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Bruce Banner Strain Information & Review

Bruce Banner Strain

The Bruce Banner strain is a cannabis breed that’s as potent as it is green. Once this herb has you in its firm grasp, its euphoric sensations will keep you coming back for more. 

It boasts some of the highest THC levels on the market, making Bruce Banner strain seeds very desirable. Keep reading this review for everything you need to know about this powerful cannabis breed and the best ways to grow it at home.

Bruce Banner strain (aka Banner, Bruce Banner #3, OG Banner, and BB3)

Correctly nurturing the Bruce Banner #3 strain is not for the light-hearted, but it can forgive an untrained hand. That’s why it’s an excellent option for first-time growers and remains a favorite for veteran cultivators. Due to its powerful traits, consumers of all experience levels will find it enjoyable.  

Before you decide to grow the robust Bruce Banner marijuana strain, it helps to know what it’s capable of producing. Here are the facts:

Bruce Banner Strain Information

Bruce Banner strain description

As you might expect, the Bruce Banner strain creates dark green buds with traces of orange hairs or pistils. The trichomes cover the thick flowers, resembling powdered icing sugar sprinkled over a truly delicious treat.

Bruce Banner flavors

You’ll recognize the Bruce Banner cannabis strain by its sweet earthy aroma. The reason for this is that it’s dominated by myrcene terpenes, giving off scents similar to hops, lemongrass, and parsley.

Bruce Banner effects

As shown above, the THC levels attainable with the Bruce Banner weed strain are around 29%, making it highly sought after. The breed’s energizing effects usually lead to happy and creative feelings, so it’s an excellent option for daytime tokers.

What’s more, the Bruce Banner also contains medicinal qualities. People struggling with stress and pain will benefit from this breed, as well as those suffering from depression. While we can’t consider this weed a cure to these ailments, there’s no denying its assistance with them.

Bruce Banner Feminized Bud
Bruce Banner Feminized Bud

Bruce Banner strain grow information

To ensure the Bruce Banner cannabis strain develops into the THC monsters it’s capable of requires a skilled hand. Provided that you cater to all of its needs, you should expect yields between three and six ounces per foot squared.

Bruce Banner strain seeds are pretty hardy, producing a cannabis plant with a notably strong resistance to mold and pests. It grows up to 78 inches placed in an indoor or greenhouse environment but can grow taller outdoors.

The best time to harvest this breed’s bounty in the northern hemisphere is in October, since it has a flowering time of up to twelve weeks. You’ll want to keep this in mind when you look for Bruce Banner seeds for sale online.

We recommend installing a good ventilation system to combat the powerful smell emitted from its pungent flowers in your grow room. You’ll also want to keep the temperature between 64 and 79 degrees Fahrenheit as the Bruce Banner #3 strain thrives in sunny climates.

Here are a few tips to get the most from your Bruce Banner strain’s yield:

  • Use high-quality soil: Growing mediums like coco core have much better oxygen and water retention than the soil in your garden.
  • Water your weed plants religiously: You’ll want to use up to two liters for each plant.
  • Keep it sunny: The Bruce Banner strain certainly loves the warm, welcoming rays of our sun, don’t deprive her.
  • Monitor the overall nutrients: To maximize the quality of your cannabis, it’s always a good idea to test for deficiencies in your plant.  

As soon as the pistils turn a brownish orange, it’s time to harvest your weed crop. Wet trimming is a reliable option for this strain. This is because the method allows you to remove leaves without damaging the flower’s structure. It also means you can monitor your marijuana bud a lot easier on drying racks.

Bruce Banner strain genetics

The Bruce Banner owes its creation to Dark Horse Genetics, a breeder located in Los Angeles. They combined OG Kush with Strawberry Diesel which left them with five phenotypes.

Two of these phenotypes, namely #2 and #4, lacked quality and were dropped. This left us with three variations that lived up to the potency of hulk’s alter ego: #1, #3, and #5.

Below is a visual guide showing the Bruce Banner strain’s genetics, helping us understand where it gets its traits.

Bruce Banner Genetics

Bruce Banner strain seeds to buy near you

There are multiple dispensaries in the US, Canada, and the UK to buy Bruce Banner strain seeds. If you want to make things a bit easier, you can buy this beautiful breed on our Homegrown Store. We offer a variety of options making our collection of seeds second to none.

Choose from seeds such as:


Still got questions about the Bruce Banner strain? Not to worry, below, we answer the most frequently asked ones so you know all there is to know. 

Is Bruce Banner strain indica or sativa?

The Bruce Banner cannabis strain is a mostly sativa hybrid. The plants are bushy, but the sensations the buds provide display the sativa traits. The effects hit early and give you an energizing buzz.

How does the Bruce Banner strain make you feel?

When you take a toke of the Bruce Banner marijuana strain, it doesn’t take long to feel the effects. At first, it impacts you cerebrally, washing away all traces of negativity and replacing it with euphoria. Uplifting energy follows this sensation. After a while, a wave of calm comes over you, and you experience complete relaxation. 

What is Bruce Banner strain good for? 

The Bruce Banner strain is a fantastic option if you want to relax. Its effects are mainly cerebral. Medicinal users report that it’s great for helping with behavioral disorders, stress, and pain. Some also claim it helps improve their appetite.

Is Bruce Banner strain good for anxiety?

Tokers report that the Bruce Banner weed strain helps with anxiety because of its calming properties. It also induces euphoria, which eliminates negative thoughts and feelings.

Is Bruce Banner strain good for sleep?

The initial effects of the Bruce Banner strain are energizing. Uplifting euphoria follows these sensations, but after an hour or two, the relaxing qualities kick in, and you feel tranquil. The strain isn’t very sedative, but the serene feelings can be helpful if toked 2 to 3 hours before bed. 

Why is it called the Bruce Banner strain?

Bruce Banner is the name of a comic book scientist that transforms into the incredible hulk when he gets angry. The alter ego is temperamental and often goes on a rampage. The scientist, however, reflects the calm and mellow side of the character. This is similar to the feelings the cultivar induces. 

How strong is Bruce Banner? 

The cultivar is powerful. Bruce Banner’s THC levels are very high, with the regular variant reaching up to 32%! It’s quick-hitting, and users feel its impact after two or three tokes. The cultivar’s effects also last quite a long time.

How long does it take Bruce Banner to flower? 

There are several varieties of the cultivar, and this affects the Bruce Banner strain flowering time. Regular seeds take 7–8 weeks, while feminized options take 8–10 weeks. Autoflowers bloom in 4–5 weeks. 

What is the THC and CBD content of Bruce Banner?  

Bruce Banner is rich in terpenes and compounds. The THC level in buds grown from regular seeds is 25–32%. Ones from feminized crops average 18–24%, and nugs from autos have 22–26%. The CBD content in any of these doesn’t exceed 2%.

Who bred Bruce Banner? 

The exact grower is unknown, but many believe that Dark Horse Genetics introduced the strain to the 420 scene.

Are Bruce Banner buds dense? 

The strain has dense buds with vibrant green hues. The appearance of nugs after harvest depends on the growing techniques used. When growers cultivate their Bruce Banner strain seeds properly, it shows in the bud quality.

How tall does Bruce Banner strain grow? 

Plants from this cultivar grow to different heights according to genetics, but some reach 9 ft tall. 

What strain is similar to Bruce Banner?

The Bruce Banner strain is in a league of its own, but if you enjoy it, you’ll also like OG Kush

Is Bruce Banner a good outdoor strain? 

When you cultivate Bruce Banner strain seeds, they flourish indoors and out. Many growers prefer the latter as the crops get quite tall. 

What are the effects of the Bruce Banner strain?

After a toke or two, you get a mild headrush that fills you with positivity. You feel light and in high spirits with euphoria and random bouts of giggles. Once these start settling, every muscle in your body starts relaxing without losing mobility. Your overall state is mellow and calm

Does Bruce Banner strain make you hungry? 

Like most THC-rich cultivars, the Bruce Banner strain helps work up an appetite. If you haven’t filled your calorie count, the strain is sure to induce a case of the munchies. 

How much does the Bruce Banner strain cost? 

The price of Bruce Banner buds and seeds varies from one provider to the next. The cost is typically an indication of the quality of the products. 

Is Bruce Banner a high-yielding strain? 

The Bruce Banner strain yield depends on the crop variant. Harvests from regular seeds are generous, producing 15–21 oz./m2 inside and 21 oz./plant outdoors. Autos are bountiful indoors, averaging 17–21 oz./m2. Outdoor harvests offer 2–5 oz/plant. Feminized crops fluctuate with yields. The indoor range is 8–17 oz./m2, and outdoor varieties are usually around 17.oz./plant

What does the Bruce Banner strain smell like? 

If you like aromatic cultivars, you’re in luck with the Bruce Banner cannabis strain. The fragrances are subtle before harvesting, but once you crush them, they exude sweet scents with earthy notes and hints of diesel. These aromas translate to the flavor.

Are you up for making Bruce Banner angry?

We all remember the catchphrase from this iconic hero. What’s surprising is how relatable the statement is to the herb grown from the Bruce Banner strain. The only difference is that this cannabis breed delivers welcomed effects rather than something to avoid

It’s important to remember that you’re not on your own once you begin your growing adventure. We have a bustling Homegrown Forum where you can ask for advice from our community of experienced cultivators.

You can also subscribe to our Homegrown Diaries, where you can keep tabs on your Bruce Banner stain from soil to blunt. Here you’ll find valuable insight no matter what phase your cannabis plant is in.

About the author: Parker Curtis

Parker Curtis has around a decade of cannabis-growing experience, specialising in soil-less and hydro grows. He’s mastering outdoor, greenhouse, and indoor grows.

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