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Cherry Pie Strain Information & Review

Cherry Pie Strain

If you’re a fun-loving person with a sweet tooth, the Cherry Pie strain is the weed for you. This marijuana plant is the best to uplift your spirits and make you feel happy for a long time. 

Each toke releases a powerful scent of baked pie that is incredibly inviting and makes you want more. Learn more about it in this Cherry Pie strain review.

The Cherry Pie is an indica dominant plant that will boost your brain, making your ideas easy to flourish. 

Every sensation you’ve had of feeling stuck with any project will disappear. It’ll be replaced with a never-ending streaming flow of thoughts that will help you build and fulfill.

Cherry Pie Strain description

 Here’s the full breakdown of Cherry Pie strain info:

  • Type: Indica dominant
  • THC %: 16 – 18%
  • CBD %: 0.5 – 1%
  • Top reported effects: Euphoria, happiness, creativity
  • Top reported flavors: Cherries, sweet, earthiness
  • Dominant terpene: Terpinolene
  • Flowering time: 7 – 9 weeks
  • Difficulty: Expert
  • Yield: 16oz/m2 indoors, 14oz/plant outdoors
Cherry Pie Strain Info

Cherry Pie strain effects

There’s no slow dive into numbness with Cherry Pie weed strain. You’ll get a physical boost after the initial toke. Your body will be active, primed, and ready for anything. While the effect is powerful, it’s not overwhelming to the point of triggering anxiety.

With Cherry Pie, you’ll overcome any social awkwardness. You’ll be chatty for some time; your ideas will race at top speed, making you able to hold your own in any discussion. Introverts with shyer communication skills love this cultivar.

After the second toke of Cherry Pie cannabis strain, you can discuss many issues. This weed will unlock the limits of your thoughts to places you would never visit on your own. 

Many users have reported other Cherry Pie marijuana strain benefits such as pain relief, migraines, muscular tension, PMs, and other mild ailments. If you are struggling with appetite, be ready. You’ll get the munchies with this one, so keep some snacks close by.

Users suggest Cherry Pie is beneficial for mood swings and alleviates stress.

You won’t find many people speaking ill of the Cherry Cream Pie strain. This weed doesn’t have any prominent side effects since it has a low CBD content. Be ready to deal with some dry eyes and cottonmouth effect with artificial teardrops and water.

Cherry Pie strain flavors

If there’s one thing that gets the Cherry Pie marijuana strain noticed, it’s the flavor this weed has as well as its aroma. The first toke of Cherry Pie weed will invade your taste buds with a taste of smoked cherries and sweet punch with earthy undertones.

Smoking Cherry Pie cannabis strain is a fantastic experience. As you exhale the smoke, you’ll feel the sweet glaze of cherries leaving your mouth with a hint of spiciness. The aftertaste of freshly baked cherry pie will delight you.

Cherry Pie strain grow information

Cherry Pie strain seeds grow well in and outdoors; however, this cultivar is best suited for indoor care. The plant isn’t delicate, but it needs some work and attention to offer the best yield.

Cherry Pie strain flowering time can take as long as nine weeks. During that time, the plants need trimming and controlled humidity levels. This marijuana plant thrives in a Mediterranean environment; an unsteady climate will stunt its growth.

Each plant of Cherry Pie strain grows as high as four feet tall. They may not be so big, but they tend to branch out a lot. If you choose to grow indoors, forget about Sea of Green or hydroponics. You’ll get the best Cherry Pie strain yield using nutrient-rich soil and large pots.

As you care for your Cherry Pie strain plants, keep their temperature steady at 26°C, with stable humidity levels at 55% during the vegetative stage. When they begin to flower, shed any dead leaves you see, but don’t go overboard.

Once your Cherry Pie plants reach their peak and begin to flower, you’ll have to drop the humidity levels to 40%. Make sure to time it right; otherwise, the plants will go into shock. Last but not least, make sure to feed your pots with nutrients such as fertilizers and guano.

Fourteen days before harvesting, flush all nutrients and keep your plants moist using PH-neutral water. You’ll get glistening Cherry Pie strain buds with solid green undertones and beautiful reddish pistils that’ll carry the aroma of ready-to-eat Cherry Pie.

Cherry Pie strain genetics

The Cherry Pie weed strain is a powerful indica dominant plant bred in California’s San Francisco Bay Area. This dank hybrid is a mix of Durban Poison and Granddaddy Purple. The strain is incredibly popular nationwide and actively sought after by many.

The main attraction of the Cherry Pie for many is its aroma and flavor. While it hasn’t managed to win any awards, it did get an honorable mention in the High Time Cannabis Cup in 2014.

Cherry Pie Strain Genetics

Cherry Pie strain seeds to buy near you

Gertrude Jekyll once said that starting your garden teaches you everything: patience, watchfulness, thrift, and truth. At Homegrown Cannabis, we have a vast catalog of seeds available if you wish to get started with a Cherry Pie weed strain garden of your own.

Cherry Pie autoflower: Autoflower seeds will blossom without needing to adjust light schedules. What goes great with Cherry Pie? Get your hands on some Cream Autoflower seeds.

Cherry Pie feminized: Feminized seeds are the top choice of growers who don’t want to worry about male buds or pollination. You can buy Cherry Pie Feminized seeds on our website and get the whole experience we’ve just discussed.

Cherry Pie regular: Regular seeds are the best option to learn how to grow your weed without skipping any steps. There are no Cherry Pie strain regular seeds, but you can go down the lineage and get Granddaddy Purple Regular to try one of the parents of this excellent weed.

Cherry Pie strain reviews

At Homegrown Cannabis Co., we love when our buyers share their insight with potential growers who are on the fence. Read the reviews of verified clients on our site and learn how well they fared with our seeds.

J.D. – Cherry Pie Seeds Feminized

“The real deal. I was able to cross it with a fine male specimen of pink champagne which basically reinforced all the DP/GDP genetics on both sides and tastes like a raspberry kush. The craziest part was the color, orange pistils and purple closer to the stem, it looks red before you break it up and then turns into a cacophony of colors, to call it a rainbow would be an understatement. Sweet skunky heaven, Durban poison has some of the best/ rarest terpenes and cannabinoids and GDP is the most legendary American strain with roots in native America and beautiful flavors and colors to boot.”

Dave P. – Durban Poison Feminized

“Turning into monsters already topping 6ft outdoor grow in MI and it is only end of June. Could not be more pleased.”

Dennis – Grandaddy Purple Regular

“The purple hues can’t be seen with very well with the HPS on but they are beautiful girls! They grew about 6 foot tall in an 5×5 eight foot tall gorilla grow tent. They are much larger than I expected. I purchased 8 beans. All 8 germinated and unfortunately one passed away. Out of the remaining 7 two turned out to be girls. The rest were boys. Both girls were around 6 foot tall. I roped them 4 times and they still were massive.”

Let Cherry Pie overwhelm your senses!

The Cherry Pie strain is a hybrid wonder. This sweet delicacy has a taste and flavor that matches its name. The smoking experience of this weed offers one of the most balanced experiences without any secondary effects.

We are pretty sure you’ll want to learn more at our Cherry Pie Homegrown Diaries. Make sure to join our community and share your knowledge with other growers in our open forum. We appreciate any insight, and you’ll be able to learn from people just like you. While you’re there, check out our other Homegrown Diaries for even further inspiration.

About the author: Parker Curtis

Parker Curtis has around a decade of cannabis-growing experience, specialising in soil-less and hydro grows. He’s mastering outdoor, greenhouse, and indoor grows.

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