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Zkittlez Strain Information & Review

The Zkittlez strain is a candy-like and sweet-smelling marijuana plant. It consists of bright green colas that emit tropical flavors, offering its users calm and relaxing effects.

The popular Zkittlez strain won Best Indica at the 2015 Cannabis Cup and also placed first at the 2016 Emerald Cup.

With so many awards under its belt, the Zkittlez strain must have some extraordinary characteristics. To uncover its secrets, we’ve compiled a detailed Zkittlez strain review with all the information you need.

Let’s get started.

Zkittlez strain (aka Skittles, Skittlz)

The Zkittlez strain, also known as Skittles and Zkittles, is an indica-dominant hybrid. Its parents are Grape Ape and Grapefruit, and it also contains genetics from an unknown cannabis variety.

Here’s a summary of the Zkittlez strain info for feminized seeds:

Zkittlez Strain Information

Zkittlez strain flavors

The cannabis strain Zkittlez was bred by Terp Hogz and the 3rd Gen Family. If you’ve ever stepped inside a supermarket, then you’ve probably seen the candy called Skittles. This is where the Zkittlez strain gets its catchy name from, thanks to its sweetly flavored buds.

Whether you consume them as edibles or smoke them, the buds from Zkittlez seeds produce the same unique flavor. You can expect explosions of berries, grapes, and other citrus fruits. Many users describe the aroma as sweet, fruity, and candy-like.

Zkittlez strain effects

The Zkittlez weed strain is excellent for newbies, boasting moderate THC levels of around 19%. After a few tokes, the most common effects include feeling relaxed, sleepy, and joyful. 

An energetic and euphoric mind high marks the start of the physical sensations. Then, you can look forward to calm and soothing waves that ease any tension and stress in your body. Many users of Zkittlez report it also alleviates pain and helps with other medical complaints.

Zkittlez strain grow information

Whether you’re an aspiring grower or a seasoned breeder, Zkittlez strain seeds are suited for all kinds of cultivators. This cannabis plant is strong, sturdy, and can support itself. All you need to do is prune and trim - an easy task for beginners.

This marijuana plant only grows up to three feet tall indoors, so you won’t need much space. Remember to pay attention to the light cycles and maintain odor control in your setup. Incorporating the Sea of Green (SOG) method can produce a higher Zkittlez yield.

Zkittlez strain seeds take six to eight weeks to flower. After that, you can enjoy approximately 1.63 oz per square foot of fresh buds. If you grow outdoors, expect to harvest up to 16 oz per weed plant.

Although an indoor setup is recommended, the Zkittlez also thrives outside. It prefers warm and sunny climates, but colder places can still produce high yields during the warmer months. It’s vital to plant your cannabis crops in pots so that it’s easier to relocate them during extreme temperature drops.

Zkittlez strain genetics

To create the Zkittlez weed strain, growers crossed Grapefruit, Grape Ape, and another undisclosed cultivar. Here’s an illustration that depicts this lineage:

Zkittlez Strain Genetics

Grape Ape is an indica-dominant variety, while Grapefruit is a strong sativa. It’s also believed that the third parent is a sativa. As a result, the Zkittlez has an excellent combination of these cannabis types, although it leans more towards the indica side.

Breeders across the globe have toyed with the genetics of Zkittlez strain seeds. Some of the notable offspring include the Blue Zkittlez strain, Runtz, and Rainbow Zest.

Zkittlez strain seeds to buy near you

Now that you have all the Zkittlez strain info you need, you might be interested in growing your own cannabis seeds. Luckily, you’re already in the right place. At Homegrown Cannabis Co., we want to provide you with the best weed seeds — without emptying your pockets.

Before you pick your poison, consider what type of cannabis seeds you’d like to grow. Typically, there are three primary categories:

  • Autoflower seeds: Suited to beginners. Faster harvests, smaller yields, and automatic blooming.
  • Feminized seeds: Greater yields and larger buds. These seeds don’t have male chromosomes and are 99% guaranteed to produce female plants.
  • Regular seeds: Have a 50% chance of producing male cannabis plants. Recommended for more experienced growers.

At Homegrown Cannabis Co., you can purchase these popular Zkittlez seeds:

Here are some other fan-favorites bred from the genetics of the Zkittlez strain:

Zkittlez strain reviews

Want to know what our customers are saying about our Zkittlez strain seeds? Here are some recent reviews:

Kirby W 

Beautiful will be ordering more.

Mike G 

This plant was a beast topped once I pulled almost 3 oz (my 1st grow ever) from her i was nervous cuz I got regular seeds but it was a girl and the budz were fire wish I can post pics on here got 3 seeds left and def gonna make one a mother so I can reap this beauty time and time again.

Judy G
I haven't had a chance to plant them yet, but they look great. I am very pleased and thank you so much for having them available. Hard to find seeds in Alaska sometimes.


There's more to the Zkittlez strain than its rainbow of flavors. Check out these answers to questions we often get about this fan-favorite hybrid. Feel free to reach out to us via live chat if you need more clarification or join our friendly community forum.

Is Zkittlez strain indica or sativa?

The Zkittlez strain is an indica-dominant hybrid. Its parent Grape Ape is an indica while Grapefruit is sativa. This delightful blend combines the mind high you'd expect from a sativa with the physical sedative effects that comes with indicas. Full body relaxation wins every time.

Users love the buzz that creeps up fast, starting with a focused head high moving to the body. Cases of couch lock are common, so don't plan anything more than routine and mundane tasks.

How does Zkittlez strain make you feel?

The Zkittlez weed strain has a powerful effect, with a tendency toward more reflective states of tranquility and contemplation. It's recommended for everyday activities if taken moderately, and its taste lingers in the mouth. Smokers love the citrus flavors and fragrances when exhaling.

The name Zkittlez might sound like a fun daytime strain, but this hybrid packs a powerful sedative punch. Experience a fast onset, physical relaxation, and mental stress relief with neither couch-lock nor raciness. 

What is Zkittlez strain good for?

The Zkittlez weed strain comes with wonderful therapeutic effects. Use it to reduce stress, pain, and nausea. It's ideal if you need of a good night's sleep. The Zkittlez strain also works wonders if you're looking for a relaxing daytime smoke despite being an indica. 

It comes full of terpenes, making it great for hash and concentrates, too. Zkittlez didn’t get its name for nothing—it bursts with so much flavor that you can taste the proverbial rainbow. The fruity and sugary taste is perfect for consumers with a sweet tooth.

Is Zkittlez strain good for anxiety?

Worries melt away as the Zkittlez strain delivers a huge jolt of uplifting energy at first. Calm your thoughts during this initial effect phase, or binge-watch your favorite sitcom. No couchlock or raciness exist, as you quickly feel relaxed from head to toe. Similar to most indicas, you can use Zkittlez to manage anxiety, chronic stress, and depression.

The Zkittlez weed strain has a hard-hitting psychedelic potential, but most users feel no nervousness. Consumers unaccustomed to high THC strains may still experience slight anxiety, but they get used to the effects after a few sessions.

What does Zkittlez strain taste like?

The Zkittlez strain smells and tastes like tropical fruits similar to its parents, the fruity Grape Ape and tangy Grapefruit. You can't get enough of the super delicious flavor that melts in your mouth. The only thing stopping you from overindulging are the intense feelings of relaxation.

The Zkittlez strain nugs break apart easily rather than locking the grinder, making it superb for bowls and vapes. The aroma seamlessly translates into the taste—a rainbow of sugary orange and pine, with floral-fuel bite.

What does Zkittlez strain smell like?

You know you're in for something special when you see Zkittlez on your weed. This hybrid got its name from one of the most popular candies on the planet. The Zkittlez strain plants exhibit a floral and fresh aroma, with a strong lemon or orange peel scent predominating the buds. Pinching or grinding up the nugs increases the citrusy aroma, making the Zkittlez weed strain similar to a sweet-n-sour gummy.

Besides the balanced effects, consumers love Zkittlez for its strong, inviting aroma—it's not loud like gasoline but rather thick and syrupy sweet.

Is Zkittlez a purple strain?

The Zkittlez strain produces vibrant and eye-catching deep purple flowers—unsurprising since it's labeled after the sugary candy. The colorful flowers also give it the name, as the buds are bright and multicolored. It's impossible not to smile when you look at the beautiful buds and smell the sweet confectionery-like flavors, including those of berries and fruits. The fat, dense nugs come in green and purple, with plenty of orange in the pistils and white from trichomes. 

Who created Zkittlez strain?

Terp Hogz and the 3rd Gen Family bred the first Zkittlez strain with two things in mind: potency and flavor, delivering exactly that. The 3rd Gen Family is a tight-knit group of talented growers based in Mendocino County. They’ve amassed an incredible 18 awards for their quality strains.

Zkittlez is an interesting and unique variety. It's the result of crossing genetics that produce purple, almost black hues.

Is Zkittlez strain exotic?

The Zkittles strain is exotic because it’s unique. It shot to fame courtesy of the rainbow of colors and enticing aroma on the buds. This extraordinarily potent hybrid hooks users with its sweet flavor and strong floral notes featuring hints of fuel.

Zkittlez strain seeds made this previously clone-only hybrid mainstream. Breeders have also made many hard-hitting hybrids from this indica dominant marijuana. Cannabis connoisseurs can easily distinguish it from other strains.

Is Zkittlez strain easy to grow?

The Zkittlez strain is one of the easiest strains to cultivate. It grows to a medium height, offering decent yields. Manicure it regularly to maintain airflow between its branches. It develops a strong aroma, so consider installing carbon filters in your grow room.

If outdoors, Zkittlez strain cultivars prefer an area with lots of sunlight and low humidity. Its aromatic flowers are very dense, making them a delight to connoisseurs. 

What terpenes are in Zkittlez?

Experience a sweet and fruity explosion of flavor with the widely heralded Zkittlez strain. Its dominant terpenes are beta-caryophyllene (41%), humulene (18%), and linalool (13%) for a delectable medley of flavors. These terpenes give the cultivar a fruity zest like the candy it's named after.

How long does it take to grow Zkittlez?

You can buy Zkittlez strain seeds that are either feminized, fast versions, autoflower, or CBD.

The fast version grows rapidly, giving high yields in around 9 weeks.

Feminized Zkittlez plants have the following life cycle: germination (1 week), seedling (2–3 weeks), vegetative (3–7 weeks), and flowering (8–9 weeks). It takes a total of 14–20 weeks from start to finish.

The CBD Zkittlez strain has a similar life cycle to the feminized variant. You can determine how long the vegetative period is by adjusting the light cycle or timing the season you sow CBD and feminized plants outdoors. Expect to harvest in September if outdoors in the Northern Hemisphere. Use high stress training techniques while in veg for optimum yields. The autoflower Zkittlez strain goes from start to finish in 13–15 weeks regardless of the light cycle.

Get fruity with the Zkittlez strain

To put things bluntly, the Zkittlez weed strain is fabulous. It’s straightforward to grow and packed full of flavors. On top of this, it allows you to relax, unwind, and feel joyful, making it an all-around winner.

Once you purchase your Zkittlez strain seeds, make sure to join the Zkittlez Homegrown Diaries. Here, you can keep up to date with every stage of your weed plant’s life by tracking your progress with an online diary. You can also see the success of other growers.

If you want to engage with other weed breeders in a safe online community, check out the Homegrown Forum. Here, you can find a wealth of information on every cannabis topic. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice or share your tips - we’re all on the same mission. 

As always, have fun and happy growing!

About the author: Parker Curtis

Parker Curtis has around a decade of cannabis-growing experience, specialising in soil-less and hydro grows. He’s mastering outdoor, greenhouse, and indoor grows.

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