White Widow Feminized
From $79.00 to $222.00
White Widow Feminized
White Widow Feminized
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  • Powerful euphoria
  • Surge of energy and creativity
  • 900 g/plant
  • HEAVY on yields, light on fuss.
  • 22% THC delivers a deeply relaxing high.
  • Disease-resistant and super-easy to grow.
Homegrown Stash
Kyle Kushman Says:
It has enormous power and a reassuring longevity that make it a stoner's favourite.
Cultivar description

What are White Widow feminized seeds?

White Widow seeds USA, what can we say? The Widow is a beautiful plant and one of our most popular choices of feminized seeds.The majestic branches and glittering crystals define modern cannabis, especially high THC cannabis

White Widow Feminized

From $79.00 to $222.00
Relax the body, ease the mind, and sooth the soul.
  • Powerful euphoria
  • Surge of energy and creativity
  • 900 g/plant
  • HEAVY on yields, light on fuss.
  • 22% THC delivers a deeply relaxing high.
  • Disease-resistant and super-easy to grow.
As low as $79.00
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Homegrown Stash
Kyle Kushman Says:
It has enormous power and a reassuring longevity that make it a stoner's favourite.

White Widow Feminized by Kyle Kushman

White Widow Feminized
CULTIVAR PROFILE White Widow Feminized
Lineage Brazilian Sativa x South Indian Indica
Type Mostly Indica
Yield Indoor 28 oz./m2
Yield Outdoor 32 oz./plant
THC 22%
CBD 0.8%
Height 200 cm
Flowering Time 8-10 Weeks
Flowering Style Photoperiod
Harvest Month September
Medical Arthritis Insomnia Muscle Spasms Stress
Effects Creative Energetic Euphoric Focused Talkative Uplifted
Flavor Pine Pungent Spicy Sweet
Grows Greenhouse Indoor Outdoor
Climate Temperate/Continental Sunny/Mediterranean
Beginner Yes
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Cultivar description

What are White Widow feminized seeds?

White Widow seeds USA, what can we say? The Widow is a beautiful plant and one of our most popular choices of feminized seeds.

The majestic branches and glittering crystals define modern cannabis, especially high THC cannabis. The world changed with the creation of original White Widow seeds and never looked back. 

There are few things better than witnessing the White Widow flowering phase in full bloom, but she has more to offer than looks. 

She's full of power. THC fans love the wicked Widow strain! Widow bud is potent enough for experienced smokers and our fem seeds are perfect for beginners. She's a good fit for almost everyone.

The amazing resin production is key to the White Widows weed THC level. It's why smokers with high THC tolerance will still experience the couch lock they desire.

White Widow cannabis seeds have not gone unrecognized in the cannabis community either.

In 1995 she won the High Times Cannabis Cup Bio category.

In 2008 she came second in the Copa Cannabica Del Plata.

She's won countless more trophies, too. The original cannabis cup winning White Widow seeds have come a long way!

How to germinate White Widow seeds.

Once you know how to start White Widow seeds, you'll know how to start cannabis seeds in general.

Some people like to germinate White Widow seeds under lights but we have an even better way.

The best way to germinate White Widow seeds is to follow our free germination guide

What's the White Widow THC content?

She has a THC range of 18 to 24% although this doesn't tell the whole story. It can feel much stronger!

Our Indica-dominant hybrid Widow boasts classic White Widow effects. Euphoric energy followed by a super-calming stone. 

It's incredibly relaxing simply to know we have the best White Widow seeds for sale USA.

The initial White Widow THC trip is a surge of energy and creativity. The White Widows weed strain can turn even timid souls into social butterflies.

When you search for uplifting marijuana, White Widow will always be top of the page.

Her uplifting Sativa benefits balance the White Widow OG punch. With White Widows you start active and end up calmer than ever. She's a very stony girl, an awesome indica sativa hybrid. 

With all the good things White Widow genetics have to offer there are still a few potential side effects. 

Users may experience bloodshot eyes and dry mouth. Very common reactions to cannabis consumption. Drink plenty of water and use over-the-counter eye drops if necessary.

Some growers are put off White Widow seeds when they learn just how potent the plant can be.

You can find milder versions of White Widow feminized marijuana seeds for sale.

Don't forget to explore our full range of high CBD weed seeds.

How does the White Widow smell?

The WW strain has one of the most recognized bouquets in the world. You can spot an Amsterdam coffee shop with White Widow for sale a mile down the road.

Simply put, the White Widow weed strain has a very strong aroma. An enticing blend of pungent musk and deep spice.

Blaze up those White Widow nugs and the aroma fills the room in one small puff.

The flavor is also powerful and dank. Smokers with a keen sense of taste will detect hints of sweet, fresh pine and spicy sandalwood.

White Widow seeds grow guide and White Widow seeds specs.

Once you're aware of the Widow's unique marijuana strain information like flowering period etc, learning how to grow White Widow seeds isn't too much of a challenge.

The White Widow seed is a joy for beginners AND experts. Even if you're brand new to growing marijuana, White Widow could be the cultivar for you.

You can savor the months of white widow seeds preflowering as the aroma of fresh pine cones thickens inside the tent. 

Once flipped, the maturing Widow is a wonderful sight. The dark green foliage turns a deep plum when evening temperatures drop, and the colas grow fat and fruity.

She prefers warm climates but can survive colder weather. This is clear evidence of the indica benefits in her lineage.

As long as the White Widow buds are protected from mold and pests she will usually flourish.

Greenhouses are helpful in pest and cold protection but you don't need to look for 'green house seeds' on the packaging.

Most feminized and regular cannabis strains will thrive in a green house, whether they're greenhouse White Widow seeds or not.

Did you know? Some growers call White Widow greenhouse seeds but you'll do fine growing White Widow outdoors or inside.

SOG and ScrOG setups are a great choice and can help the White Widow weed plant deliver the high yields you all love.

The flower time for White Widow feminized is around 8 to 9 weeks and White Widows strain seeds can deliver around 28 ounces per square meter (approx 800 grams per meter squared, or 850 grams per plant).

Related article: White Widow feminized: how to boost yields with the Sea of Green method.

If you're a beginner, growing White Widow feminized indoors is probably the wisest choice. Beginner growers should also take a look at our Auto White Widow feminized seeds - perfect for the novice!

“I love growing weed but I especially love the easy grow of genuine feminized White Widows weed seeds.”

Kyle Kushman. 

What are the best White Widow Auto seeds?

Many growers choose our White Widow feminized autoflowering seeds (aka autofem White Widow seeds) for a hardier version of the Widow. The Auto White Widow feminized seeds pyramid structure doesn't match the photoperiod but she's still a beautiful plant.

One main advantage is the White Widow flowering time: far shorter with White Widow Autoflower seeds.

How long does it take to grow White Widow auto flowering feminized marijuana seeds? The entire cycle should be complete within 10 weeks.

You can check out the full profile by visiting our White Widow Autoflower mariujana seeds page. (White Widow Autoflower seeds for sale in packs of 4, 8 and 12).

Note that with an auto White Widow feminized, 2x2x3 might be enough room for a fruitful grow.

Did you know? We also have White Rhino seeds for sale, a big star of the White cannabis family of White Widow strains. 

Whether choosing standard or auto White Widow seeds make sure you pick the best grow lamps. They make a huge difference to the quality of your buds.

Indoor cannabis growers can explore White Widow feminized best LEDs and other lights by checking out the blog. 

While not as rapid as the autos, our fast flowering weed seeds mature quicker than standard, photoperiod strains. Many of them will finish flowering in as little as six weeks!

Is White Widow Indica or Sativa? Unlike some Indica dominant hybrids, White Widdow seeds can reach up to 8 feet when growing outdoors (approx height cms = 240).

This expression of the White Widow Sativa side could explain the popularity. Lots of people say that with White Widow, Sativa or Indica isn't really relevant! 

Related article: sativa vs indica nugs

When is the best time to liquid fertilize young White Widow feminized? Best to wait until after the first transplant when the White Widow plants are established. Judge the condition of the plants before you proceed.

A more experienced grower should probably aim for the bigger White Widow feminized outdoor harvest. White Widow weed seeds flourish under the sun. 

White Widow marijuana seeds grow best in which environment? White Widow pot loves Mediterranean climates but the best feminized White Widow seeds will grow in cooler places such as Northern Europe.

That said, if your summers are blanketed in white snow you may want to consider indoor growing! There aren't many weed strains that can grow in Arctic conditions!

When to harvest White Widow? Homegrown's super White Widow marijuana seeds should be harvested no later than mid-October.

Each white widow marijuana plant can yield up to 31 ounces.

Note: This White Widow strain info is based on optimum conditions.

Wellness and White Widow Seeds

Wellness fans love poring over White Widows strain info and White Widow feminized health information.

The White Widow marijuana strain has long been touted as a useful alternative to synthetic drugs.

Many people use White Widow cannabis for sleeping but the White Widow extreme buzz won't suit those with low THC tolerance.

Apart from potential mental benefits the White Widow cannabis strain may help to relieve pain, fibromyalgia and muscle spasms.

It's also a strong appetite-booster that may help people suffering from mild eating disorders.

Disclaimer: This medical marijuana information is not advice and should not be treated as such. Please seek professional medical advice.

White Widow Seeds: Frequently Asked Questions.

These are the most common questions relating to White Widow seeds.

If they sound a bit strange, it's because we have reproduced them exactly as they were written by customers.

Where can I get free cannabis White Widow seeds?

We offer amazing BOGOs at Homegrown with HUGELY popular offers.

Not only do we have a periodic white widow seeds sale, we have sales on all our classics, too.

That said, even without a BOGO our prices are AMAZING. If you want high quality but cheap white widow seeds, stick with Homegrown.

What is the White Widow flower time?

The Widow flowering time is 8 to 9 weeks. Outdoor harvest in October.

Grow medium: White Widow hydro or soil?

She performs brilliantly in pretty much any medium you can think of. Beginner growers should stick to soil.

How long do White Widow seeds take to germinate?

Your Homegrown White Widow seeds will usually germinate within 48 hours, but can take anything up to 5 days.

How long does it take White Widow from seeds to harvest?

The White Widow seed to harvest time is 14 + weeks, depending on how long you want to keep the plant in the vegetative phase.

What is the average White Widow height?

She can reach up to 6 feet indoor and 8 feet outdoor. Average heights are more like 4 foot and 6 foot respectively.

Where can I find pictures of White Widow marijuana?

We have White Widow seeds pictures on this product page, as well as bud and plant images.

You're very likely to find good images if you sign up to Homegrown Diaries.

We have growers from all over America sharing stories and swapping hints, tips and AMAZING pics.

Can a beginner grow White Widow?

If you're a novice cannabis grower, White Widow seeds should be the first seeds on your list. Especially the feminized version.

There are few seeds as hardy, resilient and forgiving as the Widow, and none so beautiful when she starts to flower!

Can you smoke white pistils?

The white pistils form part of the bud and certainly are smokeable, and they look great on the plant, too!

Does the White strain yield as well as the Widow?

The White strain has lots of positive attributes, including potent effects and amazing flavors. It doesn't yield as well as the classic Widow strain, delivering around 20 ounces per plant when grown outdoors.

Why does my White Widow weed have a lot of seeds?

If you've been growing with regular White Widow seeds there's a chance you might have missed a male plant.

Regular weed seeds produce both male AND female plants, roughly half and half. If left in the garden, male plants will pollinate the females and the buds will end up full of seeds.

Do you also sell reg White Widow seeds?

Absolutely! Regular White Widow seeds USA are in surprisingly high demand these days, especially since Nikki and Swami have been sharing their love of regular seeds.

Are regular White Widow seeds better?

This, of course, depends on who you ask! If you ask our aforementioned outdoor cannabis experts, they will give you a resounding YES.

If you ask novice growers who want to save time and effort in the garden, they will nearly always prefer feminized seeds.

What are the White Widow strain genetics?

The White Widows strain is a cross of two landraces. A Brazilian Sativa and a South Indian Indica.

Where is the best place to buy White Widow seeds in USA? Who are the breeders with best white widow seeds?

So, you want to know who carries best White Widow seeds? Who has the best White Widow seeds? Do I need to buy White Widow seeds near me?

Firstly, we think you know very well who sells the best White Widow seeds. We do. And if you're looking for White Widow seeds nearby, look online instead. Everything you need is right here.

Can you buy feminized White Widow seeds in Oregon?

It doesn't matter if you live in Oregon, California or Colorado, buy White Widow seeds ONLY from a website you can trust. Learn how to plant White Widow feminized seeds with confidence.

Want White Widow seeds in Michigan? White Widow seeds Oregon? White Widow seeds in California? No problem, just take care to pick the best online White Widow seed bank.

Homegrown has the best California White Widow seeds for sale in USA with guaranteed germination and delivery.

White Widow seeds or clones?

Easy. Seeds. Buying marijuana seeds will give you a stronger, healthier plant with less chance of disease or pathogens

Do you have any autoflowering White Widow seeds tips?

Yes, buy cheap auto White Widow seeds from Homegrown. Seriously, though - buying cannabis seeds is simple if you follow the basic rules.

Buy from a trusted site. Buy American. Buy from Homegrown.

Can you smoke White Widow seeds?

Smoking your seeds isn't as enjoyable as growing cannabis with them!

If you do find seeds in your bud then you need to change your dispensary or start growing your own.

Where can I read a White Widow seeds review?

A very good question and one that deserves a thorough answer.

Of the many White Widow seeds bank in USA territories, the things to look out for are good weed strains reviews (in this case, the Widow reviews) germination guarantees and promises on delivery.

We offer all of that and our reviews are powered by Yotpo, reassuringly genuine. You can check out all of our reviews on our review page.

Where can I find regular sativa dominant White Widowseeds?

Now, there's a question! Our White Widow seeds come in three 'flavors' - regular, feminized and auto. They are all derived from the same mother cannabis plant and they're all indica-dominant, like any genuine WW seed should be.

Where can I buy White Widow seeds?

Lots of places, but learning how to buy White Widow seeds with confidence is the real key. The fact you're reading this is a good sign that you know exactly where to buy White Widow seeds. Homegrown :)

What is the best humidity for White Widow seeds?

For full details on how to store cannabis seeds, including info on temperature and humidity, please check out our seed storage article in the blog.

Should I keep my White Widow seeds in jars?

Check out the cannabis seed storage article above.

Can you buy purple White Widow seeds?

There exists a strain known as Purple Widow, a White Widow hybrid, though we don't stock the seeds.

How do you spell White Widow (cannabis)?

We know that people are often in a rush to buy White Widow seeds so we understand that mistakes can be made. But if you want to find the right product, you have to search for the right product.

Here are some classic Widow spelling mistakes you need to AVOID.

Spelling Errors.

Avoid these classic spelling mistakes and avoid incorrect products: white willow strain, white window weed, white window strain, white whidow, white wido, white widoe, whit widow, white widdow strain, whitw widow, white widdow weed, whitewidow, white widdow bud, whote widow. It may well be the case that Google will correct spelling errors, but it's better to be right!

Additional information: before you buy White Widow seeds online, make sure you use the correct phrases, too. Searching for The White seeds in weed, white spider weed, white cannabis seeds, white weed seeds or white marijuana seeds won't bring you the results you're looking for.

Try not to mention hemp. Searches like white widow seeds weed hemp fem might see you buying substandard hemp seeds rather than premium quality mmj seeds.

White weed seeds are usually unhealthy seeds that should be avoided.

Focus on the white strain seeds with the correct name only and try not to be too vague. Something like this should work: purchase "feminized white widow seeds"

What is Homegrown's Widows ranking compared to similar or White Widow cross cannabis strains?

This is a valid question and one that all sensible shoppers should be asking. We have some very important information for you.

We know you want to order White Widow seeds right now but please take note of the following caveat.

If you live in the US, you should buy White Widow feminized cannabis seeds from the USA.

A simple search might recommend feminized or regular White Widow seeds by Nirvana, but be warned. Nirvana, like many online weed seed shops, are based in Europe.

Amsterdam White Widow seeds might sound great but buying White Widow seeds from Amsterdam is not going to be as cheap or as fast as shopping for seeds in the USA.

Their White Widow weed pics might be amazing but please, please be careful.

If you want the best prices for the best seeds with FAST DELIVERY - you have to buy your White Widow feminized seeds in the USA.

Join our Community and share your stories. Post your White Widow feminized pics and any White Widow feminized seeds grow reports you might have. We can't get enough White Widow images, those crystals drive us wild!

Buy bulk White Widow Seeds. If you want to stock buy bulk White Widow seeds, please head to our wholesale page for amazing bulk buy discounts. Available to all verified customers. Our White Widow weed seeds for sale are the same for normal and commercial customers.

We're not just an American cannabis seed company, we are an American cannabis brand.

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So far 100% germination and buds are a great smoke!!

Brian N.

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dank dank dank
so i ordered 5 different type of seeds this year and will let everyone know witch ones did the best for me and all that once the end of the year comes kk ill give a honest review and tell you guys all about it once i do what i do this year kk so keep an eye out for the review of said seeds in a few months
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Very good!
Very good!
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White widow seeds
My white widow seeds have all germinated that I have started. Looking forward to my " girls " to grow up and move out of thier room and into a pipe. Lol
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