Lemon Diesel Feminized
From $80.00 to $225.00
Lemon Diesel Feminized
Lemon Diesel Feminized
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  • High THC
  • Hints of pepper and citrus
  • 500 g/plant
  • Balanced Hybrid
  • Very High THC
  • Heavy Yields
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Kyle Kushman Says:
Smoking this hybrid is like taking a refreshing gulp of ice cool lemon water.
Cultivar description
Since bursting onto the broader scene in 2010 at the Emerald Cup, Lemon Diesel feminized seeds has been firing up people's engines. Placing amongst the top ten strains in the Cup, it's fair to say that this hybrid amassed some loyal followers. Over time acquiring Lemon Diesel feminized seeds has increased in popu

Lemon Diesel Feminized

From $80.00 to $225.00
A fast-acting and full-bodied hybrid.
  • High THC
  • Hints of pepper and citrus
  • 500 g/plant
  • Balanced Hybrid
  • Very High THC
  • Heavy Yields
As low as $80.00
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Homegrown Stash
Kyle Kushman Says:
Smoking this hybrid is like taking a refreshing gulp of ice cool lemon water.

Lemon Diesel Feminized by Kyle Kushman

Lemon Diesel Feminized
CULTIVAR PROFILE Lemon Diesel Feminized
Lineage California Sour x Lost Coast OG
Type Mostly Indica
Yield Indoor 12 - 14 oz/m2
Yield Outdoor 18 oz/plant
THC 23%
CBD 0.7%
Height 59 inches
Flowering Time 8-10 Weeks
Flowering Style Photoperiod
Harvest Month October
Medical Anxiety Arthritis Depression Fatigue Migranes Stress
Effects Calming Creative Energetic Euphoric Focused Talkative Uplifted
Flavor Citrus Diesel Lemon Pepper Skunk
Grows Greenhouse Indoor Outdoor
Climate Temperate/Continental Sunny/Mediterranean Cool/Cold
Beginner No
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Cultivar description
Since bursting onto the broader scene in 2010 at the Emerald Cup, Lemon Diesel feminized seeds has been firing up people's engines. Placing amongst the top ten strains in the Cup, it's fair to say that this hybrid amassed some loyal followers. 

Over time acquiring Lemon Diesel feminized seeds has increased in popularity. It's no wonder why; this is not your run-of-the-mill, regular Diesel strain. With its impressive genetic background, potent effects, zesty aroma, and lip-smacking flavor, Lemon Diesel hits a little bit differently. 

Stay with us as we examine and admire this tasty hybrid variant. 

What are Lemon Diesel Feminized cannabis seeds?

Breeders at Emerald Triangle developed this carefully crafted connoisseur strain. With its first public appearance in 2010, Lemon Diesel was an instant hit with both recreational and medicinal users.

Lemon Diesel feminized seeds are your ticket to the best smelling joint in your neighborhood. The carefully selected genetic donors for this strain have come together to create a truly delicious weed that packs a punch. 

Even though this strain is an indica dominant cultivar, it exhibits strong sativa-like effects. The indica effects will not initially present themselves until later, but they're pronounced when they arrive.

Plants grown from these feminized Lemon Diesel marijuana seeds usually display indica traits as they mature. Your plants will be shorter but more bushy and full-bodied. All of which makes Lemon Diesel an excellent choice for indoor growers with restricted growing height.

While regular seeds certainly have their use, unless you're trying to breed your own marijuana plants, feminized seeds are highly recommended. Regular cannabis seeds may contain a mix of both males and females. Cannabis plants don't exhibit signs of sex until well into their growth cycle. 

With regular seeds, you could end up growing male plants that produce no flowers. Keeping male and female plants together runs the risk of pollination. Once your female plants become pollinated, the buds will turn to seeds, and your hard work will be in vain.

But worry not, that's where we come in! Our Lemon Diesel seeds are feminized, which guarantees your seeds grow and mature into beautiful flower-laden ladies. You don't have to worry about potential male plants taking up space or ultimately ruining your crop of flowers.

What are the Lemon Diesel Feminized effects?

When it comes to effects, this heavily indica dominant hybrid brings with it the best of both worlds. For such a heavily indica dominant cultivar, weed grown from Lemon Diesel feminized seed possesses distinct and unmistakable sativa effects. A full-body deep relaxation eventually follows up the engaging cerebral buzz. 

When smoked, weed from our feminized Lemon Diesel marijuana seeds can take a few moments for its initial effects to be felt. Many refer to this weed as a creeper strain, meaning that its effects can take time to materialize. Less experienced smokers should avoid ingesting too much too quickly to avoid becoming overwhelmed.

Effects are initially felt in the head. You'll feel a calming wave pass through your mind, and a feeling of bliss take hold. Feeling both uplifted and euphoric, smokers will find it extremely hard not to crack a wide grin after inhaling the lemony smoke.

The mood-enhancing qualities of this strain are perfect for social gatherings. Feeling happy and buzzed, conversation and laughter will be inevitable. If you're more of a lone wolf, this strain will increase your focus and enjoyment in your chosen activity.

After some time, the indica effects will begin to creep in slowly. Physical tension in your muscles will melt away, and every inch of your body will feel supremely relaxed. The indica effects in Lemon Diesel never reach the level of full couch-lock. You'll feel entirely relaxed but still in control. 

We recommend consuming this strain in the evenings or on days when you know you're free. Lemon Diesel displays potent indica relaxative effects, but they're not overwhelming—you'll still be able to get yourself up and to the fridge. Definitely a good thing, as this strain can give you mega munchies! 

What does the Lemon Diesel Feminized smell like?

When it comes to smell, Lemon Diesel is hard to beat. A quick whiff of this strain will have everyone in the room gravitating toward you. Given its name, smokers won't be in for any huge surprise, but they'll be quickly enamored by this strain's scent. 

Lemon Diesel is one of those rare strains whose scent announces its presence like a fanfare. Its aroma is powerful but not overpowering. The prominent notes of citrus and lemon are ever-present and impossible to miss. The astringency of the sour citrus scent is subtly blended with an earthy quality with hints of pepper.

Breaking open the sticky lime-green buds instantly releases an ethereal, gasoline-like vapor that arouses the senses. Veteran smokers recognize this intoxicating earthy, fuel-like tang as a sign of a powerful smoke to come. 

The buds grown from our feminized lemon diesel weed strain seeds have an unforgettable taste profile. The smooth smoke from this weed glides across the tongue and presents a bold lemon-citrus flavor. Entwined with this lemony taste is a distinct earthy diesel tang that makes itself known without leaving a strong aftertaste.

How to germinate Lemon Diesel Feminized seeds

Germination can sound like an intimidating process for first-time growers. Thankfully, it's pretty simple and a process anybody can do with everyday materials. We're here to reassure you that you shouldn't have any problems if you follow our germination guide.

Before starting, have everything you need to hand. You'll need some purified or bottled water, a pair of sterile tweezers, some paper towels, your cannabis seeds, and a dinner plate. Then follow these steps:

- Moisten the two paper towels and then carefully and gently wring out any excess water.

- Put one wet paper towel onto your plate. Place the cannabis seeds onto the towel, leaving an inch or so of space between each one.

- Place the other paper towel over your cannabis seeds, adding enough water to keep everything moist.

- Make sure there is no free-standing water by lifting up the paper towel. Pour away any water sitting on the plate.

- Put the plate in a warm dark place; a cupboard or a drawer will suffice.

- Leave the marijuana seeds for 24 to 120 hours, keeping them moist and NEVER letting them dry out. 

- Check on your cannabis seeds very carefully every 24 hours. Don't disturb the paper towel unnecessarily.

- Once your cannabis seeds have a healthy taproot, they're ready for planting. Carefully transport the germinated seed with your tweezers to their growing medium. 

- If growing in soil, place the marijuana seed with the taproot facing toward the bottom of the medium.

If you remain attentive and follow our step-by-step guide outlined above, we're confident you won't have any problems. We're so confident that in the unlikely event you have ungerminated seeds, we'll happily replace them for you.

Remember that seeds are naturally inclined to germinate in the right conditions. As a grower, all you have to do is provide these optimal conditions and let nature do the rest. You can also get video assistance from our germination guide.

Lemon Diesel Feminized seeds grow guide

Lemon Diesel feminized seeds aren't particularly tough to grow. Even though they're classed as intermediate in terms of growing difficulty, we say jump in and get your hands dirty. 

Lemon Diesel feminized seeds can thrive both indoors and out. Their robust indica profile makes them hardy plants well-suited for outdoor growth where they can really thrive. 
Their natural resistance to mold and other common pests make these seeds an excellent choice for beginner or intermediate indoor growers.

Attentive care of these seedlings results in healthy, dense plants which can grow up to 5 ft and bear a respectable harvest. With a moderate amount of knowledge and attention, indoor growers can expect to yield 12-14 oz. of crystal-covered citrus flower per meter squared.

Growers with some more experience under their belts can take this strain the extra mile. By employing super cropping or a SOG (Sea of Green) growing technique, experienced cultivators can significantly increase the yield from their plants.

With the proper conditions and some luck with the weather, Lemon Diesel can really impress when grown outdoors. Given some space and love, outdoor growers can easily see harvests of up to 18 oz. of cured bud per plant.

Lemon Diesel is a late bloomer, and the flowers will start to bulk out toward the end of the flowering cycle. Be patient and allow the plants the full nine or ten weeks of flowering to reach maturity.

Overall this strain is not too difficult to manage and shines in the hands of experienced growers. Our feminized Lemon Diesel weed strain seeds will flourish under your care and greatly appreciates consistency in all things. Establish a routine for feeding and light adjustment, and maintain a consistent temperature and humidity.

What are the Lemon Diesel Feminized seeds genetics?

Given its impressive effects and delectable taste and aroma of the weed, it's no surprise that Lemon Diesel feminized seeds boast an impressive genetic lineage. Lemon Diesel is the direct offspring of California Sour and Lost Coast. Let's take a look at each of these strains and their respective parents.

California Sour is a product of mixing landrace strains from both Mexico and Afghanistan. Landrace strains from Mexico are sativa cultivars known for their potent mental effects and bold earthy taste. 

Afghan landrace strains have long been prized for their citrus flavor profile and strong indica relaxative properties. The resulting California Sour cultivar is a well-balanced hybrid appreciated for its bold diesel taste and peppery aroma. This is the parent strain that puts the diesel in Lemon Diesel.

Lost Coast or Lost Coast OG is a three-way cross of some formidable strains. Chemdawg 4, Pakistani Kush, and Lemon Thai come together to create this tangy indica dominant strain. The citrus flavors of its Lemon Thai forebear are highly pronounced in Lost Coast and have been passed down to Lemon Diesel. 

Chemdawg 4 is one of several strains bearing this name. This variant is indica dominant, unlike most other Chemdawg breeds. Chemdawg 4 boasts THC levels of up to 28%, and smokers say the effects are long-lasting and powerful.

Pakistani Kush is a pure Indica landrace variety that has contributed its solid genetics to several strains. The buds from these plants smell delightfully sweet and fruity, with an earthy undertone. In addition, medicinal users rave about this strain's nigh-on miraculous analgesic properties.

Lemon Thai is another hybrid variant that brings together the heady sativa qualities of a native Thai cultivar with the tropical fruitiness of a Hawaiian cultivar. This plant produces elegant, elongated, lime-green buds with an intoxicating astringent lemon aroma.

We've laid out the family tree of this distinguished hybrid strain for you below.

- Mexican Sativa x Afghani Indica = California Sour
- Chemdawg 4 x Pakistani Kush x Lemon Thai = Lost Coast OG
- Lost Coast OG x California Sour = Lemon Diesel

Wellness and Lemon Diesel Feminized seeds

Lemon Diesel isn't just a favorite with recreational users. Medicinal users love this strain for its cornucopia of therapeutic effects. Due to its attractive hybrid makeup, Lemon Diesel exhibits strong sativa and indica effects, making it excellent for targeting a wide range of physical and mental disorders. 

The uplifting, mood-enhancing cerebral effects are just the trick for treating anxiety, depression, or melancholy. Lemon Diesel will lift you high above your worries and put a smile on your face. Its stimulating and sociable qualities would also benefit those with social anxiety. 

On the physical side, this strain's indica heritage provides a range of benefits. Lots of smokers report that this strain is great for easing nausea, headaches, and migraines. Its relaxing effects will also be of great comfort to users with chronic muscular pain.

The stimulating effects of Lemon Diesel can also help increase appetites. We're not just talking about hunger here, either. Many users report that this weed is great for enhancing libido and sexual appetite and even helping with erectile dysfunction.

Lemon Diesel is a truly remarkable strain regarding its healing properties for both the mind and the body. Medicinal users can't afford to miss out on the miraculous buds produced by these seeds.

Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.

Lemon Diesel Feminized seeds: Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get free cannabis Lemon Diesel Feminized seeds?

Become active in online and offline communities. Networking can introduce you to other growers who may give you some sample seed. But this takes time. A far quicker and easier way is to head to our store and avail of our frequent BOGO seed deals.

Can a beginner grow Lemon Diesel Feminized?

Absolutely! Lemon Diesel is not an overly fussy strain, but it will appreciate a consistent temperature and airflow. While it's true that experienced growers can squeeze a higher yield through the use of SOG or cropping-—don't let that dissuade you from giving this strain a shot.

What is the Lemon Diesel Feminized flower time?

Lemon Diesel has a pretty standard flowering time of 8-10 weeks. We'd recommend that you resist the temptation to harvest them early. By allowing the plants to fully mature, you'll see increased resin and THC production in the flowers. 

How long do Lemon Diesel Feminized seeds take to germinate?

It depends. The thickness of the seed casing affects how quickly they germinate. Some seeds may germinate overnight, but it may take up to five days for all of your seeds to pop. Remember to follow our guide, keep the seeds moist, and carefully check in on them daily.

How long does it take Lemon Diesel Feminized from seeds to harvest?

This strain goes from seed to harvest in about 20-24 weeks. The seedling phase lasts about a month. Indoors, space and height will be a factor in switching to flowering but expect to veg for 8-10 weeks. Flowering takes 8-10 weeks, and the buds will dramatically fill out in the last week or two.

Grow medium: Lemon Diesel Feminized hydro or soil?

Lemon Diesel feminized seeds aren't too fussy about where they grow, so we'd say it comes down to experience and personal preference. Hydro is an excellent way to grow weed, but nothing beats the simplicity of soil for beginner cultivators.

What is the average Lemon Diesel Feminized height?

Lemon Diesel feminized seeds produce plants that usually grow to approximately 5 ft on average. The plants grown from this seed usually exhibit indica characteristics, resulting in squatter, bushier plants. Its nature as a hybrid means that on occasion, growers have reported plants developing with sativa characteristics. 

Where can I find pictures of Lemon Diesel Feminized marijuana?

You can find some excellent pictures right here on this page. We also have our Homegrown Diaries, where other growers catalog and share their growing experiences. Unfortunately, it looks like we don't yet have any grower diaries for feminized Lemon Diesel weed strain seeds. So why not be the first to add yours?

Where is the best place to buy Lemon Diesel Feminized seeds in the USA?

You're already here! As you can tell, we're passionate about growing here at HMG. We stock a vast range of high-quality seeds with stable, proven genetics. We offer guaranteed delivery, fantastic customer support, and even a germination guarantee. So don't delay, buy today!

Are there any other names for Lemon Diesel Feminized?

There are no other names for this delicious feminized Lemon Diesel weed strain grown from Lemon Diesel feminized seeds. Simple and easy to remember once smoked, there's no need for any nicknames here. 

There are many strains out there, such as Lemon Haze, Lemon Blast, Sour Diesel, or simply Diesel. But put the two together, add nothing else, and you've got the singular, prodigious Lemon Diesel.

Spelling errors

With such a simple name, it's not usually prone to being misspelled. But having said that, it's inevitable that a hasty search may end up as 'lemin diesel' or even 'lemon diesle.' Other than these slips on the keyboard, we don't know of any other common misspellings. The only thing to be aware of are other vastly different strains whose names may contain 'diesel' or 'lemon.'

Join Homegrown Forum and share your stories! Post your Lemon Diesel feminized pics, and any Lemon Diesel feminized seeds grow reports you might have. We can't get enough Lemon Diesel feminized images; those crystals drive us wild!

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