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How To Blow Smoke Rings: Tricks To Impress Your Friends

How to blow smoke rings

Smoking weed is a social activity many cannabis enthusiasts enjoy with friends. Like with any hobby, a group session allows you to chat about your passion, share knowledge on the subject, and impress others with your skills. Have you ever been left wondering how to blow smoke rings after one of your friends rules the party with mesmerizing tricks? 

Blowing smoke rings is much harder than it looks. You need specific techniques and ample practice to master the skill so you can show off in front of your peers. 

Below we’ve compiled the ultimate guide on how to blow o’s. We also explore what you need to consider before attempting these tricks and the reasons why you don’t always succeed. Follow our tips, and next time you have a toke and pass party, you’ll have the expertise to ‘wow’ your friends.

Smoke rings
Smoke rings

What to consider before blowing smoke rings

Before you set out to learn how to blow “o” rings and impress the crowds with your tricks, there are a few factors you need to think about.

  • The risks – It’s no secret that smoking is bad for health. It’s not advisable to smoke at all—never mind begin blowing o’s—if you have throat or lung issues.
  • Non-smoking friends – Secondhand smoke poses a health risk to anyone in the vicinity of somebody puffing on a joint. Always be considerate of non-smokers and respect their space while practicing how to do smoke rings or sharing your new talent. 
  • Smoking method – Vape pens, blunts, and joints contain a high vapor content perfect for producing the thick smoke necessary for performing all levels of tricks. In comparison, bongs and pipes produce light vapor which can be difficult to manipulate on exhalation.
  • A place to practice – Wind is your worst enemy when practicing how to blow smoke rings. For best results, find a spot with little airflow away from open windows or fans. You also need to check that it’s legal in your state to smoke if you’re outdoors.
  • Practice responsibly – As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. However, overconsumption of weed can have negative side effects. Some high THC strains may only allow you to practice two or three times before you need a break. Opting for a low or THC-free product may be a wise option until you master how to make smoke rings.  

How to blow smoke rings

The single smoking ring is a classic trick that looks incredibly cool, calmly floating out the mouth of its creator. However, there are numerous variations you can try, including different shapes, sizes, and multiples. 

Some of these tricks require just the right amount of technique and a little practice to get right. For others, you’ll need to buckle down and work hard to perfect them.

Basic tricks to blow smoke rings

It’s important you learn the foundations of blowing smoke rings before looking ahead at advanced tricks. Skipping this part will only lead to difficulty later on down the line and leave you still wondering how to blow smoke rings. 

Blowing a single “o” has become perhaps the most iconic and commonly executed smoking trick. On the surface, it looks simple, but it requires practice and technique to pull off. 

Ask someone with experience how to blow rings, and they’ll give you one of three answers: 

  • “O” lips – Inhale a full mouth of smoke and hold it there while you form an “o” shape with your lips. Hold your lips naturally against your teeth and try not to pucker them. Then exhale in quick bursts to push the smoke out. Some people mimic this movement with a small cough or by saying ‘uh.’
  • Tongue flick – Follow the same method as above, but rather than pushing the smoke out by exhaling, use your tongue. To do this, curl your tongue downwards in your mouth, pull it back and push forward in gentle bursts. 
  • Cheerios method – This technique requires you to make a kissing shape. You then need to tap your cheeks on both sides rapidly to shoot a stream of small o’s out of your mouth. 

Intermediate tricks to blow smoke rings

Now you know how to blow perfect o’s every time, it’s time to step up your game and try something a little trickier like Pushing O’s. The cool trick allows you to move the ring in multiple directions like you have the power of telekinesis. 

You’ll need to use what you learned in beginners’ class on how to blow smoke circles to form a solid ring. For this, opt for the non-puckered version of the technique, making sure your lips are naturally in a flat round shape

Once you’ve got your form ready, place a hand with an open palm up near your face and blow your “o” fast. Using your open hand, guide the ring in whatever direction you please by placing it on either side of the floating formation. Always maintain a two-inch gap to avoid disrupting the “o” and keep parallel to its movements to control it. 

Blowing weed smoke rings
Blowing weed smoke rings

Advanced tricks to blow smoke rings

You’ve mastered the basics and have started playing around with how to blow a smoke ring in different ways. You’re ready to advance to the next level. The set of tricks below are the hardest to perfect and need extreme patience. If you don’t succeed the first time, try, try, and try again. 

These special tricks need as much vapor as possible to look the part. Therefore, we advise you to swap out your joint for a vape pen. Before diving into this section, practice how to blow o’s with a vape for a little while.

  • Double O’s – If puffing out an “o” wasn’t impressive enough; you can try conjuring two rings at a time. To pull it off, prepare your mouth the same way you did when learning how to make a smoke ring standard-style. Take a long deep drag and place your index finger over your mouth, so the tip is touching your upper lip as you hold in the smoke. 

Part your lips a little wider on the sides and push the smoke out past your finger using whichever method you’re most comfortable with. Once you get the technique down, you’ll form two circles.

  • Triple O’s – Follow the same technique as above on how to blow smoke rings using your finger. This time, however, use two over your mouth instead to create three gaps. Blow slow and steady as too much power will break the rings or make them merge. 
  • Triangles – You’re now a black belt in how to make circles with your vape, so now try forming different shapes. Although you can’t make a triangle with your mouth, you can use what you learned to manipulate the ring with your hands. 

After blowing out a thick and fast “o,” push it away from you. Then, when at a comfortable distance, swipe your hands down either side at the same time. The motion will “flatten” the sides into a triangle for a short time before returning to the classic “o.” 

  • Love Hearts – Similar to how to make circles with smoke into triangles, you can also create heart shapes. The cute effect looks easy to achieve but requires a precise technique to make it look like something special.

Use the same method you used for conjuring triangles, and once the “o” is in the air, push it to a safe distance away from you. Flick the air above the top of the circle in the center but make sure you don’t touch the ring, or it’ll break. The air movement will compress the smoke creating a heart shape. 

  • Jellyfish – By now, you’ll be the king or queen of how to vape o’s, so why not impress your friends further with a smokey sea creature. To create the Jellyfish, you’ll need to blow a big, thick smoke circle. Once it’s in the air, take another drag fast, and aim the smoke carefully into the center of the circle. 

The new smoke gets sucked into the center of the ring, forming a dancing jellyfish. Be sure to back away slowly, as your creation will be fragile and can vanish if disturbed. 

Reasons why you can’t blow smoke rings

Whether you’re learning how to blow vape rings or manipulating smoke from a blunt, you may face some challenges on your way to getting it perfect. Below are the most common reasons why you keep coming up short when blowing o’s.

  • Poor Technique – From the amount of smoke you inhale to how you puff it back out, success is all in the technique. Adding a spin to your o’s as they leave your mouth using your tongue isn’t just a way of making a fancy trick fancier either. 

The technique allows the smoke to stay in its form longer. Without it, the shape dissipates before it can impress your spectators. 

  • Bad Form – The position of your lips is vital for creating a smoking ring. You need to flatten your lips against your teeth while not curling them inward or puckering them out too much. 
  • Not Enough Vapor – The amount of vapor you inhale is critical. Too little, and there won’t be enough to make a ring. Most smoke tricks require high amounts of vapor to work successfully. 
  • The Environment – Even a slight draft makes blowing smoke rings difficult, and outside in the wind is near impossible. Make sure there’s no air movement before showing others how to make o’s with smoke.
  • Practice – Be patient and practice how to blow an “o” over and over until you master the proper form and technique. Rushing the process only leads to disappointment and embarrassment in front of peers.
How to blow smoke rings

Your new party trick

There’s no denying that flawlessly performed tricks are mesmerizing to watch. Being able to blow smoke rings and watch them float off into the stratosphere in different shapes is a surefire way to impress

The best thing is anyone who enjoys smoking can learn how to blow smoke rings and execute these illusions with enough practice. As you have fun learning this skill, always keep in mind the health risks associated with smoking for you and those around you. 

If you’ve enjoyed learning how to blow a smoke ring, check out our blog for more things marijuana.

About the author: Parker Curtis

Parker Curtis has around a decade of cannabis-growing experience, specialising in soil-less and hydro grows. He’s mastering outdoor, greenhouse, and indoor grows.

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