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How To Make A Stealth Hydroponic Grow Box

Posted in: Hydroponics
September 27, 2022

Learning about a stealth hydroponic grow box probably sounds like you're looking to grow some weed discreetly. There's no reason to be ashamed. Sometimes you simply want to grow weed but lack the means to build a proper setup. 

You can build a discrete grow box for hydroponics to cultivate weed in a limited space. It’s a great setup if you have no access to natural light. There are plenty of options if you’re looking to buy one, but you'll save a tonne of money by making your own—and have loads of fun too.

Homemade grow boxes for hydroponics are great to avoid prying eyes. You won't have to deal with the meddling landlord or a curious neighbor by using a grow box. Plus, it doesn't use much space. Your small room won't look cluttered at all.

In this guide, we'll show you how to make your indoor stealth hydroponic grow box. We’ll also look at the many ways these setups can help you grow weed and how much money you'll save.. Use materials easily found at home or in a hardware store.

4 Differences between a grow tent and a stealth weed grow box for hydro

You've probably come across the suggestion of a grow tent while doing your homework about growing weed in small spaces. It's an alternative to hydroponic grow box systems, but there are some key differences you need to keep in mind.

A growing tent is something akin to a portable room used to grow weed indoors. They have the same practical use in mind: creating an environment that helps weed grow using an enclosed system in a small space

Both spaces are self-contained and don't rely at all on outdoor factors such as weather or sunlight to help your plants thrive. These systems can be used year-round, and if you're using them to their best capacity, you can get two harvests a year. 

The main difference between an indoor stealth hydroponic grow box and a tent is functionality. Tents have a relatively large range of customization whereas grow boxes offer a controlled environment for a single type of strain. 

With tents, you'll have to worry about the following important aspects: 

  • Lighting is required for each stage of growth. 
  • Set up the best irrigation system.
  • Nutrients in various stages of irrigation and feeding schedules. 

A stealth hydroponic grow box has a similar initial setup, but it's easier to handle.

a hydro stealth grow box kit

The main differences between a stealth hydroponic grow box and a tent come down to these specific traits:

Heat Mitigation

Too much heat can ruin an excellent weed plant. If you build a stealth grow box for hydroponics, you have an opening to control this stance and avoid overheating your herb. Grow tents allow customization for fans, but the environment can play against this setup.


If you buy a cheap hydroponic grow box, there's not much room for customization. Pre-assembled boxes are a plug-and-play solution. When you build your grow box, you can fix the settings to the needs of the strain you're growing. Tent settings are highly customizable from the start.


Grow tents and stealth hydroponic grow boxes can be assembled pretty easily, but a tent setup is much more portable. Your grow box has to stay put once you've completed it. This can only be an issue if you need to move your setting from one space to another. 

Occupied space

Homemade grow boxes for hydroponics are way smaller than a growing tent. Tents come in all sizes, but the smaller tents are about 6.5 feet tall. Grow boxes are never larger than a cabinet or a small fridge so they don't take up much space.

If you need to choose between a tent setup or a stealth hydroponic grow box, choose something based on practicality. Tents are pretty cool, but they often require loads of space. A grow box can take just a bit of space in the corner of your bedroom.

The four benefits of using a stealth hydroponic grow box

We’ve established that space is the driving force behind building a discrete grow box for hydroponics. Now we can check out the other benefits of using this setup for growing marijuana. These are some of the reasons our community loves them:

They are durable

Some hard facts here—tents wear out over time. The fabric loses its quality due to the heat and general wear and tear. It can also get smelly and don’t get us started on broken zippers. A hydroponic stealth grow box eliminates all of that, and they are easy to clean.

They're better-looking

A grow tent will stand out like a sore thumb. A stealth hydroponic grow box will blend in with the rest of your decoration. You can't hide a tent under a blanket, especially with the lights on. A grow box, on the other hand, can easily pass as furniture. 

Minimal assembly required

Compare the number of items included in a grow tent kit to that in a hydro stealth grow box kit. You don't have to get too experimental with a box, the way you have to with a tent. 

Yes, tents are cheaper, but they need a lot of work during and after assembly. Boxes are easier to handle and assemble. 

Improved ventilation and controlled noise

A grow tent will make a lot of noise even if it's set up by a professional. A discrete grow box for hydroponics contains the noise and offers better ventilation for your weed plants. If your box is closed, no one will notice what you're doing. 

hydroponic system

What to look for if you're buying a hydro stealth grow box kit

Aside from the main cabinet, you'll be using as your stealth hydroponic grow box, you'll need some essentials that all grow boxes should have. Some of the most common components are listed below:

Mylar or any other type of reflective material

You need to line the inside of the box with it so the lights can reflect and reach every corner. 

Avoid aluminum. This material can affect the roots creating a deficiency. It can also prevent specific proteins and minerals from reaching every part of the plant. 

Growing lights

You'll find a lot of options as you build a stealth grow box for hydroponics. From T5 under-cabinet lights to LED light strips or webs, many of these include timers.

Air filters

You'll need them to keep the air inside the cabinet clean.

PC fans

You'll need them to generate the much–needed ventilation your plants require to thrive. As with lights, you can time these to be turned on at specific hours of the day.

How to build a stealth grow box for hydroponics: step-by-step

You can easily build your indoor stealth hydroponic grow box at home. It's the best option if you want to grow weed in limited space, or you can't afford to move it to a more spacious room. Before using any of the following methods, make sure there's enough room for your box.

After you've settled the matter of location, you can modify the aesthetics to make your discrete grow box for hydroponics pass for a piece of furniture. Remember that most DIY methods require a budget, but it’s not as expensive as a pre-assembled grow box.

Hydroponic Space Bucket

A space bucket is one of the easiest stealth hydroponic grow box setups you can build on a very low budget. The box should have two sections—a bottom container to house the plants and an upper section with enough room to place the lights and ventilation systems.

Space buckets work better for indica or autoflower seeds. It can help you keep the plant's height under control, and it makes the use of LST and pruning easier. 

The materials you'll need are the following:

  • Four five-gallon or twenty-liter buckets.
  • Four 23-Watt CFL Bulbs with an adapter (you can also use four E27 sockets).
  • Two PC Fans.
  • One 12V/2A power supply.
  • One power strip.
  • A 24-hour timer.
  • Mylar (or any reflective material. Remember to avoid aluminum).
  • A hydroponic tub.
  • Dremels and screwdrivers.
hydroponic space bucket

Once you’ve gathered your materials you can follow this easy step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Lay the bottom

To set up the bottom of your stealth hydroponic grow box, you'll have to place the drainage system first. You can do this using the Dremel or the screwdrivers on the bottom of the containers. These little holes will work as vents draining all water excess.

Step 2: Fix the insides of the space bucket

You need to make light reflect from all corners of the surface. You'll have to line up the insides of the container using Mylar. Buy the adhesive option; it will hold firm and withstand the heat of your light sources. 

Step 3: Make sure there's proper airflow inside the bucket

To get an appropriate airflow, install the fans inside the bucket. Start by making two opposing holes inside your stealth hydroponic grow box. One fan should be placed inwards, while the other should be pointing outwards. That way, you'll have steady airflow coming and going at all times. 

Step 4: Place the light source

To light up your space, you need to make a hole on one of the lids and fasten the bulb adapter or the four bulb sockets. Make sure to screw these pieces in place to avoid wobbling. 

For the wiring, you'll have to make a hole for each socket or a single one if you're using the adapter. Make sure to connect them in parallel and tape them in place. It would be best if you covered the lid with a cord container piece.

Step 5: Set the power strip

The power strip will help you power up your hydroponic stealth grow box. Make sure to place it at one side of the space box and use heat-resistant silicone adhesive to hold it in place. Once the lights and fans are in place, the power strip will be connected to the 12V power supply.

Step 6: Light it up

Remember to add the timer, you will need it if you don't want to keep track of the lighting schedule manually. After you're done with connections, make sure to cover your newly built stealth hydroponic grow box using black tape to block the outside light. 

Now it's time to power up your box and grow some weed.

Hydroponic PC Grow Box

Considered by many the ultimate stealth hydroponic grow box that you can build at home. Using a PC case is the best way to conceal your growing herb, but you can’t aim for large yields due to a lack of space. It's a growing method that favors indica strains and autoflowering seeds that tend to stay more compact.

pc grow box

These are the materials you'll need to grow weed in a PC tower:

  • An old PC case.
  • At least two PC fans.
  • Two CFL bulbs.
  • One bulb socket adapter (for standard household use).
  • A small hydroponic system.
  • Mylar or any reflective material (Avoid aluminum).
  • A power strip.
  • Superglue.
  • Plastic zips.
  • A permanent marker, preferably black.
  • Metal cutters.

This is how you'll use them:

Step 1: Get your PC case ready

Get the PC case you'll use as a stealth hydroponic grow box in place. The bigger, the better. Make sure it has the fans in its place. This will make your job way easier. Leave their wiring in place—you'll need them. 

Step 2: Setting up the fans

The fans should be placed on the top and bottom of the case. If they are attached somewhere else you'll have to relocate them manually. Use the metal cutter and the superglue to get them in position. Make sure one fan is facing inwards and the other outwards.

Step3: Cover up the insides

Use adhesive Mylar to wrap up all the insides of the PC case. Make sure to leave some holes for the fans. Your DIY stealth hydroponic grow box will look better if you take time to measure each section correctly and wrap every area independently. 

Step 4: Place the power strip and the hydroponic system

You'll have to use superglue and place the power strip with a snug fit. Leave no wires hanging. Optimize the use of space and place the hydroponic system since that's how you'll feed your plants.

Step 5: Place the light adapter

Place the light adapter on top of the PC case. Keep it in place using the power strip, the plastic zippers, and some superglue. A PC case stealth hydroponic grow box needs no more than 2 CFL bulbs.

Step 6: Power it up!

You need to hook the electric connection of the adapter and the fans to the power strip. Once you place the timer, you can power it up. As your plant grows, you can set the side lid of the PC case. Keep it loose enough to check progress daily.

Grow Cabinet

A cabinet goes the opposite way of the PC case. It's probably the largest stealth hydroponic grow box setting you can build. You should have a little more room than just the corner of your room. 

There are two ways to approach homemade grow boxes for hydroponics. You can build a brand new cabinet or repurpose an old one. To keep things manageable and on budget, let's explore the latter.

grow cabinet

Get ready. You'll need quite a few materials for this one:

  • Wire cutters.
  • A saw.
  • Duct tape.
  • A staple gun.
  • A portable drill.
  • Two 15ft extension cords.
  • An inline fan (you can also use a clip-on fan).
  • A hydroponic irrigation system.
  • Adhesive Mylar sheets.
  • Two LED light bars (or compact fluorescent bulbs depending on the size of the cabinet).
  • Dual bulb adapters (if you're using bulbs).
  • A timer.
  • A digital thermostat.
  • A humidity gauge.

This is how you’ll use everything:

Step 1: Clean your cabinet and get it prepped

If you're using an old cabinet, make sure to clean it thoroughly. It should be in pristine condition once you start growing. If the cabinet is made of wood, you'll have to check for termites, mold, or any form of fungus.

If you're repurposing an old wooden cabinet and you don't know where it's been, try to disassemble all moving parts. After that, sand it down. You're making a cheap hydroponic grow box, but you don't want your weed ruined.

Step 2: Wrap the insides of the cabinet with Mylar

Adhesive Mylar gives the reflection you need inside your stealth grow box hydroponic system. Since this step is one of the most permanent, make sure to secure the placement for the fan, the lights, and the irrigation system first. 

Step 3: Install the fan

As with other settings, your stealth hydroponic grow box needs steady airflow. Since you’re using a single fan, you only need to measure the base and make a hole in the upper right corner of the cabinet. Make sure it has a snug fit and leave the cord out. You'll have to plug it in later.

Step 4: Install the lights and irrigation systems

The placement of the light and irrigation systems are closely tied to the shape of your cabinet. This factor plays a large role in your choice of lighting system. If the stealth hydroponic grow box cabinet has room on the shelves and the doors, you can place LEDs for a cooled-down light source.

There's also the case for CFL lights since you'll need those if your weed plants need specific temperatures to thrive. Your choice of strains plays a prominent role. The hydro stealth grow box kit needs to be distributed on the shelves you plan to grow weed.

While there are many settings for hydro stealth grow box kits, the best one for this setup is dripping irrigation. You can save water and keep your plants moisturized without having to worry about going overboard. 

Take on this handiwork using the staple gun, lots of tape, and the electrical cords. Remember that we'll plug all of this into a single source of power. Once you have the right location for everything, it's time to fix them in place.

Step 5: Install the timer, thermostat, and the humidity gauge

All of these appliances should be outside of the hydroponic stealth grow box. That way you'll be able to track humidity levels and keep the light schedules in place for your weed plants. 

If you use an automated irrigation system, add a pressure regulator to avoid overfeeding your plants. 

Final points about discrete grow boxes for hydroponics

Having an indoor stealth hydroponic grow box makes it easier to grow weed in a secluded space. There are many approaches to growing weed using a box lined with hydroponics. 

Most of these growing methods come from the vivid imagination of weed enthusiasts. Some have to hide their hobby because they have a social circle that disapproves.

You now have all the info you need to get started. The advantages of using a stealth hydroponic grow box over a growing tent. You also know which materials you'll need to build your setup without spending a fortune.

You can get a ton of seeds that thrive in this setup at Homegrown Cannabis Co. If you build your discrete grow box for hydroponics, make sure to come back and share your experience with us. We would love to hear what you have to say in the Homegrown Forum.

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