Cannabis Plant Training Techniques

Homegrown PotCast
July 08, 2020

Derek is back again with another PotCast this week, this time he’s discussing the different types of training techniques for cannabis plants. For those who are unsure of what training actually means, it describes different methods used by growers to physically manipulate and alter the way a marijuana plant grows so that it develops more budding sites and therefore is capable of producing a much higher yield. Also, training can be used to alter the growth and size of the plant so it fits properly in its grow space.

Derek details the main two types of training, Low Stress Training (LST) and High Stress Training (HST) and offers some valuable insight into his experience as a HomeGrown Cannabis Co. sponsored grower. Training techniques such as Supercropping (a form of HST) are great ways to maximize plant yields and Derek has benefitted greatly from using them.

Low Stress Training (LST)

Low stress training is a training process which involves bending the larger stems of a cannabis plant away from the centre of the plant, essentially making the marijuana plant flatter and wider. At this point, the weed plant can have more areas exposed to light and it can develop more budding sites. LST is more commonly used in indoor grows to help weed plants adapt to and thrive in more confined spaces.

Growers often use twist ties to secure the stems and should be careful not to use anything sharp like wire which could harm the plant. It is best to start LST while the plant is still a seedling since the stems will be more flexible at this point compared with a more mature cannabis plant (when the stems will be far more rigid and difficult to bend).

High Stress Training (HST)

HST is more commonly used for larger, outdoor cannabis plant grows. This involves a similar method to LST of bending the stems. This time, however, the grower bends the stems at a 90 degree angle so that the trained branch is perpendicular to the rest of the plant. The branch must then be secured in a way that doesn’t damage the plant. Growers can then prune leaves from the marijuana plant’s canopy to expose the buds to more direct light.

One of the most common methods of HST is supercropping, for further information on supercropping, check out Kyle Kushman’s Beginner’s Guide to Supercropping your Plants.