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How To Germinate Marijuana Seeds: Quick Guide with Kyle Kushman

How To Germinate Marijuana Seeds: Quick Guide with Kyle Kushman

November 18, 2021

Growing weed from seeds is both rewarding and fun. Before you purchase your pack of cannabis seeds, it's time to do your homework.

Reading this article is a great start!

Knowing how to germinate marijuana seeds is a vital first step towards a successful grow.

The biggest hurdle you’ll experience before germinating your cannabis seeds is contradictory advice. There are as many methods as there are growers!

You can germinate marijuana seeds however you want, obviously, but for the best results, and to take advantage of Homegrown’s germination guarantee, it’s vital you follow the steps laid out in this article.

Join us as we unravel the science behind germination and detail our tried and tested way to germinate weed seeds successfully. 

Don’t fall at the first hurdle. Learn how to grow weed from seeds like a pro! 

What is germination?

Germination is the first stage of your plant's growth cycle. It’s when the seed comes out of its hibernation period and starts to sprout.

Typically your bag of pot seeds won’t start germinating, known as ‘popping,’ without the presence of water. 

When you're ready to germinate the marijuana seeds, you need to kick-start their life cycle with a little drink. The seeds will then expand, the shells will break away, and a taproot will form. If all goes well!

Marijuana sprouting isn’t rocket science, but it can be easy to get wrong. Starting marijuana seeds without water is impossible, but even with water, you need to make sure they’re warm, dark and well looked-after.

Marijuana Seed Sprouting

What to do before germinating marijuana seeds

As you research how to germinate marijuana seeds, you’ll notice there are several things you can do BEFORE you germinate weed seeds. 

The most paramount is to purchase high-quality weed seeds like those found at trusted and reputable online retailers, such as Homegrown Cannabis Co

Another key component of growing marijuana from seed is knowing what to do with the germinated seeds. Planting marijuana seeds is the next step, but one we will cover later.

Avoid starting with marijuana seeds that are very green, pale yellow, or fully black. Your chances of a good grow will be reduced, though it’s still possible you’ll end up with a good plant.

Germinating your cannabis seeds successfully also depends on how you store the cannabis seeds. Like your cured bud, your seeds should be stored in a cool, dry and dark place.

Don’t store them in the fridge, or freezer, or in direct sunlight. Just keep it simple.

Sprouting marijuana is all about:

  • Minimal handling
  • Adequate moisture 
  • Warm temperatures (70 –77°F) 

Like we said, growing marijuana from seed is simple and easy. There’s no need to complicate it but you will need to monitor your progress and keep records.

Before starting marijuana seeds, start a Homegrown Diary. You can germinate weed seeds with fellow growers and track the progress of your plants from the very start.

Do you need to germinate cannabis seeds before planting?

When learning how to germinate marijuana seeds, you may be asking yourself, why bother? Why not just stick them in the soil? It’s what happens in nature, right?

This is true, but each pollinated plant drops hundreds of seeds in the hope that one will survive. You don’t want odds like that!

There’s a better way to guarantee as high a germination rate as possible. Germinating marijuana seeds ahead of planting gives you the best chance of success.

That takes of care of why you germinate, let’s now look at the BIG question: how to germinate marijuana seeds.

My preferred way to germinate weed seeds: the paper towel method

There are so many methods, which one is the best? Follow the step-by-step guide to ‘The paper towel method’ below. 

It's Homegrown’s best way to germinate cannabis seeds. 

The process is simple, and you’ll need only a few household items: 

  • Two plates 
  • Paper towels
  • Tweezers
  • Bottled/purified water 
  • Homegrown Cannabis Co. seeds
how to germinate marijuana seeds - paper towel (1)

Step 1

Take two paper towels and moisten them. Remember to wring out any excess water.

how to germinate marijuana seeds step 1 - paper towel

Step 2

Take a few paper towels and set them on your plate. Put the others to the side for later. 

how to germinate marijuana seeds step 2 - paper towel

Step 3

Using tweezers, place your Homegrown Cannabis Co. seeds on your paper towel. Leave around one inch in between each seed.

how to germinate marijuana seeds - paper towel (4)

Step 4

Take the second paper towel and lay it over the top, being careful not to nudge your seeds out of their designated space. Add more water if you need to.

how to germinate marijuana seeds step 4 - paper towel

Step 5

Double-check for excess water by lifting the paper towel in one corner. If there's any freestanding liquid, drain it! Check regularly to make sure the towels haven’t dried.

how to germinate marijuana seeds - paper towel (3)

Step 6

Take your other plate and use it as a lid to cover your seeds. Place it in a warm, dry spot, like a cabinet, drawer, or the top of the fridge.

how to germinate marijuana seeds step 6 - paper towel

Step 7

Maintain a constant temperature of between 70 – 77°F.

Step 8

You need to check in on your pot seeds regularly. Within 24 to 120 hours, they should pop a taproot.

how to germinate marijuana seeds - paper towel (2)

Step 9

Once your seeds have sprouted, they’re ready for planting. 

Watch our video on how to germinate cannabis seeds for an amazing visual recap:

How long do cannabis seeds take to germinate?

Germinating marijuana seeds takes anywhere between one and five days. 

Lots of things can impact the marijuana sprouting time. Germinating an old seed can take twice as long as a fresher one, for example. Or you may be trying to pop them in an environment that’s too cool or dry. Or the seeds might simply take longer - they’re a natural product and they play by their own rules. 

Weed sprouting should occur within five days (120 hours). This is the only real rule you should consider. It’s very rare, but not abnormal, to have a seed pop on day 6 or 7.

Next step: how to plant weed seeds

You're now the proud parent of seedlings! It's time to learn how to plant a weed seed without damaging it. 

Don’t panic, learning how to plant marijuana seeds is easy, and super-fun if you watch the Planting Your Seeds video I made with Nate Hammer!

What you will need for planting marijuana seeds

What do I need to begin? As with starting marijuana seeds, you’ll need to prepare a few items before you start: 

  • Red solo cups (or small plant pots)
  • Scissors
  • Elastic band (one per cup/pot)
  • Plastic cup (one seed per cup/pot)
  • Plastic wrap
  • Neutral soil
  • Water
  • Germ Genie

Note: Germ Genie was still in development when we made the video, so we used a little Vegamatrix Grow instead!

How to plant marijuana seeds step by step

Now that you have everything you need, let's start planting your marijuana seeds!

How to plant cannabis seeds into soil

Step 1 

First, you need to prepare your cups. You’ll need one per seedling. 

Pierce the bottom to add drainage holes and fill with soil. 

Don't pack the cups! The soil should be no more than half an inch from the top, fluffy, and move freely with a few taps from the bottom.

Step 2

Next, you can add some food into the neutral soil. A ¼ strength grow solution.

Germ Genie: Use 1 to 3 drops.

The additional nutes keep your seedlings super happy as they develop. 

Water the soil before you plant your seedling. That way, you’ll prevent them from floating out of position. 

watering cannabis seeds

Step 3

Once the water has drained through your soil, you’re ready to place the germinated seed into its new home. Use your fingertip to make a shallow hole around a knuckle deep. 

Angle the taproot down into the center to stand straight, then gently move the soil over it.

 How to plant cannabis seeds into soil (2)

Step 4

Make a lid over your cups with cling film, using an elastic band to keep it in place. Pierce the film a few times for air. 

By doing this, you'll create a terrarium that will keep warmth inside and stop the topsoil from drying out. 

Step 5

Wait, you're not done! Use additional lights to keep the sprouts at a constant temperature and encourage upward growth. You can use a regular house lamp or specialized equipment. 

Make sure your marijuana plants have a gap of between 6 and 12 inches from the light source. 

You can expect the first set of leaves to appear pretty fast—within 48 hours!

Cannabis Seedling

Step 6

As soon as leaves appear, remove the cling film lid. 

Leave the seedlings under the light for up to two weeks more or until they’re sturdy and a few inches tall. 

Step 7

Consider transplanting them to a larger pot when they’re around four inches tall. They’re 100% ready to move when the second and third set of leaves develop. 

Key Takeaways about germinating cannabis seeds

What are the most important things to remember? 

When learning how to germinate marijuana seeds, always follow the rules below:

  • Only use viable, high-quality seeds
  • Ensure you store and germinate your seeds in optimal conditions
  • Try not to touch them with your bare hands 
  • Follow our germination guide
  • Plant them before the taproot grows longer than an inch

FAQs related to how to germinate cannabis seeds

We hope that our guide to germinating cannabis seeds has given you the confidence and know-how to get started. 

If you still have questions, don’t despair!

You’ll probably find your question about how to germinate cannabis seeds right here.

Do germinating seeds need sunlight?

No, seeds in the germination phase don’t need sunlight or any type of light source. At this stage of development, sprouting marijuana seeds is all about being dark and wet, as if the seed were slightly under the soil enjoying a little rain.

What temperature do seeds need to germinate?

The optimal temperature to germinate weed seeds is between 70 and 77°F. Taking it closer to 77°F is preferred, but maintaining a consistent temperature is the real key to healthy seedlings. 

How about humidity? For best results, you can aim for a relative humidity of around 70–90%. 

Why won't my seeds germinate?

Your seeds could be too old, too immature, dried out, stored incorrectly, low-quality, or you could just be out of luck! Sometimes, nature produces a dud. Attempting to germinate seeds using the wrong method can also ruin your chances.

Note: our germination guarantee applies only to seeds germinated with the above, paper-towel method.

How do you germinate seeds in one day?

Germinating cannabis seeds isn’t about speed. There’s no guarantee that even under the best conditions, your seeds will germinate within 24 hours

That said, the quality of the seed plays a huge role in your success! 

Follow our recommendations on how to buy cannabis seeds, store them appropriately, and provide the best environmental conditions to increase your chances of a super-quick pop.

What do I do after my seeds sprout?

It's time to transplant them into your chosen potting medium. Be careful not to touch the taproot, and remember to use the above guide on how to plant a marijuana seed. 

Will seeds grow if planted too deep?

Planting your seeds too deeply reduces your plant’s survival rate—A LOT! To reach the surface, they’ll have to use up more stored energy. 

This energy is reserved for growing those all-important first leaves. Without it, any pot seeds that manage to reach sunlight could be weak. 

How long can seedlings stay in trays?

After successfully germinating marijuana seeds, you can leave them in the tray or on the plate until their taproots have grown thick and strong. Seeds should be planted as soon as tap roots are ¼” and before they reach 1” in length.

Don’t let the taproots grow longer than an inch, or they’ll become fragile and be challenging to transplant.

Are there any other germination methods? 

There are many methods to germinate weed seeds. Bear in mind the ONLY way Homegrown will replace non-germs is if you use the paper towel method.

The grinder

Growing marijuana is a hobby anyone can enjoy, no matter their level of gardening experience. 

There’s a lot to learn about how to germinate marijuana seeds, never mind all the other parts of successfully growing weed! 

Thankfully the germination process is easy, especially if you follow our guidelines.

We hope that you're confident enough to get started by now, and all your worries surrounding how to grow marijuana seeds have disappeared. 

The next step is to GRAB THOSE SEEDS and start your home-growing adventure. 

Good luck! Remember to check out Homegrown Cannabis Co. at any point for top tips and advice. 

About the Author: Kyle Kushman

Kyle Kushman is a legend in the cannabis community. He is the modern-day polymath of pot: cultivator, breeder, activist, writer, and educator. After winning no less than 13 Cannabis Cups, there’s nothing this guy doesn’t know about indoor growing - he’s been there, done it, and is still doing it to this day!

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