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Blue Widow Feminized

A colourful character with a seductive smell.
  • Indica Dominant
  • Medium THC
  • Quick Flowering
  • Uplifting sensation
  • Overpowering sweet berry aroma
  • 500 g/m2

An all-time favorite, Blue Widow is much loved for its lovely aroma and wonderful head to toe benefits. Although slightly Indica-dominant, the offspring of two A-listers offers well-balanced effects. Its flair to uplift is from White Widow, while Blu... Read More

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Kyle Kushman
Kushman Says:
White Widow meets Blueberry to create an attractive plant with a calming indica buzz.
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Blue Widow Feminized

STRAIN PROFILE Blue Widow Feminized

Mostly Indica
Yield 500 gr/plant
THC 15%
CBD 0.3%
HEIGHT 200 cm
Anxiety Arthritis Depression Inflammation Insomnia Migranes Stress
Energetic Focused Giggly Relaxed Uplifted
Berry Blueberry Citrus Earthy Spicy Sweet
Temperate/Continental Sunny/Mediterranean
Blue Widow Feminized Review

Blue Widow Feminized Profile by Kyle Kushman

An all-time favorite, Blue Widow is much loved for its lovely aroma and wonderful head to toe benefits. Although slightly Indica-dominant, the offspring of two A-listers offers well-balanced effects. Its flair to uplift is from White Widow, while Blueberry gave its relaxing touch.

A true crowd-favorite, the cannabis is a staple in Amsterdam coffee shops. It is also a best-seller in US dispensaries. A famous pot, it has the accolades to prove its celebrated status. It won 1st prize in the “Best Outdoor” category at the 2015 Copa Cannabis Cup in Uruguay. In 2013, it also finished 3rd at the Treating Yourself Expo Cannabis Cup held in Toronto, Canada.

A joy to grow with abundant yield, new and seasoned growers love Blue Widow. Its Homegrown Cannabis feminized seeds share enough supply for an all year round smoke out. Being resistant to pests and molds, it can thrive without fuzz as well.

Once it goes into the flowering stage, the plant releases a pleasing aroma. Inviting smokers to take a hit, it makes their mouth water after catching a whiff. The delicious weed also offers a sweet burst of flavor. It's no wonder cannabis enthusiasts are craving for more.

Growing Blue Widow from Feminized Seeds

Breathtakingly beautiful, Blue Widow matures into a magnificent marijuana. The plant stands sturdy and stable like a true Indica. At the same time, it stretches like a Sativa, up to 10 feet if raised in an optimal environment.

Once the herb goes into full bloom, it will be hard for anyone not to notice its allure. Its huge buds flower in splendor in tints of green, blue, and purple. Meanwhile, its green foliage turns deep plum when exposed to cold temperatures. Cloaked with heavy resin and long amber hair, the nuggets aren't just lovely; they are potent too.

When cultured indoors, the pot takes about 8-9 weeks to flower fully. For the charmer to mature handsomely, employing a SOG setup is helpful. Once it ripens, it shares a bountiful yield of 500 grams of quality buds per square meter.

The flora loves the hot and humid outdoor temperature. With plenty of sunshine and fertile soil, it produces an abundant yield of up to 1100 grams per plant. By mid-October, growers in the northern hemisphere can already harvest.

Fragrance and Flavor

The sweet-smelling hybrid got its fascinating fragrance from its parent strains. Once the bud is lit, it fills the room with an overpowering sweet berry aroma. After the fragrant fruitiness settles, a hint of earthy spice scent lingers.

Tasting as lovely as it smells, Blue Widow is often used for edibles. The fruity taste is not overpowering but shares a distinct blueberry tang. Upon exhale, the sweetness diminishes, and a citrus note replaces it.


A perfect strain for those who are on the go, Blue Widow is usually smoked mid-day or late afternoon. Providing a calm, stress-free sensation, the pot does not have an overpowering high. After a few puffs, a blanket of positive vibes fills the person as anxieties drift off.  Tokers also savor a seemingly endless supply of giggles and waves of laughter.

Sharing an uplifting sensation, the ganja also keeps its enjoyers clear-headed and productive. It holds a strong soothing sensation that does not melt users into the couch. Unlike other strains, it does not leave a sluggish and disoriented feeling.

Users can relish a light on the head kind of buzz with a relaxed yet still very active body. It allows them to get things done. Even better, because its effects are long-lasting, one gets to reap the benefits and savor it for many hours.


A respected name in the medical scene, practitioners and users hold Blue Widow in high regard. It is often prescribed to patients suffering from psychological troubles. The herb gives a couple of hours of comfort by appeasing the symptoms of the problem. Although temporary, the window of relief it opens may lead to their recovery.

Giving blissfulness and calm, the depressed, stressed, and anxious may consume it daily. What's more, it drives the worries away without leaving any lethargic effect. Patients get to socialize, work, and stay active without inhibitions. In addition, the joint also helps insomniacs achieve a deep sleep. The next day, the fully rested souls feel refreshed without a trace of grogginess.

Those with chronic pains and aches also seek relief with this marijuana. It can soothe the physical torment caused by the likes of arthritis, migraines, and back pains. This is all thanks to its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties.

With the capacity to fight nausea, vomiting, and lack of appetite, the cannabis is beneficial to cancer patients and those with eating disorders too. It induces a seemingly unquenchable hunger and makes food look mouth-watering. With such effects, sufferers suddenly regain their fondness for edibles.

Amidst its many benefits, Blue Widow, just like any other strains, is not without any negative side effects. If taken while dehydrated, one may fall victim to the drying of eyes and mouth. As a countermeasure, simply drink ample fluids even before and after a session.

Over consumption may also lead to more severe offshoots. Although infrequent, some may get dizzy, paranoid, or anxious. First-timers are often the ones committing this mistake.

Feminized Blue Widow Seeds

With a burst of fruity sweetness and well-balanced effects, Blue Widow is a real winner. Get to experience the quality strain by growing its Homegrown Cannabis feminized seeds. Even beginners can produce enough harvest to share with family and friends. When planning to culture a weed, doing so with these babies is sure to make one's endeavor a success.