Monster Cropping: The Definitive Guide

Monster Cropping: The Definitive Guide
Author avatar By Parker Curtis
January 04, 2022

Don’t be scared. This growing method doesn’t involve the Bogeyman, vampires, or furry beasts. Monster cropping gets its name from the number of massive plants you get from cloning

If you’re looking forward to becoming experienced in cloning cannabis, you need to try monster cropping cannabis plants. The benefits are out of this world, and you’ll love the huge harvests you produce. 

Continue reading to find out what monster cropping is, the pros and cons, how it improves your yields, a step-by-step guide, and the best strains to use

Let’s get started! 

Growing cannabis clones
Cannabis clones

What is monster cropping? 

Monster cropping is a technique of cloning that doesn’t require a mother plant. If you’re unfamiliar with a mother plant, it’s a marijuana crop that growers keep in the vegetative stage for cloning. 

With this technique you take parts of a plant that’s in the early flowering stage [check our report on “first signs of the flowering stage” for more detailed info]. You force the clippings back into the vegetative stage through light training and allow them to mature

Monster cropping should be left to experienced growers because it’s difficult to perfect. First, you need to become a master at cloning with the traditional method. Then, it’ll be easier when you try and you’ll have more successful harvests. 

Why would a cultivator opt to monster crop instead of normal cloning methods? This technique gets its name for a reason. The clones are bigger and bushier in size, producing a monster-sized harvest and stronger crops

How do you choose which plant to use for monster cropping? When you buy a pack of cannabis seeds, each plant tends to mature slightly differently, even if they’re the same strain. Choose a crop that’s superior to the rest. The monster crop clones will become even better than the original, resulting in a successful harvest. 

Canopy of cannabis plants
Cannabis Plants in Early Flowering

Is monster cropping good?

There are pros and cons to this technique. Let’s take a deeper look into the advantages and disadvantages. 


  • No mother plant required 

You need a separate growing room to house your mother plant to ensure it doesn’t start flowering. This requires more time, money, and energy to maintain. With monster cropping, you can use any crop that’s in the early flowering stage. 

  • Enhances an already good crop

When choosing which plant to use for monster cropping, pick the best of the grow room. The clones already have superior genes and are trained to be even better than the original. The crops are stronger and more resistant to mold, mildew, and other pathogens

  • Better harvest

Monster cropping results in high-yielding harvests with increased bud density. The plants are bushier with larger nugs and produce more branches. 

  • Continuous growing cycle

Create numerous clones and a continuous growth cycle from just one plant. 

  • Use with other growing methods

Pair monster cropping with other growing techniques like pruning, low and high-stress training, Sea of Green, and Screen of Green. Combining two or more methods results in even better harvests. 

How to set up a SCROG net
Screen of Green (ScrOG) Method


  • Only works with photoperiodic crops

Use regular or feminized cannabis seeds to monster crop. Autoflower plants can’t be forced back into the vegetative stage. 

  • The success rate isn’t 100% 

A lot of stress gets put on the clone through monster cropping. Take some clippings from roots, and mature them into bushy high-yielding plants. The reality is, many of the clippings can’t handle the high stress and will never root. The clones need an optimal climate with perfect conditions, which is hard to achieve. 

  • Not for beginners

Growing marijuana is becoming a new hobby for lots of people now that many states have legalized cultivating at home. Monster cropping requires ample experience and is extremely difficult for beginners. 

  • It’s a slow process

If you’re successful with getting clippings to root, you’ll need a lot of patience. This process takes weeks and sometimes even months for the clones to make roots. 

Will monster cropping increase my yield?

Monster cropping is successful the more experienced you are. If you’ve done it before, you’ll have better results each time. 

Once you perfect your skills, yes, monster cropping will significantly increase your yields. From one plant, you get multiple harvests and can continually grow. That means from a single crop; you can get an indefinite amount of weed. 

Manipulate the clones to produce bushy plants with more branches and a higher nug density. If you can extend the vegetative stage a few weeks, you’ll have even more buds and branches. 

Cannabis Clones

Monster cropping step by step: how to monster crop your cannabis plants

Now that you’ve heard all of the benefits, follow our step-by-step guide for the best results. 

First, gather the materials you’re going to need for the procedure. 

  • A marijuana plant from Homegrown Cannabis Co. seeds in the early flowering stage.
  • Sharp and sterilized scissors or knife.
  • Glass containers filled with purified water.
  • Rockwool cubes or perlite.

Once you have everything together, you’re ready to start monster cropping. 

  1. Choose the best marijuana crop you have in your grow room. The plant needs to be sturdy, tall, and healthy. Never choose a crop that has signs of illness, is weak, or has any obscure features. 
  2. Select one of the lower branches to clip, as these tend to be easier to root than the top ones. 
  3. Cut on a 45 degree in a swift motion with your sterilized scissors. 
  4. Place the clipping directly into the glass of purified water. 
  5. Clean your scissors. Continue making cuts until you have what you want. Make sure to disinfect scissors every time to reduce the risk of disease. 
  6. Leave the monster crop clippings in the containers until roots appear. Continually refill water because you never want them to be dry. 
  7. When you see small roots form, place Rockwool cubes of perlite to mature stronger roots. 
  8. Once you have matured roots, revert your clippings back into the vegetative stage. Do this by adjusting the lighting schedule. Most growers use an 18/6 schedule, but the clones can handle a full 24 hours of light as well. 
  9. You know your clippings are back in the vegetative stage when they mature in off ways with a lot of branches and rounder leaves. 
  10. As the vegetative stage begins, cultivate the clones like other plants. 
  11. (Optional) Now it’s time to combine other techniques with monster cropping. Utilize Sea of Green, Screen of Green, or pruning to help increase your yield. 
  12. (Optional) When the clones reach the early flowering stage, repeat these steps to produce more clippings to monster crop again. 

Monster cropping indoor plants

Monster cropping works best indoors because the plants need optimal growing conditions. You have more control over the climate of your grow room when it’s inside. 

Space is the number one problem when growing indoors. Ways to help keep your monster cropped plants at a manageable height are the Sea of Green, Screen of Green, or pruning. 

The Sea of Green is a method that encourages outward growth. Place 4 to 7 plants of the same strain a foot apart. During the vegetative stage, slightly bend the branches, so they begin to intertwine and mature together. The monster cropped plants stay shorter. 

The Screen of Green is another technique similar to the above with a screen over the crops. The branches grow in and out of the holes of the screen horizontally. Eventually, the plants intertwine. 

Pruning is when you make small cuts to the crop. You can trim monster cropped plants using topping, fimming, or lollipopping techniques. 

Marijuana early flower
Marijuana Plant in Early Flower Stage

Monster cropping outdoor plants

Monster cropping outdoors is a bigger challenge. Only do it if you live in a climate that’s consistently warm and sunny year-round. Remember, you must re-veg the clones with 18 to 24 hours of light. There isn’t enough sun during the northern states’ fall and winter, and the days aren’t warm enough. 

The process of monster cropping outdoor plants doesn’t differ too much from our step-by-step guide.

Begin by gathering the same materials and wait until your plant is in the first weeks of flowering. Cut the branches off in a similar way. Put the clippings into the glass of water and bring them indoors. 

Don’t keep the clones outdoors because it’s less likely roots will form. Indoors you can control the climate to ensure root development. Once the clones are mature enough, it’s time to take them outdoors again. 

Plant the clones outdoors in an area that gets plenty of sunlight and care for them as you would other marijuana crops. Your monster cropped plants will grow into bushy high-yielding marijuana crops in a few weeks. 

Planting cannabis clones
Planting cannabis clone

What strains work best with monster cropping?

Only do monster cropping with regular or feminized seeds. It’s impossible to perform with autoflowering seeds because you can’t revert the clones back to the vegetative stage. 

We recommend using feminized seeds over regular seeds because you don’t have to deal with picking out the male plants. Feminized plants tend to be stronger and handle high stress, creating better monster cropping clones. 

Choose strains with a short flowering time from 8 to 10 weeks for monster cropping. Use indica dominant strains because they’re less dependent on light, so reverting the clones back to the vegetative stage is easier. 

Shishkaberry Kush feminized seeds produce ideal plants from monster cropping as the specs meet all the basic requirements. It’s indica dominant, flowers in 8 to 10 weeks, photoperiod flowering style, and sturdy. On top of that, the plants contain 16 to 21% THC and have a delicious berry taste. 

Another great strain to try monster cropping with is the plants from Lavender feminized seeds. It won Best Indica in the 2005 High Time Cannabis Cup. The harvest contains 15 to 19% THC and has an herbal lavender flavor. When consumed, you get a relaxing body high as your mind goes wild. 

If you’re growing marijuana for medical use, try the plant from CBD Critical Mass feminized seeds. The harvest contains 5% THC and 5% CBD. The well-balanced crop provides relief to medical conditions, and it has a sweet taste with earthy herbal undertones. 

Shishkaberry Kush

The massive final thought on monster cropping

If you’re an experienced cultivator and have cloned before, it’s time to challenge yourself with monster cropping. Remember, with greater risk; there’s a bigger reward. 

You get a high-yielding harvest with increased bud density, more branches, and bushier foliage when done successfully. From one plant, you can create many clones that you can clone again. 

Use indica dominant feminized seeds with quick flowering time and a photoperiod flowering style. 

Now you know everything about monster cropping. Buy the cannabis seeds mentioned above from Homegrown Cannabis Co. and start your massive yielding plants soon. For more growing techniques and tips, check out our blog!

About the author: Parker Curtis

Parker Curtis has around a decade of cannabis-growing experience, specialising in soil-less and hydro grows. He’s mastering outdoor, greenhouse, and indoor grows.