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Critical Blue Feminized

A beautiful blueberry hybrid.
  • Indica Dominant
  • High THC
  • Bushy And Branchy
  • High THC
  • Tropical oasis scent
  • 400 g/m2

Many things stand out about Critical Blue, the most obvious of which is its amalgam of terpenes that exudes a mix of blueberry and citrus scents. Moreover, the flowers are a sight to behold. More than appearance, the thick layer of crystals is indica... Read More

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Kyle Kushman
Kushman Says:
This medicinal-quality plant produces a strong, long-lasting, narcoleptic stone with an added measure of couchlock.
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Critical Blue Feminized

STRAIN PROFILE Critical Blue Feminized

Mostly Indica
Yield 400 gr/plant
THC 21%
CBD 0.6%
HEIGHT 80 cm
Anxiety Arthritis Depression Migranes Stress
Euphoric Giggly Relaxed Uplifted
Berry Citrus Earthy Pungent Spicy Tropical
Temperate/Continental Sunny/Mediterranean
Critical Blue Feminized Review

Critical Blue Feminized Profile by Kyle Kushman

Many things stand out about Critical Blue, the most obvious of which is its amalgam of terpenes that exudes a mix of blueberry and citrus scents. Moreover, the flowers are a sight to behold. More than appearance, the thick layer of crystals is indicative of its high potency. Upon consumption, it quickly ushers in a soaring high before following it up with profound body relaxation.

Blueberry, one of the parent strains, exerts considerable influence. By practically any form of measure or criteria, this legend is a winner. Among the traits passed on to Critical Blue are its iconic scents and eye-pleasing colorations.

Critical, on the other hand, is an enhanced Big Bud variety. The original cultivar itself, boasting of large buds, is one of the most widely-recognized strains. However, the size and density of the bud sites also make it susceptible to molds. Thus, crossing it with Skunk #1 served to boosts its immunity to diseases.

On genotype, both Blueberry and Critical are about the same. The latter, though, passed on genes that are responsible for the production of monster buds.

Critical Blue is not an overly challenging plant to cultivate. Having prior experience, though, comes in handy. It also tends to be slightly needier compared to beginner-friendly strains, entailing more routine maintenance. Nevertheless, from starting with feminized seeds provided by Homegrown Cannabis Co. to nurturing it all the way to harvest, this hybrid is a joy to cultivate.

Growing Critical Blue Feminized Seeds

Critical Blue is a short, compact plant that has an eye-popping appearance. Upon transitioning to the flowering period, it develops dense fist-shaped buds with remarkable colors. From evergreen, the shades of blue, pink, or purple appear if cold-shocked. Further boosting its bag appeal is the formation of glistening crystals, especially around and on top of the calyxes.

One of the traits that makes it a valuable strain in modern cannabis scene is the scent. Over the last three decades, the priority of breeders was to create hybrids with insanely high levels of THC. All that changed once research showed that most of the terpenes not only have medicinal benefits but also enhances the effects of the cannabinoids. Commercially, a rich terpene profile is attractive to the consumers as it is responsible for exuding the unique, delightful smell and taste of cannabis.

For home cultivators, the most ideal gardening method to use is hydroponics - if speed and vigorous growth were the priority. On the other hand, to maximize the traits that make Critical Blue belong in the same conversation with legends, organic soil is the way to go.

Homegrown Cannabis Co. has taken measures to ensure that it only works with the top growers in the world. From cultivation to selecting the mother plants used in producing Critical Blue feminized seeds, the process involved conform to strict standards. Consequently, the seeds delivered have incredibly stable genetics, and when given optimal conditions, could grow to its full potential.

Starting from high-quality seeds also offers a degree of relief knowing that the plants could withstand LST, HST, and other methods of plant manipulation.

Once triggered, artificially or naturally, it takes approximately 9 weeks to flower. Indoors, the yield per square meter is around 400 grams. On the other hand, cultivating it outdoors where there is plenty of sunshine, the yield per plant could be as much as 750 grams.

Fragrance and Flavor

Critical Blue is a tropical oasis. It exudes the same berry scent that made Blueberry a worldwide cannabis sensation as well as a citrusy note amidst an earthy odor. Upon exhale, it leaves a spicy, sour aftertaste. The odor is quite pungent and using installing an activated-carbon filter in the grow room is highly recommended.


The onset begins with a cerebral boost that clears the mind and uplifts the spirit. The euphoric rush puts one in a positive mood and fits of giggles. Thus, it could be used in a social gathering for a chill hangout after towards the end of the day. The dosage, though, needs to be kept at a minimum.

As the mental stimulation progresses, the Indica traits kick in with a subtle sedating buzz encompassing the body. It spreads a warm feeling, and soon enough, the muscles start to wind down. The heavy-limbed effects of Critical Blue creep in slowly, allowing more time to enjoy this relaxing high before drowsiness sets in.

When the dosage is too high, it can cause the mind and the body to sink into oblivion. The devastatingly relaxing stone could also cause some adverse effects. Apart from the typical dry eyes and dry mouth, as well as dizziness, it is possible that some individuals could feel anxious or paranoid.


Critical Blue’s mind and body delight contain significant therapeutic benefits for medical users. As such, its ability to induce a brief escape against the symptoms of multiple ailments could be put to good use by patients.

The brighter outlook is a healing experience in itself. Not only does the soothing euphoria calm the mind, but it also busts out stress. Consumers who suffer from social anxiety could benefit from this cheerful strain as it helps conversations flow a little more freely. Because of its laidback quality, the risk of clouding the mind is at a minimal.

More importantly, mood-enhancing qualities combined with anxiolytic and anti-depressant properties can help clear and encourage a happier state of mind. As such, it is an excellent source of comfort to long-time sufferers of depression, anxiety, and PTSD.

The cerebrally invigorating effects also translate to the body. Besides removing tension in the muscles, it also reduce inflammation and melts away chronic pains.

The physical and mental tranquility is a crucial element in gently cradling one into a state of drowsiness. Eventually, the eyes droop then close as the soothing sensation continues to ebb.

Feminized Critical Blue Seeds

Critical Blue is one of the best-smelling hybrids to date. It is also equally impressive to look at due to its colorful foliage towards the end of the flowering period. The bold and tasty flower is coveted for its mental flight and relaxing high. However, it is not merely a hybrid for recreational use. Medical patients could also benefit from its ability to take out stress and pains.

It is only fitting that such an incredible variety should be cultivated, and seeds produced, from stabilized mother plants carefully selected for outstanding characteristics. These genetics can be had through the feminized seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co.