreds of easy to grow weed seeds for sale - the widest range on the market and then some.

Don't forget, you can also purchase bulk orders from us using the wholesale enquiry form on your easiest marijuana seeds to grow - we can provide up to 50,000 seeds of any strain from available stock for commercial purposes. Alternatively, if you are a homegrower or variety seeking strains we offer 4 Packs, 8 Packs, 12 Packs and 25 Packs of all of our marijuana strains.  Feel free to revisit us every few weeks to see what is fresh and new or just to add to your collection.

Make sure to do adequate research on your strain of choice and ensure that the expected height and other growing requirements of specific cannabis strains are something you’re going to be prepared for in advance.  To that end why not take a look at our Grow Your Own section with an industry legend, Kyle Kushman, offering the best advice you can find.

If you can’t find the answers to your questions on our website, please reach out to our team on+1 (760) 313-7455 or by using the ticket submission section in the bottom right of your screen.  If you have grow related questions then get the answers you need by visiting and engaging with our growing community.

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